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daisy_star4444 posted on Apr 29, 2009 at 09:48PM
A woman and her boyfriend were on their way home from somewhere (not important) one night, and suddenly his car ran out of gas. It was about one in the morning and they were completely alone in the middle of the nowhere.

The guy stepped out of the car, saying comfortingly to his girlfriend, "Don't worry, I'll be right back. I'm just going to go out for some help. Lock the doors, though."

She locked the doors and sat restlessly, waiting for her boyfriend to come back. Suddenly, she sees a shadow fall across her lap. She looks up to see... not her boyfriend, but a strange, crazed looking man. He is swinging something in his right hand.

He sticks his face close to the window and slowly pulls up his right hand. In it is her boyfriend's decapitated head, twisted horribly in pain and shock. She shuts her eyes in horror and tries to make the image go away. When she opens her eyes, the man is still there, grinning psychotically. He slowly lifts his left hand, and he is holding her boyfriend's keys... to the car.

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over a year ago Mcc1 said…
thats creepy i like the babysitter one where this guy keeps calling the babysitter and she calls the police and they trace the phone calls from inside the house but there is a few version of this urban legend one is where the children are already dead when the police arrive another is when the children and the babysitter is killed and i think there are a few more version but i not to sure about them but yea i really liked this story and a another story is when this one is at a bar and when she leaves she sees this guy watching her she quickly goes into her car and while she on the road only a few minutes she sees this car flashing his lights at her she speeds up until she stops at traffic lights and the guy from the car comes out and tells her that he saw a guy from the bar climbing into the backseatof her car and he had a knife and thats why he kept on flashing his lights at her cos he keep getting up to attack her with the knife he stopped everytime the lights flashed cos he didnt want her to see him in her car when i read this story i was creeped out but like the babysitter one it has a few versions but i think that is the best one
over a year ago Mcc1 said…
This is another version of the urban legend called Killer in the Back seat.Hope you enjoy

On a moonless, foggy night, my friend was sleepy and having trouble driving on the road due to a recent rain. She was getting frustrated because she was running low on gas and there was no sign of civilization anywhere. Not knowing where the next town was, she was ready to pull over and get some sleep when she noticed a tiny, rundown gas station.
She pulled in and asked for the attendant to fill up her tank. She noticed he was acting very odd -- and somewhat irritated. He finally proceeded to fuel her car and then told her to open up the hood because "something didn't sound right."

Reluctant and afraid of the odd-acting attendant, she didn't want to be stranded later on down the road, so she got out. When she neared the front of the car, the attendant grabbed her and said she would have to step inside. With his hand over her mouth silencing her, he dragged her into the station.
Very afraid, she struggled, and the attendant let her go and blocked the door. He then said "There is a man crouched down in the backseat of your car and I didn't want him to know that I'd seen him."
After calling the police, my friend then learned that the stranger in her backseat was a serial killer who stowed away in her back seat, planning to make her his next victim.
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over a year ago babyV101 said…
that is really creepy
over a year ago smileypop9 said…
It's not my fave, but it's the one that make me the most scared:

This girl was home all alone watching TV on a cold winter night. The television was right beside a sliding glass door, and the blinds were open.

Suddenly she saw a wrinkled old man staring at her through the glass! She screamed, then grabbed the phone next to the couch and pulled a blanket over her head so the guy couldn't see her while she called the police. She was so terrified that she remained under the blanket until the police got there.

It had snowed a lot during the day, so the police naturally decided to look for footprints. But there were no footprints at all on the snowy ground outside the sliding door.

Puzzled, the police went back inside the house – and that's when they saw the wet footprints on the floor leading up to the couch where the girl was still sitting.

The policemen looked at each other nervously. "Miss, you're extremely lucky," one of them finally said to her.

"Why?" she asked.

"Because," he said, "the man wasn't outside at all. He was in here, standing right behind the couch! What you saw in the window was his reflection."

That just creeps the hell outta me.
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over a year ago Avian3 said…
There were two girls who were the best of friends in school. When they went to college, they decided to live together and became roommates.

One night, they were staying up late, trying to do some last-minute studying for a midterm exam that was scheduled for the next morning.

One of the girls was quite lazy, so she decided to give up studying and went to bed early. The other girl was a hard worker, so she stayed up late because she wanted to do well in the exam.

During the night, the girl who stayed up remembered that she had left one of the books she needed in her bedroom. She didn’t want to wake her roommate by turning on the light so she sneaked into the bedroom and rummaged around in the dark, looking for the book she needed.

She heard some heavy breathing and she whispered her roommate’s name, asking her if she was awake.

There was no answer.

Then the girl heard something moving around in the dark and she whispered, “Can I turn on the bedroom light?”

There was no answer.

The girl cleared her throat and asked again, “Can I turn on the bedroom light? I need to find something.”

Her roommate didn’t respond.

So the girl sighed in frustration and continued to search for the book in the darkened bedroom. Eventually she found the one she was looking for. The girl took the book and felt her way in the darkness towards the door.

She stayed up all night studying and in the morning, raced down to the exam hall to take her test. But she noticed that her roommate never showed up for the exam.

The girl was worried about her friend so when she got home, she rushed upstairs and knocked on her roomate’s door.

There was no answer.

The girl was getting quite anxious at this point, so she opened the door and turned on the bedroom light. She was met with the most horrible sight she had ever laid eyes on.

Her roommate lay motionless, sprawled on top of her bed in a pool of blood. She had been brutally murdered.

Then the girl turned around and saw something that chilled her to the bone. Written on the wall behind her in smeared blood were the words “Aren’t You Glad You Didn’t Turn On The Light?”
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