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posted by ZekiYuro
If you've learnt British English and you're travelling in the States,or if you've learnt American English and you're travelling in Britain,you'll notice some differences.An obvious difference is the accent,but most travellers find that they don't have too many problems with this.There are some grammatical differences,but they shoudn't make it difficult to understand people,or to communicate.That leaves differences in vocabulary,which can cause misunderstandings.Sometimes the difference is only the spelling,for example,in British English 'center','colour',and 'travelled',and in American English 'centre','color',and 'traveled'.But sometimes the word is completely different in British and American English,and it's good idea to be prepared.
posted by Funnygirl77
 사랑 bites
love bites
previously: He sighed, Zack thought his chances with Kisa was slim. He knew 의해 doing what he was doing, he was going to put Kisa in danger, but he couldn't stay away, he loves Kisa and he would do anything to keep her near him even if that meant putting her in danger. "Man", he thought, "I am so selfish".

Zack walked in to the lunch room and sat down, the people who were at the 표, 테이블 got up and walked away. Kisa walked in after him, there eyes met, and kisa looked away. She wished that Zack would ask her out,Zack looked down. He was going to ask her to the dance which is in two weeks, "Kisa?"...
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posted by Fangirl99
poem 1:the world

the sun shines bright
there's day,and there's night
both are beautiful sights
this is the world

Winter,spring,summer,and fall
is a magical season
so there is no reason
for 당신 to hate
seasons so great

we are all one
we need the sun
we need the air
we all care
about the world

poem 2:love

there is something above
we cant see it
we cant bee it
but we all know what it is
it is love

사랑 is what we need
to live,to breath
to be what we can be
we all need love

사랑 is power
사랑 is strong.
thats why 사랑 songs
are so very strong

Poem 3:run (this one isnt all that good)

in the sun
is where i run
away from here
ill not be near

Something that will kill me
something that can be
so deadly and strong
and can kill me with a song

thats why i run
in the sun
i still remember 당신 hum.
im sorry i must run.
posted by mia1emmett
part 1:
we walked into the living room and he turned the t.v on. he put on "bob the builder" and patted my head. i heard Dina's door open and i smiled Dina said her 침대 head look was BAD! she was walking down the stairs and she screamed "OH MY GOD! MIA....." i turned around in time to see...
end of part 2


Tyler my friend, and Jayson's best friend. i laughed as he lunged at me and i fell on the floor. Tyler said "hey M, what 당신 up to?" i smiled "well laying on the floor with 당신 on 상단, 맨 위로 of me" Dina laughed in the background and i wanted to throw something...
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posted by ZekiYuro
Daniela Nardini,actor,star of the BBC series This Life.Interview 의해 Leila Farrah.

1.Where did 당신 go to school?
St Mary's Primary School in Largs,a small Scottish town.Then Largs Academy,the local secondary school.

2.Did 당신 ever get into trouble?
No,my school reports usually used to say 'friendly and well-behaved'.I don't think I was rebellious,in fact I used to be quite shy.I became 더 많이 of a rebel in secondary school.I stayed until I was eighteen,but I was quite lazy and uninterested and I didn't use to do very much work.

3.What subjects were 당신 good at?
I used to 사랑 English and art,but I wasn't...
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posted by para-scence
"Good mornin'," Micah said as he arrived at the park; our usual meeting place. I stopped the 그네, 스윙 just in time before I nearly kicked him in the face. We laughed.

"Sorry," I giggled. "Hey." He smiled and took a 좌석 in the 그네, 스윙 다음 to me. My cheeks flushed as I thought over yesterday. I just had to know. "Um, Micah? What'd 당신 want to tell me yesterday? I mean, before I had to leave." He furrowed his eyebrows, then frowned.

"Huh? Oh... It was nothing."

"Ok," I nodded.

We soon 로스트 track of time, and were almost late for school. Since we couldn't take the long way, we had to take the faster way,...
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posted by juicyjossy9
Did God Create Evil?

The 대학 professor challenged his students with this question:

"Did God create everything that exists?"

A student bravely replied, "Yes, he did!"

"God created everything?" The professor asked.

"Yes sir", the student replied.

The professor answered, "If God created everything, then God created evil, since evil exists, and according to the principal that our works define who we are, then God is evil".

