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 Will Vandom - Energy Guardian
Will Vandom - Energy Guardian
NOTE:This is part four, and there is another chapter before this. Please read part 1, 2 and/or part 3 before 읽기 this to avoid any misunderstandings about what happened


"Remember, we're to stay together-no 더 많이 one on ones," said Will.

"You've told us that only a hundred times," groaned Cornelia.

Before Will could reply, a light appeared before them.

"Ready for doom?" asked Layla.

"Oh no, we're not the ones who'll be in for doom, 당신 are," retorted Irma.

As much as Cornelia prefers a nice Sunday with Peter 또는 with her 프렌즈 peacefully, she was eager to fight. To prove that the...
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soooo much better than winx believix! :P
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