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Years have passed since the fighting had occurred. The Capital has fallen. Faith in The Ancient Ones is fading. Edrain is a country lost to the monsters. Those that could escape, left to the bordering countries, taking the plague with them. And with the plague, a new rise of monsters. New abominations that would attack the people. And amongst the remains of the kingdom of Edrain, the Servants now overtake the land, and attack the few that were too stubborn to leave or had nowhere else to go. Within those years, technological advancements were made. More powerful guns were created, and even automobiles were starting to be created, but the beliefs of the old, though not as great as before, remained. But with the word of this new God appearing in the people's ears, the Ancient Ones ideas slowly began to die out, with only few loyal subjects. And the threat of a new evil had brought itself upon the world. What will you do in this new age?

Classes - Hunters come in many different classes, each with different pros and cons

Mercenary - Better with larger blades and has stronger defense. Not as respected by townsfolk

Soldier - Best with firearms. Not very fast or agile

Traveller - Easier to get discounts in shops and can earn better. Not the best fighter

Thief - More stealthy than others, much faster and quicker dodges. Low defense

Bandit - powerful attacks and can wield heavy weapons. The slowest Hunter. Hated by townsfolk

Hunter - Can climb better and is better at using firearms. Has low defense

Alchemist - Can heal himself and is more powerful against magic. Terrible with weapons

Psychopath - Casts long lasting fire damage and can take more damage. Weak with weapons

Priest - Heals others within a group and is better at shielding himself. Does not fight at all


Crusader - Has the fighting capabilities of a soldier and the miracles of a priest. Their behavior makes them ignored by some cities, while magic users outright despise them and their poor use of priest magic

Knights - Slow, heavy, impossible to dodge. Best sword fighters and has high respect from the people

Pirates - Has quick access to travelling the seas. Capable of sword and gun combat. Always hunted by enforcers of order

Ninjas - Stealthy, good with swords and projectile weapons, highly likely to lose if outnumbered

Fighters - Refuse to use weapons of any kind. Capable of fighting and even killing with their bare fists. Highly respected by any fighter. Not respected by priests or alchemists

Do not kill anyone’s character without permission
Do not create overpowered and flawless characters
Do not make problems vanish with the snap of a finger
Do not steal other characters ideas
If you have an idea, feel free to ask
Have fun
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over a year ago -Universe_COLA- said…
Eros looked over the ingredients in Rosemary's hand quickly, being that she had a bit more knowledge on making potions due to her being able to remember a lot more thanks to her being inside Rosemary's head. And immediately, she noticed that they were missing two things from what they needed. "We need a willow herb and a some grave soil. Should be easy enough for us right?"
over a year ago Windwakerguy430 said…
*Rosemary sighed and responded* You say it like we'll be able to get this stuff without any problems. If only things were that simple
over a year ago -Universe_COLA- said…
"We could always make things simple and go about it another way. Say for instance, find a merchant or somethin' that sells these sort of things and take what we need. Come on, how complicated could finding ingredients be? Speaking of which, we should probably get going too before Jud comes back."
Eros moved Rosemary's free hand to the revolver and flicked out the chamber, emptying a single bullet out to join their other ingredients. With a simple flick of their wrist, the chamber was popped back into place. "The faster we get on the move, the faster we can get to that desert of theirs."
over a year ago Windwakerguy430 said…
Yeah, yeah *Rosemary stood up* I mean, there's always the possibility we gotta kill something, and that is a mess of it's own right there

*Enricho continued to keep his eyes on Ossiana and Oriocho, watching as they both slept. He read a few books that they had to see if any of them were connected to what Ossiana was going through, but was finding trouble connecting her ailment to one such disease*
over a year ago -Universe_COLA- said…
"If we gotta kill somethin' we will. We always do. If anything, that's the easiest part of the job." Eros said enthusiastically, which was a little out of the ordinary for her. Especially since she hadn't spoke for years up until now.


Over the passed few days, Ossiana's condition had been getting worse, to the point that her skin had started to loose color. During the times that she was awake, she barely remembered much of anything, and when she did actually remember something sometimes, it was as if she were within a war zone, or a savage battle to the death. She had started referring to Oriocho, who had only been able to be pulled away from her mother when food or her toys were involved, as Oasis. Not only that, but she seemed to have trouble actually speaking english and only spoke in her native tongue. Only some of it could be understood by Enricho.
Within her sleep, she mumbled and coughed violently, stirring around uncomfortably until Oriocho snuggled closer to her.
over a year ago Windwakerguy430 said…
*Rosemary gave a sigh* Fine, but as long as we don't have to cause too much trouble, and only if we have no other options.. Oh, please let us have other options

*Enricho kept his eye on Ossiana, not sure what to make of her condition* Jeez, Oss. What has gotten into you as of late *He sat down at the chair, having already exhausted all of his possible options. Franziska, being his only source as of late, was unable to find out anything from her side of the country. Any other options were out of his reach. All he could do was sit with Ossiana, try to make her feel better, and hope for the best*
over a year ago cosmic_fusions said…
"--oof" Helga nearly tumbled back when she bumped into Y'iel, her body frail and weak. Her ears drooped when she had mentioned visitors, and she took a step back some to recover some from the bump. She shifted in her towel before her dull eyes made contact with Y'iel's. "G-Go..." She cleared her throat, nudging at Y'iel to attend to her visitors while she stayed behind and got dressed. "I am okay."

* * *

What happened to my father at Fre? The witch wondered as she stared into Carlyle's soul. Ever since her and her brothers were kicked out, she lost contact with her parents. The only news she received from them was a magazine featuring Helga and Wiezen in the cover page after publicly having sex and creating a whole wave of pleasure through the village. It was disgusting, yes, but she refused to throw away the last piece of evidence she had.

Zealia observed the mysterious item wrapped in cloth, turning it around and noting the damage upon the fabric. Her brows squinted in awe before she looked back at the woman in front of her. "Likewise." She spoke apathetically, before going to the matter she cared about the most, which was now the threat Carlyle brought to her boutique. "Au revoir." Zealia dismissed her and suddenly made the girl in front of her disappear outside her property. She made brief eye contact with a few nearby witches, her eyes more than enough to remind them to mind their own business. The witch looked back down at the thing Carlyle gave her before she sighed and went to make an important call.
Windwakerguy430 commented…
Oh hey, Jade. We thought 당신 were dead. over a year ago
Windwakerguy430 commented…
COLA, deal the cards over a year ago
cosmic_fusions commented…
:((( over a year ago
over a year ago -Universe_COLA- said…
With her ears twitching, Y'iel looked to Helga with a little guilt within her expression. "I do apologize Ms. Helga, for I had managed to have forgotten about the guests arriving today," She admitted, combing her fingers through the side of her hair gently until she straightened and smiled again. "But fear not, I shall accompany you until I know that you will be well rested and have everything you need. My visitors have already has the knowledge that I would be quite busy today, so without further ado," She pulled Helga with her over to the desk that sat in the room. "Stand here for me please."
A tape measure appeared in Y'iel's hands as she went about shuffling through the things on the inside of the desk and around it, gathering cloth materials for what she was planning on doing.


Carlyle had already been preparing a spell to give her more lead time until the scenery changed suddenly and was replaced by the outside. The fact that the use of magic had been so quick amazed her. It was a minor display of mastery. and she expected nothing less from a Quartz. After all, Zealia was the fourth Quartz that she had seen display their magic.

