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James13 posted on Aug 18, 2009 at 02:12PM
Have you read the first 12 chapters of midnight sun?Did you like it from edwards point of view?Do you think stephanie meyer will finish midnight sun?

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over a year ago deealk said…
yes, I've read them. I really like it because when I was reading Twilight I've always wondered what was Edward thinking,especially at the begining, if he liked her back, why he wasn't talking to her,etc
over a year ago ashesandwine said…
I've read them and I really like them.... I think that Edward has a much more romantic perspectiv... Hoppefully SM will write it but we never know:S

I truly hope so:D
over a year ago XxSasyxX said…
I realy want her 2 finish it!It sounds lik a really good book!:D
over a year ago iemand said…
I read the first chapters,
but I don't think she'll finish it.

I only liked that part because there were some good and sad Jasper and Alice moments in it xD
Yes yes team Jalice here =D