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posted by WCSilentBreeze
{( The Herb List )}

Alder bark - Toothaches. Eat.

Alfalfa - used to prevent tooth decay.

Aloe Vera - Use the gel inside of leaves to cure skin problems 또는 burns.

Ash (tree) - New shoots are to be eaten, and chewed and applied to the bite of an Adder 또는 독사 같은 사람, 바이퍼 to stave off the effects of its poisoned bite.

Beech Leaves - used for carrying herbs.

Bindweed - used to fasten sticks to broken limbs to keep them in place.

Blackberry Leaves - when chewed to a pulp, it helps eases the swelling of bee stings.

Blessed 엉겅퀴 훈장, 엉 겅 퀴 - increases circulation of blood

Borage Leaves - used to treat fevers and helps nursing...
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credit goes to RiverLee.
scourge im Scarlet
are 당신 a girl?
no im a boy!
isnt Scarlet a girl name.
yeah my parents were expecting a girl! on with the story-

LionBlaze:Jay!Jay! wakeupwakeupwakeup!


LionBlaze: i want to show 당신 something.

Jay: WHAT? IM BLIND! balashnsghbweivfnwhgbe

Lion: Did 당신 just have a seuizure? okay whatever, its a picture.

jay;its a picture.(Jay feels the paper) what the! it feels like cheese and mountains. cheesymountains?

Lion:No,Much better its Cheesy Mountain. were going to CHEESY MOUNTAIN!

어치, 제이 has a seuizure this time.
"BLAZEWISKER!" wow, hailblaze can sure yell.
"Stay here lillykit, that means 당신 too cloudkit." I wounder...
"Cloudkit. 당신 know you're not thinking, well 당신 are, out loud though." That's my sister, lillykit she's so much prettier than iam. *Sigh.* "Are 당신 ok cloudkit?" Her grayish black pelt swaying in the dark silver sky. "Yea,im fine, lets go to sleep." I snuggled my wight face into my puffy wight fur.
"I would but what abou.." She paused when we hearde mom and dad say.
"But our kits hailblaze,we cant leave them!" mom sounded scared.
"I understand, then if 당신 wont come with me then...
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불, 화재 and Shadow: Chapter One

Rusty was overwhelmed 의해 all the new sensations of the forest: the sights, the scents, the sounds! Everything was like a revelation to the young kitten. He was so enthralled he hardly noticed that he had ventured so far into the forest that his housefolk's nest was no longer in sight.

A sudden noise in the bushes ahead of him caused him to crouch down. His nostrils widened as he sought to take in the scent of whatever was there. His 모피 raised in an attempt to make himself seem larger to whatever was out there and his claws unsheathed themselves. Rusty slowly crawled...
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"I have some bad news for 당신 kits." That was Dusttail, she sounded like something was trubeling her. Vanillakit,rabbitkit and satkit all ran outside to see what was wiating for them.
"Whisperscream!" rabbitkit yelled out loud. "how did she die, tell us Now dusttail!" Dusttail hesitated for a moment then said,
"She fought bravely, yet, she was killed with a 슬래쉬 around her neck, so fast it happend none of us had time to think." Spikefelt came out of the nerse's 집 holding his and dusttail's new born kit. At that same moment scentfrost came out and grabed whisperscream 의해 the scruff and...
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Stripetail was tired. Since he was just made a warrior, he couldn't talk, 또는 sleep. On the bright side, he was with his sisters and brother, Darkwing, Silvernose, and Muddyfoot. Just when the sun was about to come up, a 여우 was making it's way to the warriors den. While Silvernose was heading toward Bramblestar's den, Stripetail ran toward the fox."Take that 당신 mousebrain fox!" he yowled as he sliced the foxes nose. The sun was up 의해 the time Stripetail single pawed defeated the fox. When he looked around at his proud clanmates, he saw the most beautiful she cat ever, Snowfeather. She is...
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posted by bluefire700
Leader: Ravenstar (M)
Deputy: Kestrelbreeze (F) Apprentice, Thistlepaw (F)
Medicine Cat: Wingheart (F)

Leopardspring (M) Apprentice, Ashpaw (F)
Blueblaze (F)
Quailwing (F) Apprentice, Stonepaw (M)
Flarestorm (F)
Flamefern (M)
Lionfang (M)
Honeystripe (F)
Grayblaze (M) Apprentice, Darkpaw (M)
Sootspots (M)

Whitefire: Fangkit (F)
Mistybreeze: Snowkit (F), Tigerkit (F)

Wingstorm (F)
Tanglestripe (M)
Muddyleg (M)

Leader: Bramblestar (M)
Deputy: NIghtstreak (M)
Medicine Cat: Brightmist (F)

Flamedawn (F) Apprentice, Starlingpaw (M)
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posted by prim17luvr101
“Could 당신 go out to the lake and get some 더 많이 horsetail, Dewpaw?” asks Silverblossom, my medicine cat mentor.
“Of course,” I reply. I’m a medicine cat apprentice, it’s my job.
Right before I leave she adds, “Bring a friend!”
“I know!” I yell back, but she probably doesn’t hear me because I’m already across the clearing. Accidently, I ram into grumpy Snakefang and run over Inkkit and Rabbitkit, earning glares from Nightheart and Blizzardcloud. I ignore them. I’m too focused on the task at hand. I know just the cat to bring. I find him, my best friend, Birchpaw, talking...
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(Humans in this story are called No-tails. Thank 당신 for 읽기 this)


Leader-Seastar-Blue gray she cat with white muzzle and paws, hazel eyes

Deputy-Saltwind-speckled gold and gray tom

Medicine Cat-Seacliff
Beautiful gray she cat with amber eyes.
Apprentice, Rainpaw

Apprentice, Swirlpaw
Apprentice, Bulkpaw
Apprentice, Wavepaw


Surf-fur – gold she cat

Plungingkit-Hazelsand kit
Leapkit- Hazelsand kit
Shinykit- Surf-fur kit
Tinykit- Surf-fur kit


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Silverkit bounced up and down.
"We're finally apprentices!" she squealed to her brother, Blazekit.
Blazekit rolled his eyes. "Bramblestar didn't even start the ceremony yet."
Silverkit huffed. Blazekit thought he knew everything.
고양이 were starting to gather around the Highledge as Bramblestar's amber gaze traveled around the Clan.
"Today,"he began,"we have two kits who are ready to become apprentices." He beckoned to Silverkit. "Silverpaw," he continued,"Your mentor will be Ivypool."
Silverpaw turned around to see a silver and white tabby walking toward her. That must be Ivpool, she thought....
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posted by briskpelt21
Chapter Two- Lionblaze stared at Jayfeather. “Do 당신 mean,” “Yes,” Jayfeather cut him off, “The patrol came back when I was in my den. They ran in and I saw Brambleclaw supporting her. She 로스트 her last life because a rattlesnake bit her. I am so stupid! I could’ve saved her if I was still outside! I killed my own mother!” “JAYFEATHER!!!” cried Lionblaze, “You do not say such things. 당신 tried. That’s all that matters.” Dovepaw stood there 겨울왕국 in her spot, and in a 스플릿, 분할 second, she padded away. “GREAT! Just GREAT!!! Now one of the Three thinks I’m going to kill her!” Jayfeather choked on his own words, “Please excuse me.” He ran off toward the lake. “Jayfeather…” Lionblaze said quietly.
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