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Jackson and Heidi had tracked down Erika and everyone in the family had told me not to worry about what happened and that I was stressed enough over finals and adding stress over pointless things was well pointless. Lilly had hugged me, Nafron had patted my shoulder and his eyes glazed over for the slighter of a 초 and he smiled. Jaspers family had included me in group hug and I was squeezed into the middle until I gasped from the lack of air and they dropped me. Lenete hugged me and kissed my cheeks and said “nothing to worry about”, Jackson kissed me roughly and whispered in...
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posted by swedishfella
Annabelle where scared, no one had ever loked at her on that way, but at the same time she didn`t want him to stop loking at her, she was in 사랑 with him.
She loked at his way, he was still loking, Abby saw it, and started to talk to him, like she knew that annabelle was bugged abaut it.

At english she sat right 다음 to abby, she didnt find it that cool to sit with cloe, she dind`t know that well, "i guess she`s just like her sister" Annabelle thought,
-Did u find it kreepy when he loked at you? abby asked,
-Yes, i mean no,well, i dont know! Annabelle wisperd.

Annabelle has been in the new school...
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posted by BiteMeCullen107
I’m finally on my own, alone. I just turned eighteen a couple of months 이전 and I got a job offer in Los Angeles California. I’ve been 글쓰기 since I could write and when I reached junior high I joined the new paper and I did the same in high school and in my 초 년 of high school I was offered a job as a reported for the Salem New Hampshire news paper and I accepted. My job threw the years had grown and now that I’m done high school I can take the job offer.
    Ya my parents were pissed when the found out I wasn’t going to collage but if 당신 think about it...
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posted by cullenlover19
저기요 guys, 당신 guys have inspired me to start writting. Just a little backround when i was yonger i started to write stories, but they where farie tales. now senice twilight and blood red sunset. i want to start writting again. wish me luck guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hey once i start writting will u give opinion for a title. thnks!!!!!!!!

ch 1 home

It was march 20. the week of my brithday and aninerssry. I came down staries, but my feet weren't touching the floor. That's when I started going back to that frist 일 I came here.That's when it all started.

* * *

In the northern part of Washington...
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Another song. This one isn't sad ( for once).

They say i need some rogaine to put in my hair
Work it out at the gym to fit my underwear
Okaley makes the shades to transform a tool
You'd hate for the kids to think that you've 로스트 your cool

Imma do the things that i wanna do
I ain't got a thing to prove to 당신
I'll eat my 캔디 with the pork and beans
Excuse my manners if i make a scene
I ain't gonna wear the clothes that 당신 like
I'm fine and dandy with the me inside
One look in the mirror and i'm tickled 담홍색, 핑크
I don't give a hoot about what 당신 think