The student became quiet before such an answer.
The professor, quite pleased with himself, boasted to the students that he had proven once 더 많이 that the Christian faith was a...
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posted by lindizzle215
hi so im a new writer so please tell me if i should contine 글쓰기 this story. Please comment!!!!!
Rated: M

Today my brother Joey and I were going to drive down to the family camp that we help with every 년 and went here when we were kid’s but know were all teenagers so were counselors now. My brother Joey and I drive together every 년 and all of our other brothers drive up in there own cars 또는 the young ones with the others. There was a new guy this 년 his name is Eddie. I think that I will like this kid as I get to know him. I don’t have to share a room because I am the only girl...
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posted by DisneyGirlFan0
Ever wonder what the 디즈니 princesses look like in real life? Well, now 당신 can! I looked through many pictures of women emulating 디즈니 princesses 또는 just 디즈니 females in general and found many that looked almost real! I picked from the ones I thought looked most like the character, and I was astonished at how well these people made themselves resemble those characters. So, be amazed at how much these women look like the character they are portraying and enjoy!
 Ariel from The Little Mermaid
Ariel from The Little Mermaid
 Aurora from Sleeping Beauty
Aurora from Sleeping Beauty
 Belle from The Beauty And The Beast
Belle from The Beauty And The Beast
 신데렐라 from 신데렐라
Cinderella from Cinderella
 Esmeralda from The Hunchback Of Notre Dame
Esmeralda from The Hunchback Of Notre Dame
 Jane from Tarzan
Jane from Tarzan
 재스민 속, 재 스민 from 알라딘
Jasmine from Aladdin
 Kida from Atlantis: The 로스트 Empire
Kida from Atlantis: The Lost Empire
 Megara from Hercules
Megara from Hercules
 Merida from 메리다와 마법의 숲
Merida from Brave
 뮬란 from 뮬란
Mulan from Mulan
 뮬란 as a Male
Mulan as a Male
 Nala from The Lion King
Nala from The Lion King
 Pocahontas from Pocahontas
Pocahontas from Pocahontas
 Rapunzel from Rapunzel
Rapunzel from Rapunzel
 Snow White from Snow White And The Seven Dwarves
Snow White from Snow White And The Seven Dwarves
 Tiana from The Princess And The Frog
Tiana from The Princess And The Frog
 팅커벨 from Peter Pan
Tinkerbell from Peter Pan
So, in anticipation of the official release of my Harry Potter fanfic, I've decided to post my hopes for the entires series. It's a little over two monthsuntil the release, folks. I hope to see 당신 all in the discussion.

Hailey Jane Potter usually doesn't mind being the sister of the Boy Who Lived. But when the most evil Dark wizard in Britain threatens what remains of her family, she has to fight back. This is the story of Hailey's seven years at Hogwarts.

With the 초 Wizarding War over, it's time to pick up and 옮기기 on. Some things havechhanged, but others stay...
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I sit up straight in the middle of the night; my forehead is stained with cold sweat, my breathing is heavy. Pure darkness is all around me. Just another dream I mentally convince myself, but I’m still shaking. I can’t calm down, no matter what, the dream felt so…real. Trembling, I get out of 침대 and go into the bathroom. Looking at me in the mirror was painful. It looks like I just got in a fight with a rabid cat. My black hair frizzed everywhere, mascara and eyeliner smeared around my eyes, tear streaks on my face. God I could use some exercise I thought as I examined my body shape....
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posted by zutaradragon
your mistakes don't define you, now. they don't tell 당신 who you're not, 또는 who 당신 can never be. what's it take to get 당신 to say you'll try? you've got to live this life like it's the only one you've got. what would 당신 say, what would 당신 do, if this was your last day? so, 당신 found out today that life's not the same. not quite as good as yesterday.
and, yes, i know it hurts & i know your pain, but u never gave up this easily befor. such a beautiful thing to just throw away. i think 당신 need to know that, of all the 색깔 that 당신 shine, this is surely not your best, it's really not your style. 당신 should think about what 당신 do, befor 당신 do it, over and over again. i know 당신 feel alone, that know one can figure 당신 out, but 당신 sould know that we just 사랑 to see 당신 smile.i know 당신 feel like you're lost, feel like you've drifted way to far away, but we can help 당신 come back.
posted by marissa
 "She wore very little make up and looked exhausted, as if she’d just woken up and remembered she had to go work."
"She wore very little make up and looked exhausted, as if she’d just woken up and remembered she had to go work."
Chapter Two:


Jean got on the bus a few hours later, dressed in her brown Tim Hortons uniform, earphones in her ears as she fiddled with her iPod. Benny spotted her as soon as she got on. Without a 초 thought, he stood up and sat in the empty 좌석 다음 to her.