But now that she was outside, she was also in the open without any sort of protection aside from the minor charms that she had placed on herself. And though she knew more than well that she was far from being the same as she was years ago when it came to magic, she still preferred to have her precautions set in place. She turned and looked back at the boutique, and a small smile came onto her face as she read the sign. Helga would be proud...


"Hey, if it's for the a better purpose then I'm fine with the option as a whole. lt's not like it'll be our first time having to resort to that anyways, and its a hellavu lot better than killing for it right?" Eros said. "Right now, we need a ride."
over a year ago Windwakerguy430 said…
*Rosemary gave a sigh* Alright then, I'll go and unhitch our horse and we'll be on our way *She turned and moved in total silence. Her thoughts were conflicted on what she wanted to do. She wanted to tell Judissia and let her know, but she knew she'd never understand. All she could do at this moment was listen to what Eros was saying*
over a year ago cosmic_fusions said…
(merry christmas eve..... you know what's on my list for this year? :))))))

Wiezelga 0:)))))

Helga was basically dragged wherever Y'iel turned since she was not quick enough with her feet. When she was lifted onto the desk, her knees bent in awkwardly as she slouched her back, and her whole body trembled as she balanced herself on the table. Her knotted hair was still wet, so drips of water fell every now and then. She observed quietly Y'iel gather her tape measure and other materials, watching in awe what she once did as a living. But then her eyes caught hold of the sewing pin Y'iel had in her hand, and they widened. She snuggled more against her towel before shaking her head vehemently. "...n-n-no t-thanks....NO THANKS... N-NO THANK YOU!!!" She sniffed in fear.
-Universe_COLA- commented…
...Good for your list :D (XD) over a year ago
cosmic_fusions commented…
:((((( over a year ago
over a year ago -Universe_COLA- said…
Y'iel's ears perked, twitching again. "Now now Ms. Quartz, surely you remember the wanders of stringing together fabric and cloth for fine clothing. I am not going to harm you. And even better, this will be a swift process. An elderly human woman taught me a bit about knitting a while ago as well, and I have mastered it since then of course"
She inhaled through her nostrils, her eyes passionate for her craft as they trailed over the woman's weak and fragile form. A form to her that was still as it always was. Beautiful. Or perhaps from her perspective, something even greater for her craft. Her eyes closed, and a haze of purple , one that held a borderline-addicting aroma engulfed her and swiftly done away with itself.
Y'iel's majestic flowing hair was now restrained behind shimmering silver stands, and in front of Helga now was the woman that she had first encountered. "Is this more comfortable for you?"


Eros was silent for a few minutes while Rosemary went to get the horse. She could feel the guilt that Rose felt, and if anything, she had already been feeling guilt from the start. But she knew it. They both did, that Judissisa would never understand what someone like Oasis meant to them. Or perhaps she did. But if that were to be the case, why would she be so hell bent on having them believe that Oasis was dead? And with that in mind, she finally spoke up.
"We'll send her a note or somethin'" She mumbled.
over a year ago Windwakerguy430 said…
*Rosemary just gave a single nod* Alright *She climbed onto the horse after unhitching it, already getting it moving as she made her way to town*

*Enricho sat down next to Ossiana, making sure to keep his eyes on her and Oriocho who was on the ground next to him. He read over the letter he had reluctantly made. He was not prepared to send it. In fact, part of him would prefer not to. But his options were limited, and he couldn't leave Ossiana, but couldn't get a hold of anyone else. He placed the letter into an envelope, sealing it with a stamp, before addressing the name to the only person available to him now: Tiger Lando
over a year ago cosmic_fusions said…
Helga stood there idly as she observed Y’iel back into the form she first met. However, she did not respond when she was asked if she felt more comfortable. She just remained still with her frail arms hanging out to the sides. Her body trembled as she stood there, indicating that she was still indeed scared. “H-H-Helga can j-just sleep in towel...” She suggested.
over a year ago Windwakerguy430 said…
(Okay, I'm gonna TRY to start a plot with you two. Cause Rosemary is only interesting for so long and there is no sex to keep me interested because I'm a fucking degenerate XD)

*A knock was heard from Wein's chamber, a voice of an old soldier calling from behind. Clearly, it was that of the Sargent of Wein's soldiers, Sgt. Duncan of Edrain.*
Lord Wein, you have guests from the neighboring countries. Lord Amadeus of Catrina. Alicia and Alberto Mortizzo of Hallure. King Ferdinand of Midrisco. They all are awaiting you in the entrance hall. Shall I send them up?

*As Flynn slowly woke to continue his mission to the next Servant, his eyes awoke to see that of the eyes of pure red. And before him was Nithloraul, greeting him with a smile* Hey, tiger. Oh-Feel-Ya, Kristoff, and Reinard have left to scout the area, so it's just us two. Again. Like the last twenty years. I already know everything about you, but you still feel like telling me anything anyway?

*As Enricho sat at near the bed next to Ossiana, there was a knock at the door. Sighing with exhaustion, he got up, making his way downstairs as he held Oriocho close to her. He opened the door, and already regretting his choice, was greeted by the smile of the man he was already tired of seeing. He wore a cowboy hat, a poncho, and smoked from a cigarette, already greeting him with a wave* Yo, Enricho. I got your letter. So, after... three days, you require my help. Is that right?
cosmic_fusions commented… told me to give up on my dream of wiezelga ;-; so no xD over a year ago
over a year ago -Universe_COLA- said…
Oriocho's ears had perked sleepily when the knocking on the door began, and her jaws opened for a yawn to escape as she watched her father with dreary eyes get up to go downstairs. And as she rubbed her eyes, curiosity being like a splash of cold water onto her face. She looked back managed to take a look behind them into the room, wandering if her mother would be joining them soon. But as the door was opened to reveal the man that her mother and father hated. And without question, she suddenly launched herself from Enricho's arms and onto Tiger's face, latching on to his face with her many hands, a pair snatching up hair while another grabbed onto his ears. She then sunk her teeth down into his scalp, her stinger uncoiling itself from its rolled up position.


Y'iel stared at her for a long minute until a smile came to her lips. And just as fast as she had retrieved all the items that she had needed to prepare a fresh and specifically made set of clothing for the witch, they all disappeared in the span of a blink. "As you wish, Ms. Helga. But remember, as your caretaker until you are rejuvenated, I do value your health, and it would relieve me greatly to see you at your best once more. So for the night, this will be accepta--" She came to a pause, her pale gold eyes meeting Helga's. She was silent, and with the glow that came to her eyes, she didn't seem to be fully there for a moment until the glow faded.

And then she spoke. "...The spoke to me..." She said slowly, furthering her brows before she muttered as she turned away from the witch. "..Another? How is this--no..there must be a mistake...."


From the other side of the door, voices could be heard from within Wein's chambers, and by the sounds of it, the conversation was fierce where a few sharp voices of anger spoke. And right when they were in the middle of speaking, there were three gunshots from inside the room that silenced it. After a moment or so, the door swung open, and Nadas Wein, who was dabbing at the blood on his cheeks and wiping his hands of the crimson that stained them. There was also a lockbox sloppily wrapped in cloth under his left arm. "--tainted weasel blood all over my newest--" He came to a stop at the presence of the soldier.
"Ah, Duncan. One of Edrain's biggest failures, such impeccable timing." Wein spoke bitterly. "Just the individual that I needed to see." He glanced behind him for a moment, and then closed the door, clearing his throat. "First and foremost, housekeeping is needed. I'll attend to that while we're on the way."


