Vanessa Hudgens vs Demi Lovato Club
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posted by gomezjonasfan4
demi lovato rox!not vanessa because vanessa thinks she's all.....u know that!and demi is like be yourself and never give up hope!but vanessa is like what an idiot is she!but i dont think she is a idiot!i mean seriously!demi sings better vanessa sings like a frog ribbeting!see look demi rules and vanessa drools!not the other way around!it would be a good thing to teach vanessa a new rule that she is supposed to know!anyway if u r a demi lovato 팬 and not a vanessa 팬 its good 4 u 2 see this!thanx everyone!
vanessa said
she dosent like
it when people follow her around
and what she said about her
팬 is that they annoy her
everywere she goes
does she care for her fans?
be honest just because 당신
like her dosent mean you
have to say shes betta than
anybody else 또는 shes
best just because shes your
fave do 당신 think she cares for her
팬 또는 what please look at the following

vanessa=HSM cast+celeb

Demi=camp rock cast+celeb

selena=wizards of waverly place cast+celeb

miley=hannah montana cast+over 5 different movies+celeb

am i right on van+dem+mile+sel part?
thats what u think