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posted by LialSanders
Snow dances down the sky, slowly blanketing the land below. And in a large feild, a single 나무, 트리 stood alone, it's bare and twisted branches twitching in the breeze. I slowly trudge through the thigh high snow, staring at each flake passing by. The details are overwelming and fills my soul with a warm, loving feeling.
Suddenly, I see a figure in the distance. My 심장 begins to pound like an unsteady drum as I race towards it. My feet become lighter than ever, my bow and 애로우 not weighing me down. I crouch low, and begin to sneak slowly towards it.
Quitely, I draw back an 애로우 and shoot it...
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posted by hailieywithin
The amount of sleep I got was not alot. I was always getting awoken 의해 visions of Emily with other guys. I loved her alot. But I am not obsessed with her only a crazy person would. With her eyes and hair and mouth. Fine I guess I am obsessed a little. But she wouldn't go away. The fight over and over again.
August 12,2011.
"hey Emily look at this"! Emily ran to the Kay jewelry store at gasped at the new shipments of sapphire diamonds. "there pretty aren't they"? I asked her as she gasped at the colors. She nodded this time looking at me. "just like you". I said. She smiled and we kissed on the...
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posted by moolah
 This is Molly Stray
This is Molly Stray
When Molly Kisses: Info
Molly Stray
Favorite Color: Black
Animal: Black Panther
Career: Bar tender
Car: Red Convertible
Book: Harry Potter
Hates: Tyler Rock, smoothies, etc.
Loves: her brother, Jake; tea, Adie, her best friend, etc.
Doesn’t want ever: to be pregnant
Wants eventually: A hubby

Tyler Rock
Favorite Color: Black
Animal: Coyote
Career: Base Player
Car: Silver Volvo
Hates: Molly Stray, his sister, Kitty, etc.
Loves: his littler sister, Harry, soda, cigars, etc.
Doesn’t want ever: A child and a wife
Wants eventually: All the 영화 in the world

Janice James
Favorite Color: Pink
Animal: Frogs
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posted by BellaSwan636

Tia had told me that he obviously liked black, so she'd chosen the scary 고삐, 홀 터 넥 상단, 맨 위로 and skinny jeans with black peep-toed heels. Tia had gone overboard. I looked like a freaking goth.

I thought I was dressed way out of my league, but Tia said I wasn't. It was difficult to believe her.

Still, I dropped a plate when I was in the 부엌, 주방 on Saturday evening when he knocked on the door. I almost twisted my ankle in my hurry to open the door. I threw it open, and I almost cried in relief when it was him and I hadn't almost injured myself for nothing.

He looked stunned when he saw what I was...
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posted by ZekiYuro
Basics: Age 17, Born October 20, 1968. Lives in Berlin, Germany
Blond hair, blue eyes.

What is your happiest memory?
My happiest memory was when my parents to me to Der Märchenbrunnen. This is a beautiful park There are fountains and lots of statues of the Grimm brother’s fairy tale characters. It is wonderful to take a picnic lunch and just sit and watch people and watch the calming water.

What don’t 당신 want anyone to find out about you?
I have to be careful when I tell 당신 this. I don’t want anyone to know how much I’d like to live in the West. If anyone heard me telling 당신 this I...
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I believe in my 심장 that we shouldn't have to change 또는 selves 또는 stop following our dreams just for someones approval because this is our life and they have to live theirs if we have a dream that our 심장 is at then we need to go after it and ignore those haters because they'll make 당신 stronger.For example if 당신 want to be a singer be a singer,If 당신 want to be an Artist be an artist.If 당신 want to be different and original than be original because 당신 have to fulfill your dreams.If 당신 stop because of haters ,you will never feel happy 또는 complete and you'll let the hater win 의해 giving...
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posted by Authorfiction
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Chapter 1
Meet the Carrot-Tops