everyone likes to dance to a happy song...
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My story will start where everybody else's starts. At birth. I was born on a Memorial Day. There was only one doctor and he was too busy watching the Orlando Magic game to help my mother bring a child into the world. And so, I was a half time baby. With the Magics losing, my family waiting in the hall, and the doctor wishing he was watching the game, I was pushed harshly into this cold, bright and scary world.
First words out of my father's mouth when the doctor placed me into his hands, "Heidi's kinda ugly, isn't she?" For God's sake! I was just pulled out of a woman's stomach! The nurses...
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****Please don't copy and paste this story as yours because if 당신 do I will hunt 당신 down and claim my story! Also thank 당신 for the 코멘트 :)****
"You okay" 엷은 황갈색, 폰은 asked me as we boarded the bus.
"Yes" I said shakily
"You've been 연기 wired since lunch"
"Trust me I'm fine" I said plastering on my convincing smile. 엷은 황갈색, 폰은 nodded but I could tell she didn't believe.
I got 집 at 3:15 mostly because 엷은 황갈색, 폰은 held me back. Gash woman! Can't I do anything with out 당신 following me!
Oh no, now we sound like a married couple. Ugh!
What am I gonna tell dad? I have to tell him! Right?
Okay let me tell 당신 what...
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posted by swedishfella
-What, Alec, 당신 can`t be vampires! Annabelle said
-Yes! but were a special kind of vampires, where rose vampires! Alec said
-Hmmm,rose vampires? annabelle said
-yeah, rose 뱀파이어 have the same abilytis as all the other vampires, it is just that rose 뱀파이어 dosen`t eat if where not intrudosed to new 음식 we never eat it, and it seems like syd meet another vampire who made him eat human flesch!
-And what does that mean? Annabelle said woried,
-If he cought your sent he will trying to eat you,
-Let me finnish! And rose vampres blood isn`t red, our is moore blakish grey, and that`s why we are called rose vampires. But where gotta get 당신 outta here!
Abby came in to alec`s room,
-You toled her! she said angry,
-We gotta get her outta here, abby! he said on that way again,
He took her on his back and jumped,
Abby jumped after him,
-NO ALEC!! she shouted,
Abby saw syd,
-SYD NO!!!!!
alec started to jump faster , and syd came after him!
posted by T_ballack
Ballack just watched as the two boys were having their 수퍼내츄럴 reunion, at least things hadn’t gone wrong, maybe he had miscalculated and under-estimated their friendship, as he thought they would have fought each other, that was why he held off introducing David until absolutely necessary. After reminding David of the full moon coming in less than 15 minutes, he was about to go prepare for the transformation when it happened, David showed off his werewolf eyes to Leo in an attempt to explain, and the surprise of another creature being at close proximity to Leo activated his bloodlust...
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posted by T_ballack
David woke up feeling better than he had ever felt in his life, maybe it was the rest he just had after arguably the most painful period in his life 또는 maybe it was the fact that he felt powerful, and with that thought in mind, he tried moving with his new found speed and in a blink of an eye, he was off the 침대 and 의해 the door of the room.
“This is incredible” David said, he really loved the feeling of zipping around the room as it was like time stood still for him and it made him think that it was almost worth going through all that pain to get this, almost. That aside, he had to find...
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posted by Dhampires
I quickly cut though Central Park knowing their hot on my trail-I could sense them.One of them shot at me miss,and then again another miss on the third try it went through my left shoulder. I staggered as I kept running,I had to lose them somehow I quickly dashed into the nearsted Hotel.

It was huge in the inside maybe I could shake them up a bit even with the hounds on their side I could still scatter my scent around and have then 검색 the whole place...'Yeah that'll work.' I thought as I put my plan to action.I ran through the lobby,a restaurant,back and 앞으로 through a few hallways...
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posted by problematic124
Not all of my kind hate being what they are, there are some who embrace the night and the monster inside of them.
Were not pretty things trust me, were monsters but some of us choose not to welcome their monster. When we show each other our fangs we mostly mean warning, all we have to do is extend our teeth were the fangs come and out they pop.
We also have to be invited in a one living persons home,were there is life living in there we have to get permission. I believe it was an ancient curse put to the first of our kinds.
To become one of us it has to be sharing of blood. Our blood is not regular...
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posted by problematic124
The thing that scared me most was the hunger. It knawed at me, kept me awake through long nights. I could here the pulse of any human, and the hunger it was so unbearable. I could feel the blood just flowing into magical,so alive. I craved it. I needed it. It was what made me a monster.
Everyday I long to be human again, to be able to normal, to be able to hang out with people and not know if any 초 I'd have my fangs in there neck sucking their life away.
The night is my companion in my lonely life. The 일 is my enemy, one mistake I'd be ashes on the concrete floor. But I loved the...
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Werewolves, the poor slaves to the moon. There not bad at all just prisoners.
Witches, the super humans. There are good ones and bad ones they just have to choose which side.
Vampires, the ones with fangs. Trapped forever in this earth with immortal souls that 곰 such great pain.
One thing 늑대인간 can be killed 의해 silver bullets and when in form RUN! They stand like people but look like monsters.
Another thing witches can be quiet full of themselves. Yes there super with wicked powers but come on. Just shut up and be polite to us losers.
And another thing vampire's aren't the ones who turn...
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posted by EdwardRulesz
"Hey!You get back here Bella!This conversation is not done!"Mr.Swan said."Well im done listening to all the horrific things 당신 have to say about Edward.If 당신 knew him as well as i do,then 당신 would understand why i 사랑 him!I screamed.Why cant my father just learn that im in love.
Thats it!To show my dad and and Edwards family how much I 사랑 him we have to get married.Quick and make it a surprise.Bring!Bring!"Hello?"Bella said."Hey Bella.Just calling to say hi"Edward said in a deep voice."At 1:00 a.m.?"Bella said."I just cant go 더 많이 than a 일 without hearing your sweet voice."Edward said...
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mysterious 사랑

