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inespinto posted on Jan 04, 2008 at 02:02PM
I was wondering what is exactly that makes me like them so much and here's what i was able to come up with:
-They have a 'love/hate' relationship (which i like very much)
-They challenge each other
-They look cute =P
-Even though Logan was kind of an a** he always tried when they were together

So if you agree, have something to add or you don't like them (and why), just say something :D

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over a year ago chels125843 said…
um im only on the 3rd disc on the 3rd season... i know its terrible but LOGAN JUST BROKE UP WITH VERONICA :( i neeed to know that they get back together in the end...cause i found out she kisses piz and im really mad but do they get back together?
thanks :)
over a year ago pri-kay-dee said…
You probably already know this by now, but I'll say it anyway... they get back together, but then they break up again! :(
over a year ago doyouknow said…
I love them because the way they go on together. Sarcasm etc. And because Logan goes nuts without her. In s1 he gets in a fight with Weevil. In s2 he stops being bff with Duncan after years and goes into the River Stix. And in s3 beats up that guy and goes into the cell where they keep Maercer because he tried to hurt Veronica!
over a year ago germany123 said…
i only recently finished watching the series..and i was soooo rooting for loVe- beats me why..the whole relationship part of the series left me a bit unhappy because i felt that we never really know how veronica feels..neither about logan nor duncan nor piz...she never says anything ;)

and i wondered about why i liked them so much too because lets be honest: logan is kinda an asshole.
i came to the conclusion that the actors have the best chemistry..and that im a sucker for bad guys- on tv at least :D
over a year ago melynita said…
i agree with germany123.. logan was an ass but i love him anyway!!!!
i guess its because they have the best chemistry and thats why we love them..
DAMN CW!!!!! why couldnt you give us LoVe!?!?!?!?!
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over a year ago TeddyBear said…
I dont get what is so special about LoVe, they just get me& supposidly everyone else in such a way were how can you not like them, he was the only one of her boyfriends that i thought had potential for more, not matter how many times they get together or break up it doesnt bore me, when Duncan left in the middle of season 2, i was rooting for him to come back in season 3& start some trouble,but other then that hope,when he left there wasnt anything to miss, while i like Piz but i just like him as a friend of Veronica's:)