    A long, long time ago, in the 년 1850, there was a man 의해 the name of Sam Carrot-Top. He was a well educated man, slender in build and always wore a dusty old 캡, 모자 that covered his 주황색, 오렌지 hair and broken glasses. He was an honest and wealthy man, but 당신 would never guess that he and his family were well off; he never showed his wealth 또는 bragged about it. He used his money to help the poor and needy.
    His wife, Jane, was oh so beautiful, with lush red hair, a petite figure, and smooth, creamy pale skin. She loved all...
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posted by DarkGirI27
Inspired 의해 the song "Pink (Freak)" 의해 Elliot Lee -
This is a Short Story of Dissociation

The ceiling was low and heavy hanging, filling the air with a claustrophobic weight that was thick like mist and sad but strong, much like the girl wallowing in it. She sat, staring back at the ceiling, confined 의해 its short walls textured with peeling paint and tried not to peel the dried skin from her fingernails as she eyed the patches of yellow mildew smiling down on her.

"I am yellow," she said out loud to herself, despite being alone. Even though those around her often labelled her sad and blue, she...
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My wide brown eyes glanced around the Bridgewell high school lunchbox and all I saw was the same thing as everyday. The "cool" group, my group, all sitting in the same spot. The middle of the lunchbox, drawing all attention on us with our screaming and giggling. It would usually be me starting the scenes but now I see differently. What’s the point with all the makeup, the new outfit each 일 and the teasing of the smart kids. I don't want to be this girl anymore, I hate her.
Just at that moment Catherine and Amanda walk past. The smart kids, the ones who care what grades they get and now...
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posted by greenstergirl
Chapter one
Okay this is a really 랜덤 stroy but I was bored and I couldn't get this idea out of my head. In my opinion it is really badly written so sorry.

“Okay Class, 당신 have the rest of the period to finish this quiz. This is the last grade before your midterm so work well, and remembers what we studied,” Said my Mr. Grazing, my math teacher. He was the kind of teacher kids pick on and make fun of behind his back. I hate math, so I don’t care for him as a teacher much. He usually wears a sweater vest and weird 1950 glasses that squeeze his nose at the tip.

I stared at the Chapter...
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posted by vanelandsisters
I'm four years old
It's cold now
I've got
A new wool 코트 on
I head the other kids yell and I just stare at them
Because they all have friends
They go 진행 상태, 썰매 타기 down the 언덕, 힐 and I'm not with anyone
Not a parent anywhere near me
I look around and realize
I don't got no 진행 상태, 썰매 타기 buddies

I don't know why
I'm 진행 상태, 썰매 타기 here alone
But I'm still hoping
That I'll someday have a sibling
Don't know if my mom is still out there
But I know that I'll someday have the best day
With who
-Ever 당신 are

I'm eight now and find out that my friends
Actually don't like me
I come 집 miserable then I see little old you
And immediately...
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posted by alicia386
Chadwick Prep

September 1: Kenya Welts
   "Good Morning Chadwick Cheetahs!" I chimed. "This is your host, Kenya Welts celebrating with 당신 on this fab Friday. One 더 많이 week until Fall Formal which starts at 5:30 so don't be late." I paused as the theme song came on. It lasted a good 30 초 so I had time to review my lines.
   It was a pleasant feeling to have everyone watching me every morning giving them their needed news update. It made me 더 많이 인기 which is hard to believe since I'm already so popular.
   "Today's news starts with Kelly telling 당신 the weather for this week,...
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posted by AuthorForPooh
Her eyes were 불, 화재 red,
as if they were
lit from anger.

I dont understand
why 당신 are
mad at me.

Why 당신 shoot
those harsh words
at me.

Aimed like bullets,
piercing my soul.
And It cant heal.

I never can dodge them.
The words hit me,
and I fall back.

My 프렌즈 ask me:
"What's wrong?"
"Can I help?"

But they cant help.
Because I dont understand,
why 당신 are mad.

