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Years have passed since the fighting had occurred. The Capital has fallen. Faith in The Ancient Ones is fading. Edrain is a country lost to the monsters. Those that could escape, left to the bordering countries, taking the plague with them. And with the plague, a new rise of monsters. New abominations that would attack the people. And amongst the remains of the kingdom of Edrain, the Servants now overtake the land, and attack the few that were too stubborn to leave or had nowhere else to go. Within those years, technological advancements were made. More powerful guns were created, and even automobiles were starting to be created, but the beliefs of the old, though not as great as before, remained. But with the word of this new God appearing in the people's ears, the Ancient Ones ideas slowly began to die out, with only few loyal subjects. And the threat of a new evil had brought itself upon the world. What will you do in this new age?

Classes - Hunters come in many different classes, each with different pros and cons

Mercenary - Better with larger blades and has stronger defense. Not as respected by townsfolk

Soldier - Best with firearms. Not very fast or agile

Traveller - Easier to get discounts in shops and can earn better. Not the best fighter

Thief - More stealthy than others, much faster and quicker dodges. Low defense

Bandit - powerful attacks and can wield heavy weapons. The slowest Hunter. Hated by townsfolk

Hunter - Can climb better and is better at using firearms. Has low defense

Alchemist - Can heal himself and is more powerful against magic. Terrible with weapons

Psychopath - Casts long lasting fire damage and can take more damage. Weak with weapons

Priest - Heals others within a group and is better at shielding himself. Does not fight at all


Crusader - Has the fighting capabilities of a soldier and the miracles of a priest. Their behavior makes them ignored by some cities, while magic users outright despise them and their poor use of priest magic

Knights - Slow, heavy, impossible to dodge. Best sword fighters and has high respect from the people

Pirates - Has quick access to travelling the seas. Capable of sword and gun combat. Always hunted by enforcers of order

Ninjas - Stealthy, good with swords and projectile weapons, highly likely to lose if outnumbered

Fighters - Refuse to use weapons of any kind. Capable of fighting and even killing with their bare fists. Highly respected by any fighter. Not respected by priests or alchemists

Do not kill anyone’s character without permission
Do not create overpowered and flawless characters
Do not make problems vanish with the snap of a finger
Do not steal other characters ideas
If you have an idea, feel free to ask
Have fun
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over a year ago -Universe_COLA- said…
"Of course it is!" Tali assured. "I mean, a crater of air fueled fire should be easy to go around right?"

"Overkill!" Oasis growled.

"Oh come on Cap'm, I've been waiting all month to use that thing on something to see how the final product is!" Tali whined. "And besides, it was for stuck-in-a-hard-spot situations. The fire will go out...eventually."
over a year ago Windwakerguy430 said…
*Rosemary gave a sigh* The important thing is we were able to deal with the ugly fuckers and get a way out. And we're alive, so that's a plus
over a year ago -Universe_COLA- said…
"Ro is right. And we can add another plus to that because whatever the fuck that thing was is definitely gonna be a useful upgrade to our firepower when we need it."

Oasis was about to say something, until the yet another explosion could be heard in the distance that they had already created. "REALLY?!"

"What? It was only a acetylene capsule! For assurance!" Tali said.