As they were making their way towards town, the closer they got, the more restless Eros became within Rosemary's head. "Rose hurry..hurry up damn it!" Eros gave no reasoning as to why she had started to rush Rose along. Because she herself had none that she could explain in words, only with what she felt. A warm tugging, one getting stronger and stronger. And soon, Rose began to feel it too. "What the hell, do you see that?" Eros said suddenly, moving their head to where Rosemary's vision could see the dark smoke rising up into the air.
Windwakerguy430 commented…
Why did i read that was "Wein was dabbing on them haters" XD over a year ago
-Universe_COLA- commented…
XD Considering that after dabbing is the word "at", and after that "the", I don't have an answer to that over a year ago
Windwakerguy430 commented…
Wein is a true villain. He makes shitty 유튜브 비디오 and tells everyone to smash that like button over a year ago
over a year ago Windwakerguy430 said…
*Tiger stepped back as Oriocho latched onto his head, biting and clawing at his face, but aside from that, there was no reaction from Tiger, aside from his response* Still sour to Uncle Lando, I see. Do you really hate me so, Enricho?
Very *Enricho exclaimed before he pulled Orio off of him, keeping a hold on her so she didn't do it again* But regardless, I need your help. It's my wife
*Tiger nodded, wiping the blood that game from the teeth marks with a single tissue* Ah yes. The cute one. What 'bout her
*Enricho spoke* She's ill. Very ill. She hasn't spoken any English for a week now, she sleeps most of the time, and as much as I would love to look for her, I cannot do such a thing while watching her and Orio, and all my options are exhausted
*Tiger was silent, before a large grin slowly crept onto his face* So you need my help, finally!?

*Duncan gave no jolt or reaction to the gunshots heard, despite not agreeing completely with Wein's actions. Once the door opened, he gave a bow, even taking the insult that was given to him before he responded* Of course, Lord Wein. But we must hurry. The leaders of these countries can grow to be.... impatient at times*

I'm going, jeez *Rosemary was making haste to the nearest store, but once her attention was brought to the trail of smoke, she could only answer with a question* Wasn't it you that was rushing me to get things over with so we could find Oasis sooner? We can't get distracted by every smoke trail we see. Probably just a camp or something
over a year ago -Universe_COLA- said…
"A camp in the middle of a fucking sea? Yeeeah, real plausible way to think about that Rose." Eros said sarcastically. "And its in the direction of the store, and I'll be damned if something gets burned down and takes what we need with it. Don't get me wrong, we're still going to find Oasis, that's a priority. But I have a feelin'."


"They grow to be impatient, I chop them back down to size." Wein replied, tossing the cloth he had been using onto the floor carelessly. fully expecting those who came by for housekeeping to remove it. Because if they didn't, then they would meet the same fate as those that were being left behind in the chambers. "They will have to wait. Mother has called this meeting into place, and I am certainly not looking forward to having to be in the presence of that wretched hag." His jaw clenched as he spoke these words, and though not visible, a tremor fled through his body. His grip on the lock box tightened momentarily.
over a year ago Windwakerguy430 said…
*Duncan gave a nod* Understood, Wein. I'm sure they will come to understand. I shall inform your guests of this as well. And another thing, if you allow me to speak freely... It's about that hitman you have around here, that one in the hat from the west.... I do not trust him for a second. I believe it would be best you watch yourself around him as well, Lord Wein

*Rosemary gave a sigh* Always something in the way *She made her way towards the yard, hoping for the best, or at the least, hoping not to get involved in the situation*

*Enricho sighed as he held onto Oriocho, sitting her down in her high chair to feed her* I'm afraid so. I can't stand you, Tiger. You're cruel, unpredictable, a cheat, a liar, possibly psychotic, and at best, your annoying. But I won't deny, if what you said is true, about throwing everyone off me by faking my assassination, and you really are offering to help me, and... since I have no options, I will have to trust you for the time being
*Tiger gave a smile* Aww, that's sweet. Maybe you can tell your little girl to trust me as well
*Enricho shook his head* Not a chance in hell. You should be thankful we removed the poison from her stinger
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over a year ago -Universe_COLA- said…
"Do you take me as a fool you dunce?" Wein scoffed. "If you had known any better, I would have taken that as an insult and given housekeeping another corpse to peel off the floors. Of course I know that the fleabag is not able to be trusted. That is why I hired him. He is nothing more than another pawn on the board, being shifted accordingly."


Orio was growling the entire time her father and the man spoke, even as she was sat in her highchair. The stinger on her tail seemed to almost throb in anticipation of being stabbed through her prey.


"Yeah, lets just hope this "something" is somethin' we can deal with quickly if we have to. If not, then we'll already be near the markets. We can just get our stuff and leave." Eros said.


Oasis watched from the end of the dock as the small ship that they had come in floated out further and further into the sea and slowly but surely starting to sink. The thick smoke that drifted from it reached for the sky, and there was a crackle before it exploded, the barrels of old gunpowder and oil igniting into flames, the sight of the fire luminous within her eyes.

"He is ready." Lilith Ann spoke as she approached her from behind and stepped to her side. "Though it seems that we may have drawn a bit of attention."

"Hey, what do you think you're doing?!" The sound of rushing guards could be heard behind them. "Halt! Stay right where you are!"

"I seems that I was right in suggesting that we leave the damn thing as it was." Lilith said in annoyance.

Oasis sighed. "Another thing to worry about. Whelp, guess it's time to rumble. We're still in the clear if anything. This place isn't necessarily known for its news." She said as the guards approached them. "We'll just knock'em all out, no killing necessary."

over a year ago Windwakerguy430 said…
So tell me *Tiger said as he pulled a chair up* What do you need my help with
*Enricho reached into the cabinet for baby food before answering* I need you to find out anything about my wife's ailment. Anything you can find out about
*Tiger nodded* That it? no one to kill or anything
*Tiger gave a nod* Alright, alright. I make no promises that I'll find what you want, but I will do what I can. Anything for you and your family, Enricho

*Rosemary gave a scoff* Who said we'd do anything? We get there and no ones manning the shops, then we grab what we can and leave. Unless someone pays us to help, we ain't sticking around

M-My apologies, Lord Wein. *Duncan gave another bow as Wein continued his constant insults*
over a year ago -Universe_COLA- said…
Eros gave a snort. "Look at you, all grown up now. Takin' after me a little too." She managed a genuine chuckle. "But just a heads up, I might take a little more for the road if that's the case. If we plan on snatching then we might as well right? Not only that, it'll give us a chance to test that thing we've been working on with the Brand."


Orio made a sort of face when she saw that Enricho had grabbed the baby food again. She missed her mother's cooking and the smells she had the luxury of smelling. But then her attention returned to Lando, and she growled, already attempting move the small table to her highchair to start attacking again.


