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So I was never too big into sports, and in short, I was never too big into sports games. I have minor understanding of basketball, but only cause my brothers are fans, I never understood the appeal of football, and I think I won’t offend anyone when I say 축구 is boring. But I was really interested in the art of skateboarding… until it died and no one cared anymore… The game is Tony Hawk’s Underground.
Tony Hawk’s Underground starts in good ol’ Shithole, New Jersey, where 당신 play as a skater with huge ambitions to be a pro skater, not for money, not for fame, but for the fun of it. And if you’re wondering why I’m talking about this shit in a Tony Hawk game, it’s because Tony Hawk’s Underground actually has a story mode. And it’s pretty good. Well, not amazing, but I 사랑 going through it a hundred times for the fun of it. 당신 gotta run from drug dealers, travel to Florida, and then, 가입하기 a skating team in the hopes of going to San Diego, Hawaii, Vancouver, and Moscow just so 당신 can have a chance at getting a career in skateboarding. One of the features that Underground introduces, aside from a story mode, is that 당신 can now jump off your skateboard and explore the map. Sure, there isn’t much, but I really loved going through the levels in this game when I was kid, like the dirty dumpers of New Jersey. Wow, they got every detail of Jersey. All it needs is a thousand freeways, and it’ll be perfect. But seriously, the real mechanic for getting off your board is to continue your combos. If you’re scared of cracking your skull, just get off your board to land on your feet. A timer will appear as soon as 당신 do. 당신 gotta do a trick in that amount of time to keep your combo going. When it comes to missions where 당신 gotta get a high combo, this mechanic can destroy the competition if 당신 know what 당신 are doing. This game was just a childhood 가장 좋아하는 of mine and my brothers. We would always go through the story, try and fail to do crazy tricks, run down the homeless for fun, good times. I actually remember this game interesting me in skateboarding, and the end result was that I broke my foot and decided, “No thanks, I’ll just stick with the video games”. And the story was real good, for a first time in a Tony Hawk game. A lot of good humor, a lot of interesting moment, and Eric Sparrow, one of my most hated childhood characters. Seriously, fuck you, Sparrow. And then there’s the amount of creation in this game. Skyrim is fun, but man, what a pisspoor character creator. And then 당신 got Tony Hawk’s Underground, with a ton of faces, heights, clothes, and hair styles, the ability to create your own skateboard 디자인 and 당신 can create a whole 홍어, 스케이트 park, which will 더 많이 than likely be covered in spikes, cause fuck it. Sure, the character model for your character can look… disgusting, but that aside, it’s amazing the amount of items 당신 can use on your character, and it makes 당신 want to replay it some more. I remember my brother filling an entire memory card on our Gamecube with created characters.
Tony Hawk Underground just gives me so many fond childhood memories and I 사랑 it. There is only other game that gives me a ton of childhood memories, but we’ll get to that later. For the time being, Underground is a true classic from my childhood that I 사랑 dearly, and it was considered 의해 Neversoft to be their best game. And I agree. It may not be as perfect as Pro Skater 3, but to me, it’s the best kind of game in the franchise.
So I have a vague memory of this game. I remember seeing this game in a Game Informer magazine (Yeah, remember fucking gaming magazines) when I was in elementary school. Alongside games like Resident Evil Revelations, 또는 I think, I don’t remember the exact issue, I saw this game on the side and how the reviewer thought it was the most boring game imaginable. So I avoided it for years up until now… and who boy, gaming journalism may be a joke now, but that guy was totally right. The game as developed 의해 Vectorcell, known best for 예수님 Christ Superstar on the IOS. I feel like I’m gonna...
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All that glitters is gold.
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Unpa Lunpa doom-pa-de-do
I’ve got a perfect order for you
Unpa Lunpa Doom-pa-de-dee
If 당신 wish to live, you’ll listen to me

What can we do when our labor camps full
Unable to get children to produce our wool
Insurance Fraud is our get-rich-quick scheme
Scaring the people so I may haunt their dreams

The nuclear threats also make me glee

Unpa Lunpa Doom-pa-de-dong
If 당신 follow my laws, 당신 will live long
당신 will be in daddy’s graces too
Like I, Unpa Lunpa, doom-pa-dee-do
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Theme song >>>> link

Seanthehedgehog presents

Ponies On The Rails


Peirce Hawkins "Hawkeye" From Seanthehedgehog

Red Rose From Chibiemmy

Honey Bee From NaomiWinx

Coffee Creme From KarinaBrony

Snowflake & Orion From Alinah09

Gordon, Percy, Jeff, Bartholomew, and Pete from Seanthehedgehog

Episode 11

Night Shift

September 30, 1952

At Sherman 언덕, 힐 in Cheyenne Wyoming

Hawkeye: *driving diesels* First freight I've ever driven powered 의해 diesels.
Coffee Creme: Quite a shame that those challengers, and big boys won't be around much longer.
Hawkeye: Pete said he'd save those...
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Wind: (Walking into school, with the school officer sitting in his car) Hey, 당신 know that I passed, like, fifteen different drug dealers on the way to school right. At least seven of them offered to sell me cocaine.
Officer: Oh… right. I will get to work on that…. Right now (The officer drives down the road)
Wind: Hey, the drug dealers are in the opposite direction- Eh, I’m sure he’ll realize it (Goes into the school building)
Officer: Phew, that was close. I thought I’d actually have to do my job.