Oasis would have facepalmed if she had her other hand to do so, and instead she just shook her head.
over a year ago Windwakerguy430 said…
*As they were talking, Rosemary turned her head to look behind Tali, and she spoke* Hey, Tali, you missed one
*From the edge of the crater, in front of the group, a tall, thin, lanky figure stood there, looking at them. It wore a dirty cloak over it's body, a worn top hat on it's head, and it's face looked... different. It wasn't an organic being like the Scavengers. In fact, it looked mechanical. It didn't move. It just stood there, staring at them, like a curious child*
over a year ago -Universe_COLA- said…
"Huh?" Tali looked behind them at the figure, taking in a mental note that it didn't seem like the things that she had just blow away. "Huh.." She said again, but this time she was unfolding her rifle. "No. I don't fucking miss." She said with a hint of irritation at the fact that she missed something, turning around on her horse. She pulled the lever and cocked the rifle, aiming at the creature's head with a look of bitter hatred. "Alright then you freaky slender male, you're taking one to the face."
over a year ago Windwakerguy430 said…
*The figure remained perfectly still, but it's eyes, it was as if they were still moving. And they were immediately locked onto Oasis. It was as if it remembered her. It had seen her face before, a long while ago. And despite itself not changing, she had changed drastically.*
*Rosemary looked at the figure, anticipating it being blown away by Tali's rifle*
over a year ago -Universe_COLA- said…
Tali muttered to herself as she steadied her aim. She wiggled her index finger before resting it on the trigger, and pulling it seconds later without hesitation. And though the blast from the abnormal rifle wasn't charged like the previous one had been, the shot was almost just as devastating. The force of blunt steam struck the figure in the face with deadly precision from a sharp eye.
over a year ago Windwakerguy430 said…
*The figure fell onto it's back as the bullet struck it in the face. It seemed limp for a second, only to get right back up. Without the use of it's arms, it shot back up, the bullet hole right in it's cheek. The mechanical beast went into a crouch now, before it suddenly bolted in their direction at an inhuman speed, it's arms behind it's back. As it was getting closer toward them, it's bladed hands could be visible*
over a year ago -Universe_COLA- said…
"Oh what the fuck?!" Tali growled. "So that's how ya wanna play it huh!?" She cocked back her rifle, twisting the lever and pulling it back further. "How about I use a bullet this time ya fuckin'--" She took her aim at the creature again.

"Oh now what?" Oasis looked behind them this time, spotting the figure coming towards them. It was vaguely familiar to her, but it was enough to catch her attention.

over a year ago Windwakerguy430 said…
*As Tali got the figure in her crossheir, it jumped into the air, landing on it's feet onto the saddle of Judissia's horse, looking down at her. A faint blue glow could be seen on it's mechanical body. Though it was far too close for comfort for Judissia, it didn't take the chance and strike her*
over a year ago -Universe_COLA- said…
Judissia on the other hand, didn't take to kindly to the mechanical creature when it landed on her horse. Startled, the horse itself reared off with a sharp curve for a moment, slinging the creature off of the saddle. She drew her katana, instantly. "Shit around every damn corner!"

Tali got the creature back into her sight as it was passed by, and she pulled the trigger again without hesitation. The force from the shot was enough to slide her backwards on the horses saddle. This time, the end of the barrel spun before a one of the long black bullets propelled from the rifle in a drill like spiral and flying towards the slender mechanical man's head again, it's sharp point striking the creature's face and blowing away a chunk. The force from the shot itself was enough to knock it backwards and off its feet. "Mother fucker.." She gave a hmph of satisfaction, turning back around to face forward while folding her rifle back in.
over a year ago Windwakerguy430 said…
*The creature fell back off of Judissia's horse, before it got back up again, rubbing the side of it's head, a noticeable chunk missing from it's lower chin. It rubbed at it, like one would at the space of a missing tooth, as it looked up at everyone, still staring at them curiously*
*As Rosemary looked at the creature, she turned to the others* I don't think this thing is trying to attack us, guys
over a year ago -Universe_COLA- said…
"Well it decided to survive the wrong fucking explosion today." Tali said. "Making me think that I missed my shot, who the fuck does that thing think it is? You know what--" She went to unfold her rifle again and use one of the explosives again until Oasis stopped her.

"Hey that's enough! It looks like you swatted it off, so just leave it at that." Oasis said. "We're not trying to waste what packs a punch on something like that. That's not how we work."