"Yes, your apology it is, Duncan." Wein agreed snidely. And then he added. "On second thought, the guests from the other countries, retrieve them and bring them to me so that we may all head to this abominable meeting."
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over a year ago cosmic_fusions said…
(wow... I haven't posted since last year. Aha... AHAHAHAHA)

Helga tapped her fingers while staring at Y'iel speak. "....p-p-p-pity..." She whispered in conclusion as to what she thought the woman meant when she felt the need to take care of her. Her eyes lowered some in sync with her ears as she stood there shivering in her towel until she realized Y'iel went silent. Raising them, she interlocked her dull eyes with Y'iel's blank ones, and when she spoke, her brows twitched before they could lower into a furrow. "....a-a-a-another...??? a-another c-cookie?" She guessed randomly. "v-voice?" She questioned her.
Windwakerguy430 commented…
Jade, why do 당신 hate Nithloraul. Do 당신 not believe in Redemption Arcs unless it's Wiezen who we all know will make that arc in vein in the end XD over a year ago
over a year ago Windwakerguy430 said…
*Duncan gave a nod* Right away, sir. *With that, he turned and made his way to gather the four lords*

*Rosemary gave a nod* Fine by me. I ain't going to get anymore distractions if I ain't benefiting. It's a dog eat dog world, and if you can't fight back, you may as well crawl into a hole and die already. This world doesn't wait for you, and I ain't waiting to get back on the road

*Enricho sat in front of Orio, taking a spoonful of food* I know you're sick of this stuff, Orio, but your mother was a far better cook than I. Just keep eating, and I promise, the moment she wakes, we'll all go for ice cream. You, me, Ossiana, and... And Oasis too, of course *His tired eyes forced a smile as he held the spoon out to her, before he returned to speaking to Lando* So, do we have a deal
*Tiger Lando crossed his arms, but followed with a nod* Of course. On one condition. You owe me one fight, Enricho Morgan. A real fight. Not a worthless attempt like the last one.
*Enricho looked at Tiger, before he gave a sigh* If I say yes and promise to fight you- After you help Ossiana!-, will you do what I ask
*Tiger grinned, before nodding* I swear
over a year ago -Universe_COLA- said…
"Good." Eros agreed fully. "We got better things to do, more important things. As they got closer to the docks and the smoke that rose into the air from their direction, Eros spoke again. "Sounds like a bunch of commotion's goin' on already. Switch spots with me."


Y'iel shook her head slowly. "The created another. A new born.." She said carefully, her brows furrowing together. "A Therian spawn...impossible.." Her eyes had started to glow again as she turned away from Helga once more, but this time while doing so, she disappeared completely, leaving only the shimmering light of her outline before that too, faded.

"HOW!?" Her voice suddenly shattered the short lived silence from behind Helga, Y'iel now there again with a pair of reading glasses on as she flipped through page after page of a large book that if sat down straight, it would almost reach her knees. With a large thud, she sat the book down onto the desk.
over a year ago cosmic_fusions said…
“Th-Therian spa...wn?” Helga repeated softly as she stood there idly. Her ears perked when she saw Yiel fade from in front of her, but then she cringed and jolted with a shriek at the sudden shout from behind her that nearly gave her a heart attack. She backed up some and whimpered, her hand now on her chest and she took deep breaths to relieve her scare. Helga’s eyes slowly wandered back to Y’iel going through the giant book. She blinked before a memory crossed her mind. “c-c-crazy and m-mean p-professor?” She asked. “B-Blood? W-Wiezen?”
over a year ago Windwakerguy430 said…
*Rosemary gave a nod, and without a moment's hesitation, she gave control to Eros*

*Duncan walked into the entrance hall, already taking note of the four lords before him. Lord Amadeus, a thin man his black hair slicked back. He was once very charming and handsome, but now, he seemed more unkempt and greasy, his eyes bulging from his eye socket. Next was Alicia and Alberto, a pair of noble siblings from the opposite side of Edrain. Both had blonde hair and blue eyes, and were almost identical in every way. Finally, King Ferdinand, an obese lord, who, even as of now, was enjoying delicacies from his country as he waited. Duncan greeted the four lords with a bow* Sorry to make you wait. Wein has allowed you all to meet
My, the meetings are becoming more and more dull *King Ferdinand was the first to speak a dismissive tone*
*Not long after, Amadeus followed* If he were anything like those idiots in Edrain, he would have already seen his country fall to ashes
*Alberto and Alicia only chuckled among themselves at this, before allowing Duncan to lead them all to Wein*
over a year ago -Universe_COLA- said…
"Professor?" Y'iel's right ear twitched, and it took her a moment to think back to something that the Source had given her from Wiezen's memories. "The Oni, yes? Bonnus?" She looked up at Helga. "Impossible...the Source would swallow whole any who seek to contaminate it with the filth of greed and the darkness of a heart." She furrowed her brows even more now.
"Wiezen's blood... " She repeated for a moment. "What sort of foul witchery is this?" And then something came to mind and she turned her attention back Helga again. "...Yes..that laboratory. But that cannot be. Those false beings could not possibly be pureblooded..."


As she was able to take control of their body, Eros's more enhanced vision magnified their surroundings. She continued to guide the horse towards town, her eyes going back and forth between the smoke in the sky and what was ahead of them to gauge the distance that they had left.
Suddenly, she felt a bubble of warmth swell and pop in their chest, the warmth spreading across their body. And then came a sharp gasp. "Oasis!! It's OA! ROSE IT'S OASIS!" She could feel it now, the thinned wires of their bond now coiling around one another and reconnecting what had been severed.

Excitement. Eros's excitement became another factor, for the sight of it was a rarity to those who knew she existed. And there was no denying now that she had picked up on something for certain.


After Duncan had left to retrieve the lords of the other countries, Wein had considered on leaving him to return an empty spot. However, one thought about "Mother" and he reconsidered without second thought. So instead, he waited impatiently now, occupying himself with making sure that all of the blood was gone.
over a year ago cosmic_fusions said…
“T-Took a lot o-of b-blood...” Helga mumbled, remembering the day her and her husband had visited the Kingdom of Fre. “H-Hurt my W-Wiezen...” She frowned at the memory of the guards pushing at both of them. Not only when they were in the laboratory, but also when the professor’s previous self had beaten him. “M-maybe blood f-from female t-too? K-knew f-female th-Therian...” She sniffed some, gripping her head for a moment. “S-sorry.. b-blabbing Anno...ying”
over a year ago -Universe_COLA- said…
", you are not." Y'iel assured her. "A female Therian..." When she thought of the term "female Therian", the only person that came to mind was herself. As far as she was concerned, she was the only female Therian, just as she was the last one alive. Until now. "She most certainly has not taken any of my blood. Is there anything else Ms. Helga? Please, if there is then I must know for certain if that Oni has a hand in this."
over a year ago cosmic_fusions said…
(Shall Y’iel be force to mate for more therian babies xD)

Helga’s weary eyes wavered as they tried to keep contact with the woman in front of her. “f-female th-therian b-before y-you...” She cleared her throat. “K-K-Kelsa... guardian... wiezen... b-but... died... s-sacrifice?” She questioned as to what had happened to her. Wiezen never explained it well, he simply said that now he was the last one standing. She regretted now never asking Wiezen more questions so that she would respect his privacy and not think she was controlling or nosy. But the thought of someone roaming around with his blood angered her at the fact that that someone must’ve been created unnaturally. Helga’s fingers fidgeted with one another before she glanced at Y’iel with timid eyes. “D-dont know what h-happened with f-female th-therian... I’m s-sorry..” She apologized again out of instinct. “what... what does source tell y-you?”
over a year ago -Universe_COLA- said…
Wiezen's guardian. Y'iel's ears lowered when she soon found out seconds after she wanted to ask of this other Therian, that she had died. She knew fully well what the death of a Therian's Guardian meant. And now things that she didn't understand before, decisions that were made during Wiezen's lifetime, she now understood a bit more. A frown settled onto her face, and she looked back down at the book, slowly flipping a few pages to the left before she came to a stop.

Covering both pages was an image of a sky above filled with storm clouds that seemed to be swirling, rain pouring down from them. The colors used within the image were all shades of grays and blacks, the rain being the lighest shade of them all. Below the sky were sculptures, ruins that the image made seem as if they spread for miles upon miles. But throughout the image, the most noticeable thing was the sketchy figure of a man that was on his hands in knees, a large bell that seemed to be attached to the sky over his head and feathers falling around him. The ground below him was twisted and warped into dark scorches and severe cracks that were made to appear that the ground could give in at any second. And with all of these factors pieced together, it could finally be realized that this image was actually a painting.

