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whatsupbugs posted on Jul 07, 2021 at 12:12AM
Which superheroes are your favorite? Feel free to list as many superheroes as you want.

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2 months ago whatsupbugs said…
1. Batman
2. Queen Elsa (I know that she isn't generally considered a superhero, but to me, her superpowers and inspiring actions make her a true superhero.)
3. Raven (from Teen Titans)
4. She-Ra
5. Inspector Gadget
6. Superman
7. Wolverine
8. Space Ghost
9. He-Man
10. Aquaman
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2 months ago rakshasa said…
1) Captain America |⍟| Steve Rogers
2) Loki Laufeyson |४| (villain hero -ish)
3) Iron Man |⎊| Tony Stark
4) Shang-Chi
5) Scarlet Witch || Wanda Maximoff
6) Echo || Maya Lopez
7) Spider-Man || Peter Parker
8) Black Panther || T'challa
9) Aquaman || Arthur Curry
10) Bucky Barnes || Winter Soldier
11) Red Guardian || Aleksei Shostakov
12) Mirage || Dani Moonstar
13) Black Widow |⧗| Natasha Romanoff
14) Doctor Strange |ϟ| Stephen Strange
15) Falcon/Captain America || Sam Wilson
16) Warpath || James Proudstar
17) Superman || Clark Kent
18) Batman || Bruce Wayne
19) Makkari
20) Black Cat || Felicia Hardy
2 months ago ktichenor said…
1. Batman (Adam West, of course! 😊)
2.Black Panther- T'challa (R.I.P 🙏)
3. Doctor Who (I know, not really a super hero but to me they are)
4.Superman- (Christopher Reeve holds a special place in my heart but I also like George Reeves, too)
5. Wonder woman
6. Baby Yoda (I think he counts)
7. Harley Quinn (when she became part of the Suicide Squad)
1 month ago yorkshire_rose said…
1. Batman (Adam west)
2. Superman (Christopher Reeve) The one and only !
3.Wonder Woman
4.Skeletor (I know he's a villain but he's my hero)
5.Spiderman (Tobey Maguire)

I will add more if I think of any :)
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Wonderful list. 1 month ago
8 days ago Kraucik83 said…
big smile
a shared #1 spot:
Wynonna Earp & Spider-Man (Peter Parker & Miles Morales)

as well as:

Black Panther
Wonder Woman
Jessica Jones
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whatsupbugs commented…
Cool list. 7 days ago
Kraucik83 commented…
thanks, darling :* 6 days ago