Tali mumbled something to herself and just kept forward on her horse.
over a year ago Windwakerguy430 said…
*The figure looked up at the team as they started to pass by it, and as it tried it's best to keep its eyes on them as they passed it, it fell onto its back, but it's gaze remained on them, despite looking at it from an upside down angle. It wasn't long before the mechanical menace got up and started to follow behind them*
Guys? *Rosemary called out* That scarecrow-looking thing is following us
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over a year ago -Universe_COLA- said…
"That's all fine and dandy, but we don't have time to deal with the damn thing. We'll lose it." Judissia said. She whipped the reigns of her horse and sent into a full on gallop.

"We wouldn't have HAD to deal with it if I coulda killed it but nooOoOoOO," Tali muttered. "If we can't lose it, imma put another bullet in it and this time I'm gonna make sure it stays down."
over a year ago Windwakerguy430 said…
*Rosemary nodded and started to move quickly down the path after Judissia. It wasn't long before the figure was running right alongside the group, it's arms set behind it as it looked at them, it's legs carrying it's thin body, not slowing down even a little*
over a year ago -Universe_COLA- said…
It was a while before Judissia had trailed out of the town, eventually losing the mechanical creature. It took hours for them to even come to a stop, but once they did, the first thing that she advised was for their horses to be tended to with some of the water that they had brought along.
"Alright, listen up. There's about five miles between us and the border into Edrain. Our main objective is to find that damn crown piece. We get in, and get out. Edrain ain't a place that you want to be in longer than you have to, and Weiss is probably already in there somewhere. This is somethin' we've been waiting for for months to an entire year, we can't afford to let this slip through our fingers, and I plan on all of us getting out alive to celebrate after we give the Weins our middle fingers. Anyone got anything else to add?"

"Yeah, you fucking suck at inspirational speeches." Eros commented.

Oasis burst into a small snicker, drawing the attention of the others. "Oh uh...just thought about somethin' that brought a laugh. I'm looking forward to our celebration before me and my squadron have to go back to Owensport."
Windwakerguy430 commented…
Oh god, they're all gonna die XD over a year ago
-Universe_COLA- commented…
Wouldn't say ALL. I know who is though xD over a year ago
Windwakerguy430 commented…
Not Oasis, I hope over a year ago
over a year ago Windwakerguy430 said…
*Rosemary nodded* That's right! We're gonna make it back and we aren't gonna let anything stop us. Those fuckers are gonna be so mad when they see what happened
over a year ago -Universe_COLA- said…
Oasis looked at her and grinned a little. "As long as we can keep that piece out of their hands then they can stay mad for as long as they want."

"Good. Looks like we're all on the same page then." Judissia nodded. "Alrighty, so we're gonna get some rest and take the time to get a bite in to eat and let the horses take a breather for the moment. Rose and I are gonna have to do that thing that we hate before we head out, but right now is our cool down time."

"Sounds good." Tali said with a nod. "This'll give me some time to double check my artillery."
over a year ago Windwakerguy430 said…
*Rosemary groaned at what Judissia had said before she responded* Ugh! Do we really have to do that again so soon?
over a year ago -Universe_COLA- said…
"It's been almost three weeks since the last Ro, we've already been pushin' it." Judissia replied. "But, you'll be happy to know that you won't have to worry about any meat eating or anything. I've been workin' on a little somethin' that'll make it more bearable." She assured, giving her a small thumbs up.

Meanwhile, Carlyle was over by the horses, feeding them and giving them water. She had a natural affinity for animals, and she almost seemed a bit more like Helga or Lilith while tending to the creatures of nature, stroking their manes some.