"I never understood why I painted this here..." Y'iel spoke sadly. "Why there was so much pain when the Source showed me." Her ears lowered. "It is like flowers being tugged from the ground with its roots. The ground a heart, the flowers the essence of a bind so powerful that even Death would find it beautiful. However, only agony lies in such loss."
over a year ago Windwakerguy430 said…
*Duncan made sure to return as quickly as he could with the other lords, opening the door for the four as they all walked in*
*Once again, Amadeus was the first to speak* I know you are too busy with running one of the largest empires, Wein, but at least a hello would be a nice gesture

*Rosemary was silent, but as soon as Eros spoke about Oasis, her eyes lit up in excitement* W-What?! Well don't sit there, get this horse moving! Don't lose her trail!
over a year ago cosmic_fusions said…
Helga’s tearing eyes filled more with drops as she observed the painting and listened to Y’iel speak. Her ears drooped and she stood idly besides the woman. She wasn’t sure how to react without crying. The corner of her mouth twitched into an attempt of a smile of sympathy but fell crooked quickly. Her arm raised and trembled before she was finally able to rest it on Y’iel’s shoulders and gave it a light squeeze similarly how she would do it whenever Wiezen was confused or stressed. It immediately seemed to relieve tension and work its way of soothing through the body. “...I’m s-sorry...”
over a year ago -Universe_COLA- said…
Y'iel stared down at the painting now with a newer perspective, one that brought sorrow to her heart. Because some of that pain...the pain that Wiezen felt that day, she too could still feel. When Helga placed her hand on her shoulder, she stiffened a little before relaxing slowly. However, her eyes wouldn't leave the painting until she turned to the next page. A page that was frozen over quite literally, yet flexible like normal paper. The figures on it were all made in pitch black ink, shadowy images of creatures that would never be allowed to exist inside the world that they were in. Some of them would be more than familiar to Helga. The ones that carried cages filled with what looked to be...people. Mountainous piles of moving limbs and flesh. Hooks that dropped down from the sky itself. "Yes...I believe I may need to travel there once more. Holle."


"Amadeus," Wein greeted him. "When was the last time we have had the opportunity for us to meet together? It has been ages. I'm afraid my excitement for greeting has died away through the years. But nonetheless, you are all as welcome as you always have been. Come, now that you all have arrived, we will be able to get this done swiftly. It is quite the splinter in my arse." He turned to the other three. "Ah, Alberto, Alicia. And...Ferdinand." He said the fat king's name with an underlayer of disgust, but hid it well behind a charming smile. "How goes it for you all these days?"


Eros rammed her heels into the horses side and got it moving into a sprint, her eyes searching around the city for any and everything, even the smallest trace of their lover. "Come on, come ON! Damn it horse, move faster!" She growled before releasing the reigns that were in her grip. She grabbed the sides of the horse's head and dug her fingers into it, the brand's veiny, corrupted energy morphing her finger tips. Almost immediately, the horse began to buck madly, throwing its body around. "I said...COME ON!!" The grip of her fingers tightened, and the horse came to a stiff standstill, the bones in it's back going into a disturbing squirm. It's legs then twisted themselves backwards with a loud snap, the horses hooves becoming flat-ended points. It's eyes became a feverish yellow, and it let out a neigh that sounded like thousands of sheep being drowned at once before lurching forward in a lunge that lifted it off the ground completely for a few yards until they were dashing through town in a shroud of red.
over a year ago Windwakerguy430 said…
Wein *Ferdinand spoke, giving the same smile but with the same level of disgust. He hated Wein for his power hungry nature, but knew it would be best for his own sake to stay on his good side*
*Alicia and Alberto both smiled at the same time before responding, with Alberto doing the talking* Things have been well for us. The economy in our land has experienced an increase. We barely know what to do with it all, so we throw a few parties here and there when we can.
*Amadeus nodded, before his attention was brought to Duncan. He couldn't help but whisper to Wein* Wein, you sure you wish to work with that failure of a soldier? I hear rumors his mere presence is a bad omen.

*Rosemary, despite her response before, couldn't help but feel bad for the horse companion, and she spoke* Will this horse be alright?

*Tiger Lando gave a nod, even a mocking soldier's bow, before he responded* I'll get that fight out of you yet, Enricho
*Enricho sighed* Just do what you have to to help my wife, alright.
*Tiger gave a grin, before reaching to his bag and taking a potion* Will do, boss *He took a sip of the potion, before hacking in disgust* Hate this flavor. Bye, Enricho *He waved to Orio* Bye, tyke
*Finally, what felt like hours for Enricho, Tiger faded from the house. For a moment, he couldn't help but feel he made a terrible mistake making a deal with him. But, regardless, he couldn't care, as long as Ossiana was awake. But, what Ossiana would say when she woke up to hear this news, it was enough to make Enricho worry for the future. He returned his attention to Oriocho* Just ignore that idiot, sweetie. He's a piece of work, but at least we can hope to see mom up soon
over a year ago cosmic_fusions said…
Helga froze at the name of the place that brought back so many horrible memories. Her hand that was still on Y’iel’s shoulders tightened slightly before her other shoulder was gripped with her other hand. She stood there quietly, breathing down Y’iel’s back until she suddenly spoke after a long time or silence and thinking. “i g-go w-with.” She nodded softly.
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over a year ago -Universe_COLA- said…
"...Probably not...maybe? We haven't exactly been learning how to do nice things with this brand." Eros gave a dismissive shrug, her eyes lit up and searching quickly. If anything, she'd kill the horse, tear from limb to limb if it meant finding Oasis. She could here a few people shrieking in terror at the sight of the horse, but it went in one ear and out another.

"It's a hell spawn! RUN!"

"Into your houses everyone, NOW! Someone call the guards!"

But Eros payed them no mind, and when their horse collapsed suddenly, it's body no longer able to sustain itself under the pressure of the brand's corruption, she launched herself off of it, landing on the ground with a solid thud but recuperating quickly.


"In your current condition Ms. Helga, I'm afraid I cannot allow you to do so. If you were to go to Holle as you are now then you will stand no chance without the full extent of your abilities." Y'iel said. "But perhaps you would be able to inform me of a few things about the place that may assist me."


"Yes, Duncan. The pest is of little use to me, but still of use to me nonetheless. He has been more than helpful with the grunt tasks, but this is the first of me hearing of this "bad omen" rumor. I believe that I've made it quite clear that if I have to get my hands dirty, I will kill him. It's as simple as so. But I cannot dismiss the effort he's putting forth to commit himself to a country that wasn't his birth place. Even with the annoyances it may bring. Similar to a guard dog. They bark and bark when they are suppose to, but even when they aren't."


Orio made a sort of face of dismay at her father, almost similar to Ossiana's. She also hadn't touched her food, not even a little. Her bottom lip quivered some. "When..mommy up?" She asked, looking up at her father. "Miss momma.."
over a year ago Windwakerguy430 said…
*Enricho looked at her, before he retorted* Don't give me that look, Orio! Sheesh, so judging. Just like your mother. *But once she asked, he was silent for a moment, and finally spoke* She'll be up soon, Orio. And I miss her too. Now please, eat. Do this and I promise I will get you whatever you like once mom is awake, alright?