Why do 당신 have to do
what 당신 do to me?
Why does it give 당신
joy to harm me?
Why are people bullies?
Why dont my 프렌즈 take action?
Why cant 당신 tell me WHY?
posted by cutiegirl01
“Hey Onyx!” shouted Silvia, as I was tossing my 책 into my messy locker. “Onyx can 당신 believe it?”
     “What did 당신 get detentions on the first day?” I asked with enthusiasm going to lunch without tripping.
“No I’ve got a 날짜 with the hottest guy in school. David Ark!” squealed Silvia.
“That’s great for you, but I wish 당신 got detention too.” I said with a sigh.
“What did 당신 do now?” asked Silvia.
“Nothing! All I did was chew gum then stick it in Matt Wireler’s hair.”
    As Silvia and I walked down the hall I could...
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posted by inexplicable
It was a Wednesday in May.
All of us had assembled today once again to study for the math testpaper on the 다음 day. Our math teacher had funnily enough had nothing against
it to come to school on her free 일 off toward twelve o'clock. All of us just sat at our places and listened to Mrs Dörte as she explained the substance to the written test. Only I could not. I sat in the last row at my usual 좌석 and looked from the window on the falling raindrops which pounded against the window. I thought back to at that time. It had been a 년 now. Until now the 분 exact. It had been on May 26th...
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I thought my life was going great I was getting good grades, and I had the most awesome friends. But when that 일 came my life was turned upside down. My life was going to be so different I'm not going to recognize myself anymore, when I look in the mirror. Turns out my life is just beginning.
Chapter 1:
My life was just like any other teenager. Like the drama, stress, grades, etc. that any teenager would have to deal with. Well here's my story it all began like any other. It was 일 and unfortunately I was in school. I was kind of 백일몽 in language arts class because I new...
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posted by Fangirl99
jamie is a beautiful girl. she has long ,blond hair,she has a 담홍색, 핑크 셔츠 and dark blue jeans. she was the cousin of lindsey.
she was walking her dog,sweetie,when,jamie tripped on a rock. she thn fell into the arms of trent.
'hell," he said.
"thnks for saving me,abd hi."
"you okay?"
"yeah,but,i,need to rest,and my house is pretty far from here.
"you can com,e over. i live across."
they went to trents house,and they went up to his rom

"and this is my room."
i had a gray wall,with gutiar poster,and a bed.closet,drawers and other things.
"wow,thats a cool room."
"listen,do 당신 have a girlfreind?"
"i dont,do 당신 wanna go out?"
then trent kissed jamie,and thats hat went on for the rest of the day.
posted by June4
A 년 이전 in my calculation,
A 년 ago, there were situations.
The same song played now and then,
In my memory, it had begun.

Tears from my eyes were shed this morning,
It was the most tears I was shedding.
My world isn’t complete without you,
My world and I don’t know what to do.

사랑 isn’t a toy and never was.
사랑 is what 당신 cherish and keep as treasure.
My mind is at many topics at random,
It goes normal when you’re in my kingdom.
What ends my bad situations with people
Is my focus on you, my angel.
You’ll always be a part of me,
You’ll always be in my memory.
posted by mrszaynmalik13
Don't 당신 Directioners Think It's Just So Annoying when 당신 are trying to convince a friend that 1D are the best boy band that ever lived and they just laugh in your face?

Hi, My Name Is Isabella, I'm Fourteen and i am in 사랑 with 1D! However, I didn't always 사랑 them...i actually hated them at the beginning. When they were in x factor, i couldn't stand them. I thought that they were just a waste of 우주 and that they were just completely useless. I was sooo happy when they came 3rd and not 1st. A few months later, Amy, My Best friend, asked me if i liked one direction. "No, They are the...
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posted by zanhar1
당신 hear a lonesome bird call as 당신 wander out of the forest. It is dull and misty. The sky is concrete, 당신 can taste rain in the air.

Fell it on the breeze.

But 당신 don't care, 당신 keep waking. Walking into the opening where the trees grow ever 더 많이 sparse. Where the woodland meets the grassland and all that remains are the twigs and trunks the forest had coughed out. Your bate feet slide over the greenest dewy grass. And here 당신 arrive with a sense of peace despite the chilly drizzle that has just begun to fall. A few 더 많이 steps have 당신 standing in the center of an earthy ring. 당신 are...
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