Oasis stretched and sat down on the ground, to rest herself for the time being before they would have to start on their trip again.
over a year ago Windwakerguy430 said…
*Rosemary gagged at the thought, before she responded* No offense to your cooking or anything, Jud, but I doubt you could make the process of... THAT be an enjoyable one
over a year ago -Universe_COLA- said…
"No offense taken, but I can't cook worth shit." Judissia replied. "Never really tried. After all, I never had any reason to. I can't eat anything worth eating anyways so why would I?" She shrugged. "Who says anything about it being cooking anyways? Its a better way but I don't think I can do what Lidia does."
over a year ago Windwakerguy430 said…
*Rosemary gave a sigh, shaking her head* Well isn't that reassuring. Alright, if we have to do it, then let's just get it over with
over a year ago -Universe_COLA- said…
"Well, if you'd rather get it over with now rather than later." Judissia went over to her horse for a moment and dug through a small pouch that was on the side of the saddle. When she went back to Rosemary, she held up clear pill with a sloshing liquid within it before placing it into Rosemary's hand. "You can either swallow it whole or bite into it. I would advise the first option though."
over a year ago Windwakerguy430 said…
*Rosemary looked down at the pill, already feeling a little sick. She was never fond of taking any pills, but she closed her eyes and popped the capsule into her mouth, swallowing it. Once she brought her had back down to gag, her eyes opened, and she jumped back. Standing behind Judissia, once again, was the mechanical menace, having found them with ease, continuing to stare at them, but nothing more than that*
over a year ago -Universe_COLA- said…
"Hey, wipe that look off of your face. At least it's better than having to find an actual body to eat off of like crows." Judissia had said while Rosemary was looking down at the pill. She watched as she took it, and when she was done she was in the middle of saying, "See? That wasn't so bad."
However, when Rosemary jumped back, she moved out of instinct, drawing her sword quickly as she turned around. "What's up with this fucking thing?" She growled in irritation.

Oasis scrambled up to her feet, drawing her rapier. "I don't know, but I think it's about time we dealt with it."

Wulf stood straight from his leaning position against one of the trees and pulled out a jagged dagger. "Should have killed it prior."
over a year ago Windwakerguy430 said…
*The mechanical menace watched as every one pulled out their weapons, aiming it at him. As it started to see that it was in danger of humans, it did something no one else was expecting. It put it's hands over it's head and began to cower, as if it were afraid of them. At the sight of it, Rosemary spoke* Okay, is anyone else confused here?
over a year ago -Universe_COLA- said…
"Oh yeah, most definitely." Judissia said, but held her sword ready to attack still. "Never seen this trick from before from one of Edrain's bottom feeders."

"I'm confused on why it's not--DEAD YET!" Tali shoved the long blade connected to her rifle against the creatures chest until she pushed it to the ground, holding it down there with the barrel to it's face. She cocked back her destructive weapon. "I never shot somethin' at point blank range before. Let's find out what happens."

Oasis stared at the creature for a long moment before something began to tug itself out of the attic of her memories. She lowered her rapier for a moment before walking to where the creature was and kneeling down. "This thing...whatever it is..I've seen it before about a year ago when m and my dad was here." She stared at the creature. ".Why are you following me?"
over a year ago Windwakerguy430 said…
*As the mechanical menace was pushed to the ground, the barrel aimed at it's chest, pinning it to the head, it's arms and legs crawled as if to escape, but to no avail. But as Oasis spoke to the creature, rather than attacking it, it looked up at her with a curious expression, before it pointed at it's eye, and then at the group*
*Rosemary, not sure what to answer herself, spoke* I think it's been keeping an eye on us. It hasn't attacked, but it is suspicious
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over a year ago -Universe_COLA- said…
Oasis was a little surprised when the mechanical being actually responded, even though it wasn't verbally. "So you've been watching us? But why?" She asked.

"Maybe it's another one of Wein's boot lickers." Tali suggested, her finger itching at the trigger. She would have liked nothing more but to blow the damn thing's head off.

Judissia stared at the mechanical form, keeping her sword trained on it. "It's possible, but I don't know how possible, or if its a chance that I'd want to take."
over a year ago Windwakerguy430 said…
*Rosemary turned her head in confusion, before she asked* If this thing was one of Wein's soldiers, then I don't think we'd have human soliders coming out here. And I'm pretty sure this thing would've killed us immediately. After all, you know how crazy the bastard is
over a year ago -Universe_COLA- said…
"Killed us immediately? This thing? Yeah, right." Judissia gave a humored sneer. "So that gives us one and a half options. The first is to go ahead and let Tali hear blow it's head from his shoulders along with everything else as a precaution. The other half is to tell it to fuck off, which I highly doubt it will." Her attention shifted to the slender mechanical being.
"So, now that we know that you understand what we're saying, why the fuck are you watching us?"
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over a year ago Windwakerguy430 said…
*The mechanical menace was unsure as to how to express it without words, and so, it scratched it's fingers into the dirt at a slow pace, before it pulled it's hands back to reveal the message*
over a year ago -Universe_COLA- said…
"Father?" Judissia lifted a skeptical eyebrow. "You don't look like something that has one. All offense too, of course."