- chapter 13-

"Ok 당신 can open them now."
When I opened my eyes my mouth droped.
"Go carts! How did...when did...THATS AWESOME!"
He laughed "I thought 당신 would like them."
"Well 당신 were right! " Then I realized I was 연기 like a 6 년 old in front of the hottest guy I had ever seen.
"I mean umm... there...great?"
"Dont worry your not 연기 like a six 년 old." Mathew smiled at me.

How did he no that?

Then of course me being me.i
I said the stupied possible thing any body could EVER say.

"You look so cute when 당신 smile like that." I could just imagin the big hearts in my eyes....
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posted by 1-2vampire
Chapter 2
“Are 당신 sure no one's gonna catch us?” Winter asked uneasily. I rolled my eyes.
“Look, I've told 당신 about a hundred times: sure I'm sure, now pass me the knife.” I said, Winter tossed a small steel 칼, 나이프 perfect for picking locks and I caught it easily. Under the black wrapped-up bedsheet around my face, my Tat wanted to burn its mark through. And I felt uncomfortable in my ragged black bridesmaids dress and what looked like a ninja mask.
“Alright, it's just getting a few things and if anyone catches us, I'll persuade them to just leave us alone and turn off any damn alarms...
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posted by Crystalis29
The grounds surrounding the 성 are shrouded in shadows. I stand on the balcony and smell the rich scent of 꽃 unlike any other. Sweet, honeyed, soothing and fruity all at once, they give the sense of homecoming. Every time I have ever crossed the bridge onto these grounds I have been greeted 의해 the aroma of them and it always brings me peace, a knowing that I am where I belong. The balmy breeze blows, gently ruffling my hair across my features and the caress of the air against my skin as it penetrates the gauzy fabric of my nightdress brings a slight shiver at the sensation of touch...
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Chapter 3- New Life
When Mary woke up she could feel pain, just pain. It was the stabbing pain in her heart. The pain was too real and she could hear two voices, both of which were a struggle to recognize.
"Is she going to be strong enough for school?" one voice asked, sounding a bit like Sapphire.
"Yes, do 당신 want to speak to her?" another voice said, Mary couldn't recognize this voice, though she'd heard it before.
"Um, Mary, I 사랑 당신 and 당신 are going to be strong, 당신 wont kill anyone and I know that, I don't want to tell 당신 what I mean until 당신 are fully up so, I 사랑 당신 okay? 당신 will...
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I can't escape this hell,
So many times I've tried,
But I'm still caged inside,
Somebody get me through this nightmare,
I can't control myself.

So what if 당신 can see,
The darkest side of me,
No one will ever change this animal I have become.
Help me believe it's not the real me.
Somebody help me tame this animal.

(This animal. [x2])

I can't escape myself,( I cant escape myself)
So many times I've lied, ( so many times I've lied)
But there's still rage inside,
Somebody get me through this nightmare,
I can't control myself.

So what if 당신 can see,
The darkest side of me,
No one will ever change this...
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