Truer words have never been spoken, Wein *Amadeus nodded in agreement* just mind yourself of those types. They can be a bother
*Ferdinand eventually gave his thoughts to the rest* I'll tell you what a bother is, those dreaded bible thumpers that go around here. Just as I entered, some man in a brown cloak walked up to me and-
And told you to have a good time *Alberto cut into it*. Not every priest is out to ruin your crazed beliefs, Ferdinand

*Rosemary sighed as she heard the townspeople shouting* Please get us out of here before someone calls the town guards, or worse, a priest
over a year ago cosmic_fusions said…
“I-I-It’s okay.” Helga interrupted with a mumble when Y’iel said there would be no chance of her leaving in her condition. But she didn’t care about herself anymore. She stopped caring for her own self years ago. It started off slowly when she first gave birth to her children, because she would always sacrifice herself for the better good for them. And at the disappearance or her husband, it was when everything came tumbling down. She felt her children did not care for her but themselves like Wiezen once said. He was the only one who she thought loved her and would stay with her forever. But now he was gone too. “I-I b-bait.” She nodded her trembling head. “K-Keep y-you s-safe a-and assist y-you better...” Her wet hands gripped Y’iel’s tightly. She had been with Wiezen in Holle before and she knew the area well. And to a certain extent, she believed her current condition might even help her. The loss of pleasure or interest might help her avoid temptations in Kalte Holle and stay much more focused. “Want t-to be w-with you...” She begged her, clasping her hands together and resting her forehead on them.
over a year ago -Universe_COLA- said…
"No...Helga I will not be used as bait," Y'iel shook her head. "I'm sorry, I truly am," She said, speaking to Helga for the first time without using a "Ms." "But whatever horrid person has harmed you to the point that you would willingly throw yourself into Kalte Holle, I am not that person. I value you as a person, as an individual. Not as something meant to be thrown out like spoiled meat into a dog's bowl."
She paused for a moment of thought. "But if you really wish to go, then I will not go to Holle until you have recovered."


Oriocho looked down at her food again, making another disgusted face. At first, it looked as if she were going to just shove the baby food off the table of her high chair all together and be done with it. But slowly, she stuck a finger inside the jar and licked it. And then she pushed the jar away, looking to her father as if that was going to be good enough.


"It all depends on what religion is to you." Wein commented. "To me, it is nothing more than a belief in a higher entity due to some being unable to lead their own way and instead relying on some deity that exists to save them all from eternal damnation." He rolled his eyes. "It is so similar to children believing that a fat man in a red and white suit is going to squeeze down their chimneys to gift them with gold and presents. Or that a small pixie is going to come take their teeth, as disturbing as it sounds, in return for coins. The lot of it is a waste of ink and parchment."


"If the guards come then I'll kill'em." Eros said with blatantly and without hesitation. There was nothing, no one or anything that she was going to let get in their way. Not when they were so close. So close that she could feel it, she could see it so clearly in their mind. She made a sharp turn into a short alleyway and came out on the opposite side of where they had been seen. They were much closer to the commotion that was happening at the docks than before, and when they arrived, there were some guards that were retreating now rather than going towards the issue.

Some of them had busted noses, others faces were already starting to swell. And then there were the ones that were knocked out cold all together.

"The..fuck? That was supposed to be our job!" Eros frowned and turned to follow the other guards when she saw them running towards a ship.

"Tell Oswald to hurry up and get this damn thing moving!" Oasis yelled over the noise while she fought the guards off with the sheath of her sword, smacking down guards with swift and forceful swings as if she were using the blade itself.

Lilith could be seen only briefly scaling the ship and disappearing over the deck.


Back at the shop where Carlyle had left Zealia, someone with a powerful presence approached. The presence itself felt empty, as if there were layers under it being suppressed. The person, cloaked in what looked to be shadowy crows, stopped in front of the stop much like Carlyle had when she had first arrived, except that they held no interest in what was within the place, but rather what HAD been there. And as the person's hand raised into the air, the clouds above began to swirl and the sun's light darkened.
over a year ago Windwakerguy430 said…
*Enricho looked at Orio before he gave a sigh* I'd make you something else if I knew how to cook something like your mother. All I can make is some animal roasted over a fire, and I don't think you'd find roasted snake very appealing in comparison to this stuff

*Alberto and Alicia snickered among themselves before Alberto spoke up* Try telling that to Ferdinand. He is so stubborn with his belief in some great entity known as God or whatever. Bunch of fairy tails if you ask me
*Ferdinand scoffed before responding* Laugh it up now. I'll be the one laughing when I am in paradise

*Franziska gave an okay to Oasis as she shouted from atop the crows nest* Oswald, let's get this ship moving
*Oswald gave a nod before he pointed toward his other ship mates, limited to Layla and a mysterious cloaked figure to hoast the anchor as Franziska set the sails, ready to get the ship moving*

*Rosemary just let a sigh of relief as they passed* hey, saves us time kicking their asses. Whatever the hell they were, they seem to be going for that ship over there *Her eyes focused on the ship, the boat known as the La Luna, whatever it was. She could make out some figures on board, but barely anything else*
over a year ago cosmic_fusions said…
Helga frowned when Y'iel refused the idea of using her as bait. She thought for a second maybe she could finally die in peace doing something honorable, but the words the dropped from the woman's mouth countered her dream. She was the spoiled meat. She was the meat that was just rotting and waiting to finally be discarded. She didn't care if she was tossed to the dog or the trash bin. She just wanted... out. She saw no purpose of even being where she was now. Her children didn't care about her, heck, one of them lied to her about everything. She had nothing to give them either, so Zealia and Elijah wouldn't care to stay with her.

Her chipped and crooked ears perked at the last of her words, and she gave a very slow nod before finally releasing Y'iel from her weak grasp. "o-o-okay... g-get better f-first, a-and th-then H-Holle." She remembered spending her honeymoon there with Wiezen. She remembered many awful things from that place, and even the small positives they were able to make were clouded by the negatives. "...b-b-better..." She repeated under her breath before scratching her scalp some.

* * *

"I said I did not wish to speak with you but this is of great importance." Zealia growled before she ended the telepathic call with her brother, her eyes fading from purple back to green except her left blind eye which was white. She had tucked the object Carlyle gave her into one of her deep pockets on her pitch black dress. The witch was about to attend another client before she paused, her face darkening at the sudden dark presence she felt near her boutique. "Out." She suddenly said before her brows furrowed and looked at everyone in her lounge.

"OOOUUUUUTTTTT" Her voice roared like thunder, startling her customers. At command along with a few simple glares, everyone was already making their way out. She instructed her workers to go to the back as she inspected the area. She adjusted her hat some before encountering the figure right outside her shop, playing its games with the sky. And without any hesitation unlike how she would've done years ago, she stomped oddly elegantly her way to the exit. "Excuse me." Her voice was sharp.
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Orio looked at the baby food again, and then at her father after he had made the suggestion of other things that sounded like food. She then did exactly what it seemed as she would do before and shoved it off onto the floor. She turned and looked at her father afterwards. "Nake! Nake!" She chanted. "SNAKE!"


"A place stripped of everything we love here where we will be made to sing to please someone who has not even the dignity to show their face to their followers to prove that they in fact, exist. That does not sound like any paradise that I've ever head unless you favor being a lapdog. But if it is what you consider as "paradise", then have at it." Wein spoke. "Religion limits too much of what we're actually capable of."


And though Rosemary couldn't see the figures on the ship or around it due to all of the guards, Eros could feel her there. They both could. "O-Oa? OASIS! HEY, OA!" And then she saw her there, fighting off the guards. Almost immediately, anger boiled to the surface, and the instinct to kill kicked in immediately. "Get the FUCK AWAY FROM HER!!"