Wind: (Sees a bunch of students crowding the school stairway) (Sighs, as he heads to the...
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Johnny: What's this about Ray?

Ray: Nothing., Were 프렌즈 aren't we.

Johnny: Really.. I thought 당신 hated my guts after that musiem stunt.

Ray: Noo, no Johnny, I don't hate your fuckin guts.

Bodyguard: Than what the hell are we doing!? I thought we were gonna ki-


Johnny: Sometimes I guess.

Ray: Great.. Say, can 당신 do me a favour? Do 당신 see that painting behind you?

Johnny? (looks behind him) What about i- (Ray suddenly knocks him unconscious).


Ray: (slaps Johnny).

Johnny: (wakes up...
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Medley: (Touching Link’s hair)
Link: Will 당신 stop that
Medley: But I can’t help it
Link: Well, 당신 better try and help it, otherwise, I’ll cut off your head
Tetra: No 당신 won’t
Link: (Angrily) No I won’t
(Later, at Forest Haven)
Link: Oh, not these annoying hippy bastards
Tetra: Oh, they can’t be that ba-
Great Deku Tree: Oh, Link, it is good to see 당신 again
Tetra: AHH
Link: Told you
Great Deku Tree: Calm down, little one, no need to wor-
Tetra: Stay the fuck away from me, 당신 creep
Great Deku Tree: Goodness you’re rude.
Link: Yeah, try having her drag 당신 around like a dog.
Great Deku Tree:...
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Rick: (Wakes up from coma) Oh my god..... How long have I been out.....
(Some time before)
Rick: Okay guys, so we got this guy who is speeding..... So were going to shoot him in the head for that
Shane: Yeah, were gonna fuck him up
Criminal: (Stops car) No, stop, I'm just a business man
Rick: There he is, shoot him
Criminal: No, wait, I'll just take this out (Takes out gun) And I'll just toss it onto the ground (Throws gun on ground and shoot Rick)
Police: Quick, shoot him
Criminal: No, wait, it was an accident (Gets shot)
Shane: Rick... are 당신 okay
Rick: Oh, sure... I just have a bullet in my body....
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Source: 디씨 코믹스
Okay, so far, most of these 영화 have been new experiences for me. Most of them were films I had never seen, 또는 even heard about. But then, we get to this movie. This film is a classic. This is one that I had watched when I was a kid and got real into. I even watched the garbage sequels. Tremors was not really the biggest hit when it first came out, but it soon became huge after it got released on video and played on television. Is this movie as good as I remember. For Cultober, let’s take a look at 1990’s Tremors and find out

Tremors follows two handymen, Val and Earl, who get tired...
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 Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see! *Talks faster* Snooping as usual *Slows down* I see!
Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see! *Talks faster* Snooping as usual *Slows down* I see!

Song: link

SeanTheHedgehog & Cosmic_Fusions Present

A My Little 조랑말 팬 Fiction

Starring Tom Foolery & Nikki West in...

Ring Of Fire

Also Starring Komano from SeanTheHedgehog

STH's Larry Wilcox as 프레드 Greenley

And introducing SeanTheHedgehog's newest OC, Hunter

Also starring Amethyst 별, 스타 as Melanie Lockmann
Goldengrape as Edward Calabrese
Comet Tail as Carlos Licciardi
Royal Riff as Benny Mulloch

Based off of the 1961 film of the same title

The song fades away as we focus on a gas station....
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i don't own this, unfortunately. but i think i found my life's theme song.
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~Otaku Grandma~

A character created 의해 both Nik and Ravyn out of sheer boredom, Otaku Grandma is a character that started during a conversation. Otaku Grandma is known as an old woman with all the elderly people cliches, only instead, it is replaced with 아니메 culture. Instead of dusting off her old 인형 and knickknacks, she is dusting her 아니메 Nendoroids and Figmas. She always tunes into to Toonami instead of soap operas and attends 아니메 conventions instead of bingo parlors. She also has a body 베개 of Levi from Attack on Titan and keeps it in the place on her 침대 where he husband once...
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