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posted by amberRocks
Twirteen is the awesome new pairing of our beloved house chracter 13 and Twiggy the Tree!
A lot of 당신 would think."But that doesn't make any sense!A 나무, 트리 as 13's lover?"
And I have the answer to this question.Yes Twiggy the 나무, 트리 is 13's soulmate.And I will give 당신 many many reason for this opinion.
So lets find out why they are made for each other!

1)A 나무, 트리 doesn't have sexes!There isn't such thing as a woman 나무, 트리 또는 a man tree!Which is perfect for 13 because she is bi!

2)A 나무, 트리 is a good listener!It will never interrupt 당신 또는 argue with you!It is strong and supportive.A girls dream!

3)A tree...
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Video made 의해 Xaeloz from youtube!Not mine! This is an old 사과, 애플 나무, 트리 and I don't think 13 will like it but still...I will put 더 많이 trees in the future!
나무, 트리