"E-Eros?!" Oasis came to a immediate stop when she heard Eros's voice. It hadn't taken her long for her to tell the differences between her and Rosemary. And if one of them was there, then it was inevitable that the other one was as well. She had to snap back to reality, ducking and jumping back to avoid the guards that were still attacking, her back now against the ship.
She looked up and saw her way out, but with Rose and Eros there, there was a change in plan completely. "Shit," Segments of her tail sprung from her back, it's stinger sharp enough to almost gleam in the light. She swiped some of the guards in front of her aside with a heavy swing from her large scorpion tail, fighting her way through the guards.

"What is she doing?!" Lilith hissed as she watched for only three seconds from the deck of the ship before rushing over to where Layla and the cloaked figure were to help tug up the anchor. After all, she was far from physically weak.


Y'iel gave a nod when Helga repeated the word, and she smiled, only for it to disappear in the very next second. Her brows furrowed again in thought, and she spoke to the witch. "Al...zul?" She questioned in confusion, her eyes beginning to glow again. She looked back down at the large book and began to flip through its pages towards the beginning of the book, stopping on the fifth page, one shrouded in darkness with a small child huddling around a small ember of a fire. "He longer apart of this dimension."


The cloaked figure's hand remained in the air, and at the site of Zealia, a voice spoke from within the shroud of crows, some of them becoming red-orange. "There was a woman here. A subject that belongs to the Head of Research and Development in Fre. Tell me where she is or suffer the consequences of harboring fugitives." The voice was blunt and straight to the point. But the voice that spoke was Wiezen's, though it sounded younger in comparison to what Zealia would have remembered.
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*Enricho gave a sigh* You never make things easy for me, do you, kid? Alright, you wait here then *He turned to the pantry door, already making his way toward it, but as he did, he stopped himself, almost as if he were about to collapse, but managed to catch himself on the counter, rubbing his forehead in exhaustion before he continued*

*Alberto chuckled* I can confirm that. Religions are nothing more than handicaps on life. We were given our lives by logical reasons, not that of a deity. Let us live our lives how we please without following the rules of some fairy tail, I say. Be it pleasure or be it just freedom.

*The hooded figure gave a nod to Lilith, speaking in a sort of monotone voice* APPRECIATED!
*Oswald turned from the ship to see Oasis running away* O! Where are you going!? *He watched as she ran towards a figure from the distance. It was faint, but it was clearly different from the soldiers. And for some reason, Oswald couldn't help but recognize it from somewhere. Something about this mysterious person felt familiar*

*As soon as Rosemary could hear what Eros was saying, her attention was brought to Oasis. And she couldn't help but fight back control of her body* O-Oasis! *Like a child fighting over a toy, she fought for control of her own body back, wanting to run toward Oasis and hold her in her arms*
over a year ago cosmic_fusions said…
Layla stared at the scene with a horrid expression, blinking only seconds after Lilith came by. "H-Hey ma'am, y-you look like s-som--- ahhhh WATCH OUTTTTT!" She shrieked at the scene unfold, remaining on the tips of her toes. "H-h-h-hey i-isn't it kind of illegal to fight against a peace o-officer? Like can't you get sentenced up to six months in jail?" Her voice lowered some into a whisper. "Or a-are we like, criminals? Because I really haven't done anything a-an---oof!!" She squealed when she accidentally tripped and released her grip on the anchor. But she watched Lilith easily pull it up. "Oh wow, you're really strong! Is it that new protein powder they're selling in the streets?"

* * *

Helga tensed almost immediately at the familiar name, a cold sweat breaking through her body as she took a step back and looked around frantically as if he were behind her. She whimpered before immediately covering her ears so that she wouldn't fall for another one of his tricks in case he was there. But she watched Y'iel flip through the pages like everything were okay. Did she not realize who he was? What torment he brought? Her trembling arms lowered to hear what she had to say, and when she assured he wasn't part of this dimension, only then did Helga gather enough courage to stand a little taller. "m-mean..." She muttered.

* * *

Zealia's right eye wavered at the cloaked figure ahead of her, her ears continuously twitching as if she were searching for all the reasons why the person in front of her could possibly be... "F-Father?" She gulped, her marching coming to a stop. She stared at the crows that surrounded the figure, brows furrowing in confusion and for the first time, puzzlement.

"That's not dad you dumb bitch." Wiezen Jr. spoke apathetically a few feet behind the cloaked person. Oddly enough, he had came as soon as Zealia had contacted him.

Zealia rolled her eyes before answering the dark presence's question. "Many women stroll in and out." She raised a single brow. "Who may have been subject to the Head of Research and Development in Fre I know not of." She answered truthfully. Her brother ahead said nothing, and simply observed.
over a year ago -Universe_COLA- said…
Wein gave a nod and a sort of chuckle. "Freedom is how progress is made. Without it, things would be in shambles even more than they are as of now elsewhere." Just before he was going to add something afterwards, he stopped when a figure dropped down from one of the buildings and landed in front of them.

"Lord Wein." A woman's voice spoke, and she gave a respectful bow. The gear that she wore was similar to that of a shinobi's, and her wild silver-blue hair fail down to the end of her neck and her shoulders. A mask covered some of her face, leaving only her eyes to be visible.

"Vlintano, what a pleasant surprise. I wasn't expecting you for another two days." A sly smirk came across Wein's face. "I take it that you sought me out to report good news then?"

"Yessir. The degenerates from the incident in Graytryn have been found, and I have been keepin' an eye on them up until three days ago when their trail on the...artifact, detoured completely. However, there was no sign of the piece there when I arrived either. But, there have been reportings of the activity that the artifact piece causes in Ch'Hainachi Xlong, the samurai country."

"Huh, is that so?" Wein slightly sunken eyes stared at the woman. "Then it looks like you are going to be taking a trip back to your homelands hm? And if so, then it would be in your best interest to find what I need. Because if you don't, I will burn the entire country to the ground, piss on it's ashes and have their finest warriors kneel in it. Is that clear?"

The woman kept her eyes on the ground to hide the rage within them, managing to speak clearly and obediently through clenched jaws. "Understood." She stood to her feet and left them just as quickly as she had come.


"You lie." The cloaked figure spoke. Whoever it was, he didn't seem to be alarmed at Jr.'s presence behind him. "You know very well who I am speaking of. The essence of her magic is lingering here. Just as her scent does. I will only ask you one final time, and you will provide me with the information I need. Where has scampered off to now in her futile attempts to avoid her fate? The one who's features you mirror?."


"Evil." Y'iel corrected. "Your heart sings to me at the mentioning of his name. He was a wicked one, yes?" She asked, her gaze lifting from the page within the book and to Helga. But before the witch couldl answer, the door opened, and the person that walked in was...Y'iel!?

The second Y'iel that walked into the room, humming some to herself as she removed a cleaning apron. She placed it across coat hanger for the time being before coming to a stop at the desk where Helga and the other Y'iel were. "Alzul, is this the newest addition to our memories?"

The Y'iel that had been with Helga gave a nod. "Yes. The Source has been more active today than usual. Not only that, but it seems that we may have either an issue, or a phenomenon on our hands as well. The Source had birthed another Therian, as you must know already yes?"

"Yes. Should we pay the Source a visit then?"

"Hm...yes. That is actually a plausible idea. But I'm afraid that it will have to be done on the morrow. I have already stayed longer than my limit today. Our travels to Holle are being postponed until Ms. Helga recovers fully. She would like to accompany me there."