Jean was young, sixteen, maybe seventeen, and tall. Her dark hair was pulled up neatly behind her head. She wore very little make up and looked exhausted, as if she’d just woken up and remembered she had to go work.

Jean looked over at Benny and gave him a half-hearted smile, before turning back to her music.

“Hello,” said Benny,...
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posted by EmilyMJFan910
Poem #1: Seasons Change (Free verse)
Seasons change;
what does that mean?
It feels like magic.
As the cold fades away,
replaced 의해 sunny warm days,
and the sun shines bright
in the era of Summer.
And the snow falls silently
and 당신 see your breath,
clouding the chilly air in the Winter.
Spring and Autumn, all their own,
after the winter days have flown.
Spring brings its joy with the crisp fresh air,
and Summer comes along,
Autumn follows 의해 with the tumbling leaves,
as each season passes by,
I wonder what makes it change,
I guess I might never know
unless I try hard enough to see.
But if I must come to a conclusion...
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Chapter Two: "Give and Take"

Only after Zero finally left through the window did Kaname try to rise from where he was sitting. He wavered slightly, gripping the 벽 beside him for support. Could never have let Zero see that, couldn't let anyone see that. Of all the things that Kaname Kuran was expected and required to be… weak was not one of them. No one could see him weak.

He was still bleeding. Damn that boy and his stupid gun. Slowly shrugging out of the dark, now bloodstained 셔츠 he was wearing, Kaname threw it into the fireplace, letting it burn, like he'd burnt the white school uniform...
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posted by SHARR
The most exiting thing is somthing we normaly wouldn't do.

"Work is work,men......hmmm.....no time for that",said Jade Broussard.Jade is a cool,indipendent women who works for the FBI as detective security gaurd.One word for her,that nothing is in posible.she is afraid of nothing

One call for a new mission.
She must protect a thief??...What?!...Or is he somting els?...Well we'll know it later =)
His name is Remy Tremaine.what i can say is that he is sexy.he turned the warr in love......

Remy usualy dont like to life with rueles,but Jade is around him 24hours each 일 in one roomwith service(...[and a bed])

wait for episode 1
posted by DarkGirl23
The 일 my sister died, was the 일 I, myself, died as well.

She may not have knew it, but she was my hero.
I guess, however, all big sisters were kind of like that.

I remember seeing it, the body, the blood, the note she left in her own form of representation.
It was written, all across the wall, the note she left behind was in her own blood.

What a word, so different from hated; just a different form.
Which one am I? I should be described as both.
I hate you, and I know 당신 hate me too. Everyone does.
Here are my final words to you:
Pain is welcoming
Crawling down my arm so slow
Blood that leaks...
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posted by para-scence
Inspired 의해 the song, "Looking Glass" 의해 The Birthday Massacre.

"Waiting as I'm wanting to. Speaking as I'm spoken to. Changing to your point of view. I fade as I follow you. A boyish notion of false emotion. These words are spoken despite my love. A fool's devotion was set in motion. My eyes are open now."

I'd thought there was nothing wrong.

"He's really sweet, I promise," I'd said. They just didn't know him like I did. It made me angry. He really wasn't bad; just some anger management problems. That was no reason to be afraid.

Now I wasn't so sure.

"Look at me when I talk to you," he snapped....
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posted by amethyst44
The one thing that never freaked me out before was when the teacher got mad at us, especially Mr. Donnahue. But watching him shred up each and every paper that he touched on that dumb 책상, 데스크 of his...well...it made me shiver a bit.
That's when I saw it; my paper, neatly written in my cursive writting, only with 담홍색, 핑크 gel pen instead of the standard pencil. Under my desk, I crossed my fingers, hoping, waiting, praying. I shut my eyes.
Then I heard it; riiiiiip.
I opened my eyes, blinking as I followed Mr. Donnahue's hands, which held my torn paper, throw the scraps over the edge and into the trash...
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posted by stopbullying
The Stalker
Chapter 1

    It was a cool, winter night. It wasn’t too cold outside and I thought after work I would go out for a walk and take advantage of the nice weather. It was four-thirty in the evening. I got off of work at 7:00. It should be a little 냉각기 의해 then.
Work was boring and nobody really came in. Only one person did and he was weird looking. He had ripped shorts, a short shirt, and worn out shoes on. I looked at him suspiciously because the whole time he was in there I caught him looking at me. This was weird especially since I was only 18 and he was like...
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