Twilighters What do 당신 twilighters think of Twi -haters?

XEdward_LoverX posted on Apr 13, 2010 at 02:04PM
Ok guys I was just wondering what you think about twi-haters after one of them punched poor BooBoo. After hearing about his attack I was very mad, I mean how could they punch him we haven’t even seen him in any of the movies yet. What was that person thinking of hitting him!! I think twi-haters are totally insane and I think they have gone way too far this time!!! I was just wondering if guys feel the same way as me??

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over a year ago iemand said…
That's just stupid, okay you might hate someone, but that's still no reason to PUNCH HIM!

It's okay to hate something, cause everyone has something he hates but I mean, Come on no reason to punch someone or hurt someone.

That's just pathetic!