"Ah, I see." The second Y'iel's gaze shifted to Helga for a moment before going back to Y'iel. "The children have all bathed and had their dinner. I allowed them an extra hour or so to do as they pleased before bed. Dishware has been taken care of as well with help from the students."

Y'iel smiled at this. "Excellent! And our guests?"

"They departed with full bellies and a smile upon their faces. Palpia was of great assistance as always as well. I really do enjoy her as company here."

"Then all is well today!" Y'iel gave a smile of satisfaction. "Thank you for your assistance. I appreciate every last bit of it."

"As do I, Mistress. It is not a problem at all!" The second Y'iel gave a bow before her body disappeared in a windy magic that shot into Y'iel, disappearing instantly.


"Powder? Do not be silly, girl. My strength comes from loss and rigorous physical training as a Crusader." Lilith said with a almost scoff, drawing her sword as she walked to the edge of the deck. She cursed under her breath, seeing that there would be no way for her to use her sword without either fatally injuring someone at the very least, or killing them all now.

Meanwhile, Oasis was pushing through guards, almost being hit a few times by some of them as she squinted even when she didn't need to, just to make sure that it was really who she thought it was. "Rose! Eros!" She called out to them, the distance between them becoming shorter and shorter, making her unintentionally fight harder to the point where her stinger had swung around and almost skewered the face of one of the guards.

Eros had began to knock some of the guards aside as she felt Rosemary trying to take control now. The guards who were taken by surprise at her sudden appearance were now turning to attack, only to be knocked aside. "Get outta the fuckin' way, that's our woman!"

And finally, they were close enough to meet eye to eye briefly, that brief moment feeling more like a lifetime. Eros's eyes were almost about to water, while a small apologetic grin came to Oasis's face.
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What the fuck xD over a year ago
-Universe_COLA- commented…
What? XD Just a clone, sheesh. over a year ago
Windwakerguy430 commented…
Jade, no one remembers Alzul. I trust COLA to never bring him back. Macross has a better chance of coming back than Alzul XD over a year ago
over a year ago Windwakerguy430 said…
And I've come to report that I too am here *As they spoke, Tiger walked into the room, the lords already turning to him, looks of disgust on their face. Amadeus was the first to speak* Wein, why do you have this filthy commoner in here?
*Ferdinand followed* Shall I call my troops to have him executed for you?
*Alicia followed* If you'd like, I could kill him myself, right here, right now
*Tiger gave a sigh as he held onto his belt* Jeez, such hostility. You sure keep interesting company, boss

*Just as Rosemary ran towards Oasis, she leaped over another guard, kicking him hard in the face before she rolled, finally getting full control of her body as she ran right into Oasis, her arms wrapping around her as she spun her around, laughing with joy as she held her* Oasis! I'm so glad I found you *She couldn't hep but keep spinning with joy, taking no notice of the guards that were picking themselves up off the ground ready for another fight*
over a year ago -Universe_COLA- said…
Oasis wrapped her good arm around Rosemary, hugging her her closely as she chuckled. "It's good to see you too Rosy, you and Eros both," She said coolly, taking the moment to pull in Rosemary's scent. A smell that she hadn't had the privilege of smelling in a while from the body she hadn't caressed so lovingly in the past few years. But she knew that she wouldn't be able to enjoy the full extent of it. Not now.
"Come on, we'll catch up a little later. Right now it's time for us to make like fishies and get the fuck outta here!" She grabbed Rosemary's hand as the ship was starting to float away from the dock.

Lilith was already well ahead of them, and soon, a thick long ropes that she had found laying around the ship was thrown over the side of the deck. "YOU ARE WASTING OUR TIME!" She yelled down to Oasis, scoffing when she got a middle finger in return.

Oasis wasted no time jumping across the distance that she ship had gotten away from the dock already, grabbing onto the rope with her newer arm and holding Rosemary's hand tightly in the other. "Rose, climb over me!"


"My apologies, we seem to have been having a lot of pest problems after the collapse of Edrain," Wein said to the lords. "But rest assured. this filthy commoner is another one of mine unfortunately. He is the more useful one aside from my right hand, whom you all saw a second ago." He turned to Tiger. "And you. What have you come to me for now? What could it possibly be that you have come to become a nuisance to me once more Lando? I don't remember calling you in for anything myself. "
over a year ago cosmic_fusions said…
"Whose features mirror mine?" Zealia raised her brow in thought. "Yeah, I've got nothing sir. Orange hair is in style now if I say so myself. I suggest you look in Tartarus and don't forget to send me a post card once there. Now, if you would be kind enough to be on your way, I would truly appreciate it." She waved her hand dismissively, but was well prepared for a fight and barriers already surrounding her property.

* * *

"Cru..sader? Ya know, I used to have a dog named Crusty because he had severe discharge in his left eye. Rest in peace Crusty.... Anyways, it sounded almost the same though." She shrugged for a moment. "H-Hey, wait, I have an idea! What about sleeping powder? I'm sure there's some on the ship. It'll knock the guards down to their feet!"

* * *

Helga jolted at the sound of the doors behind her opening, and when she saw Y'iel, her eyes widened with unease. Her left eye twitched, and she turned back to face the original Y'iel, then back at the clone, then back and forth for another couple of minutes. Her body convulsed at the name Alzul again, but the two figures of the exact same person made her head hurt. Was she seeing things again? Her hands clutched her temples and she shook her head. She remembered Wiezen rarely using clones for anything unless it was for a foursome or to watch over the kids sometimes when they were little. And though she should've been familiar with clones herself... she just.. wasn't. Everything or most of herself seemed to change. Helga rubbed at her forehead and her eyes, and wasn't sure if the bathing and dining of the children were of Y'iel's students or her children since they were also tucked into bed. She suddenly exited the room, her hands covering her sight in case she saw any more clones, walking through the house aimlessly to encounter a window where she could jump off of.
over a year ago -Universe_COLA- said…
Y'iel took in a deep breath as she let the essence of magic that had been her clone settle back into where it had been taken from. She closed her eyes for a moment, but then they shot open when they felt the presence of something familiar. She looked back at the book for a moment, her ears perking when she became alert. "Ms. Helga, have you---Ms. Helga?" She looked around for a moment before it clicked in her head a second later that the witch was no longer there. With a look of confusion, she closed the large book before she went off to look for her.


Lilith stared at Layla when she commented about having a dog named "Crusty", and though she didn't know why, just the very comparison of a dog with the Order made her eye twitch slightly. "If you have faith that it will work, then retrieve it before things become worse."


The man was silent for a moment, and then suddenly, the crows that kept him shrouded dispersed into flocks that flew into all directions and disappeared into thin air to reveal who stood before them. Hair a signature snow white. Eyes as cold as Holle stared at Zealia with hints of annoyance within them. His skin was unnaturally pale, yet his facial features resembled Wiezen's down to a T. It was almost as if he and Jr. shared exact features from Wiezen, accept that the man before them looked even more like him do to the shade of his hair. His body was clad in black, whites and reds, a cape like coat flowing behind him. On his shoulders were crown carved paldrons in which the sleeves of his shirt extended into the gloves that he wore.

"Do you take me as a fool, Quartz?" When he spoke, his voice was all the bit as cold as Wiezen's was when he became highly irritated. "Perhaps this will jog that noggin of yours. I'll be lenient warn you now, strengthen your barrier. Because you will need every inch of magic that your bodies are able to produce. You'd best make your decisions now." The sky parted suddenly, and the strong empty presence became flood of magic. First Born magic. And then it coasted into the Light of a Therian. Wiezen's Light.

((The Stranger))
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 Y'iel took in a deep breath as she let the essence of magic that had been her clone settle back into