"Ordered by father..." Oasis muttered to herself in thought, staring at the words that had been scratched into the soil by the thing. She frowned for a second before her eyes went back to the being. "Do you my father?"
Windwakerguy430 commented…
Wonder where Carlyle is with that whole, "I 사랑 everything and everyone" crap. Guess she didn't have enough for the machine XD over a year ago
-Universe_COLA- commented…
Yeah, that's because she doesn't 사랑 "everything" nor "everyone". The stupid mechanical slender man has nothing to do with what she feels towards LIVING THINGS. over a year ago
Windwakerguy430 commented…
No, fuck you! Machines are people you, 당신 robo-racist over a year ago
over a year ago Windwakerguy430 said…
*The figure shook it's head at Oasis response, before scratching into the dirt again*
*Rosemary groaned, her head in her hand before she spoke up* Ugh, this this is just making us ask more questions
over a year ago -Universe_COLA- said…
"Then stop." Oasis said simply. "We don't know who this "Father" thing and or person is, and I think it's safe to say that none of us care. And since, again, its obvious that you can understand what I'm saying, then you know what that means."

"Put simply, you can tell whoever or whatever the hell sent you to fuck right off." Tali said bluntly. "We're on a busy schedule, and I say if it plans on gettin' in the way of that, we take care of it now."

"I'm with Tali on this." Judissia said with a nod of agreement. "We don't need distractions, especially not now of all times."
over a year ago Windwakerguy430 said…
*The machine wrote into the dirt once more, this time, at a much quicker pace, as if it could understand it's life was a threat*
*Rosemary was shocked as she looked at the writing, but as she was ready to retaliate, it wrote more*
over a year ago -Universe_COLA- said…
"I guess that makes one of us." Tali growled. "And whoever you're talkin' about can suck it!" She pulled a lever back and the end of the rifle barrel began to rotate quickly. "Just give the word Cap'm and I'll blow this thing into more pieces than any puzzle made by mankind."

"Tali, stand down." Oasis said, furrowing her brows.

"Uuh, or not." Judissia disagreed. "Blow the damn things face off so we can be done an over with it. One less thing to deal with."

"Si." Wulf spoke up, putting his vague input in as well.
over a year ago Windwakerguy430 said…
*Rosemary held her hand up as everyone was speaking* Now hang on a second, everyone. We should ask this thing why? *She allowed herself to get close to the machine, allowing herself to speak calmly to it* Now why do you not want to kill us?
*The machine wrote*
*Rosemary nodded, and she spoke again* Well, what do you wanna do?
*It wrote*
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over a year ago -Universe_COLA- said…
"Wouldn't blowin' it to pieces help it "escape". Like it said, it doesn't have a life for us to threaten so why should we care if it lives? It obviously had the agenda of killing us, and it's been watching us for whatever sent it." Judissia said. "Not to mention the fact that it followed US and not Weiss. Which by the way, I'm pretty sure Weiss would've agreed on reducing this thing to scrap metal, that is, if that wouldn't have been done the moment it started following us."
over a year ago Windwakerguy430 said…
*The machine wrote in response*
*Rosemary nodded, before she looked up at Judissia* Jud, you and I both know that being ordered around by some crazy bastard, someone is eventually gonna try to break free. And this little guy right here is no different
*The machine wrote*
*The writing stopped for a moment before it wrote again
over a year ago -Universe_COLA- said…
"Punished huh? Well tough luck pal." Judissia said rather harshly. Then she let out a groan. "Why the fuck would we want more problems? This is literally us asking for more problems. We just got done talking about why we're here. Kill it."

"That's three on the decision to kill it." Tali said. "And this will be the third shot I've wasted on this fuckin' thing."

"Alright then how about this. We'll let Carlyle decide instead." Oasis suggested finally.

And everyone's attention turned to Carlyle, who stiffened slightly with all of the eyes that stared at her. She had been silent the entire time, wanting to avoid getting in anyone's way. "M-Me?" She blinked, her index fingers already tapping together nervously.
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over a year ago Windwakerguy430 said…
*The machine wrote, as if to create a defense for itself*
over a year ago -Universe_COLA- said…
Carlyle looked back and forth between the faces around her and then to the mechanical creature. Her eyes inspected what it had carved into the ground with the blades that were it's fingers. She thought back to when she had still been under the eye of Bonnus, and how much she had desired freedom. How she had been made to do things that she didn't want to do. But she had also learned that not everyone nor everything could be empathized with, even though she couldn't help but to do so. And the same went with sympathizing. She new that the thing under the threat of being blown away by Tali's gun wasn't human, or natural. But neither was she, and she didn't think that she was a bad person at all. She tried not to be, at least.
"I..." She began, but stopped to gather her words. "I don't think it has to die just because it was brought into this world against its will, or because of what it looks like or is. It doesn't want to kill us, and that's a choice that it has made. I think that that should be enough for us to give it a chance. Everyone deserves a chance. That doesn't mean that it has to be trusted...a-and it had siblings. I wouldn't want to take someone away from their family.." She said. "We don't have to trust it to give it a chance..."
over a year ago Windwakerguy430 said…
*Rosemary gave a nod* That's right, Carlyle. If we kill it without any real reason, we'd be just as bad as Wein. The best thing to do is to at least let it try to be of some use. It clearly wants to help us, even if it is to help itself
over a year ago -Universe_COLA- said…
"That's bullshit! That damn thing is liable to get us killed!" Tali exclaimed in agitation. "Cap'm I'm sorry but this is the worst decision by far! Weren't you the one who said that this isn't how we work?"

"Yeah, you're right." Oasis answered. "I did say that, I won't deny it. But this is a clear advantage, and if you ask me, a ticket into Edrain. Not to mention that a while back, this thing me out. Sort of. It could have been because they don't like the Crusaders. Or it could have been because of something else. But the bottom line is, if it can get us into Edrain discretely so we can get the crown piece then that's a chance worth taking."

Tali narrowed her eyes at the Mechanical being under the barrel of her rifle. She was silent for some seconds. "Man, whatever. When shit hits the fan don't say I didn't tell you it would." She finally said, keeping her aim on the thing before she finally turned around, folding her rifle and muttering to herself.
over a year ago Windwakerguy430 said…
*Once the rifle was pulled away from the mechanical menace, it quickly bolted back up onto it's feet, before giving a bow to Oasis. Rosemary crossed her arms, before she asked* So, what should we call you. Do you have a name?
*The mechanical menace turned it's head in curiosity, before shaking in. Rosemary gave it some thought, taking notice of it's scarecrow like appearance, before exclaiming* Alright, for now, we'll just call you Crow. How's that?
*The mechanical menace gave a nod, accepting the name almost immediately*
over a year ago -Universe_COLA- said…
"I'll just call you scrap metal. Because that's all you're gonna be after the next shot." Tali muttered, walking away from them and going to where her horse was while cursing a few times.

Oasis let out a sigh, turning to face the thing that had been given the name "Crow". "Alright then uh..Crow, here's how things are gonna go. You're going to take us into Edrain, and one wrong move, you're dead. We don't have time to be wasting helping something that doesn't hold much weight to us aside from being a stalker. Understand?"
over a year ago Windwakerguy430 said…
*Crow gave a slow nod, before it standing perfectly still, as if waiting for Oasis to give it an order*