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posted by twilight-7
별, 스타 then italics is Loretta speaking. Just italics is Kayla.

Kayla’s POV

I pushed against Loretta, pushing her away. I knew I had a chance to regain control of my body again. It was me who had screamed after Edward. I fought her, feeling her spirit near to me. It was strange being in my own head but not able to do anything other than watch and think. She was in command of everything while I sat helplessly in a small 우주 in the back of my own head. All I could really do was sort of hit myself against my skull, annoy her into recognising I was here. It caused her some moderate pain but not...
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This is a new Fanfic I'm working on, called When Worlds Collide. I'm posting the link, hoping everybody will give it a chance.
It was published 10 days 이전 & only has 15 chapters, but it has over 3000 views and 36 reviews so far!
In my story, Edward is a smart over achiever, Emmett is in jail, and Bella is a mysterious 다음 door neighbor with some issues.
Edward has to decide if he's going to risk everything for Bella, 또는 if he's going to continue to please everybody around him and forget about her.
It's E/B AU-AH with heavy drama. I hope 당신 take a look at at!!

LINK---> link
posted by anna0789
alice was helping me prepare to my "double date" with edward ,james and mystery girl
i don't know but every time anyone mention that girl my stomach twisted i didn't get it i wasn't jelouse becuase i had seen edward make out with tons of girls but...
but he hadn't been with nobody since we became friends... but i wasn't jelouse no NO

"look bella" alice said proud of herself since we sere only going to the 영화 alice agree that i chose my outfit under her supervision while she did my make up and hair

"wow alice 당신 really do magic# i whisper
she laugh giddly
"thanks well good luck with your...
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posted by ParamoreFreak
1.) The truth and the lies hidden inside
Everything was still. Nothing moved. Not even Phil. Phil was only sixteen, going on seventeen in three months, so why was this happening to him? It's not like he did anything wrong! So why him? Why not the person this guy's after? But Phil had no time to ask 질문 또는 get 답변 from the guy, so he looked around once more, and kept on running. The air was chilly, not too cold 또는 too warm, but just enough to need a 재킷, 자 켓 if your out here 더 많이 than an hour. But good luck didn't attend Phil, he was in a short sleeved shirt....
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posted by cici1264
1. Force him to wear a leash and 칼라 and tie him to a pole.
2. Put up fliers saying "Lost Dog" with his picture on it.
3. Give him mouthwash for his birthday. Tell him he has dog breath.
4. Constantly remind him that Bella would rather ‘die’ then be with him.
6. When he’s a werewolf steal his pants.
7. Paint his motor bike hot pink.
8. Buy him a cat.
9. Name it Edward.
10. Buy him dog food. Act offended when he won’t eat it.
11. Ask him what he’s getting Edward and Bella for a wedding present.
12. Tell him Bella is allergic to dogs.
14. Call the dog pound on him when he fazes
15. Lock him...
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posted by lollipopszx3
I only put it here because I wanted people to know about it... Any other chapter on www.fanpop.com/spots/thevolturigirl

Hell on Earth


The moment I stepped into the classroom I knew it was going to be hell.

"Ms. Swan!" said a voice I've hated since I was 18. "Cullen! What the hell are 당신 doing here?" I screamed. There standing there was Edward Cullen. Once my love, my life, my everything now my worst enemy.

"Ms. Swan! That language won't be tollerated in my class!" He smirked. I ran out the door.

This can not be happening! I can not be student-teaching Edward's class! We freaking hate each...
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Chapter 18
we were talking about leaving and then jacob said"Well we all cant go that would mean bella's all alone"

"Ill watch her"i said and tanya's thoughts
edward do 당신 really think thats a good idea

"Like i would trust you"he said showing me picturesof bella in his head
you hurt her so badhe showed me pictures of when i left ans sam found he i flinched

"Stop what ever 당신 are doing"tanya said to him,jacobs thoughts changedso 당신 dumped bella for this bloude bim-bow

"What ever 당신 say let me go cheak on her"he said and left to there room,that bothered me so much i had so much jelously right...
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2 years later

It has been 2 years since edward left me,the fist 월 was really hard but vickie helped me and Harry's wife sue watched when i was at school 또는 went out with jake.Me and jacob started to hang out 더 많이 and 더 많이 and pritty soon i fell in 사랑 with the big wolf.
Jacob was finishing his last 년 of school and i was already finished and i was waiting for him so we could go to collage together,so when he was at school i took vickie out!
Vickie was four years old and she knew something was wrong,she stopped saying 'where's awice' 또는 'where's ewine' 3 months after they left.i was...
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posted by stepphy-rox
I'm so sorry for not 글쓰기 quicker I had some trouble with this chapter although i hope 당신 enjoy it and PLZ Rate, comment, and enjoy
XD Luv stepphy

Chapter 3: When everything turns upside down!!!
When I woke up my vision was a little blurry, but after I blinked a couple of times my view came back in focus.
"Hey honey, how are 당신 feeling" his sweet voice rang through my ears. I winced - a normal reaction - as he caressed my arm.
"Alright what happened?"
"We don't know....we were hoping 당신 would remember" he pleaded.
I wasn't sure if I wanted to tell him the truth. I was afraid he would be angry...
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posted by Gabstaaa
Thankyou so so much to everyone who had been leaving 코멘트 and rating my storys. Also a special thankyou to xXjakeloverXx for your support and help!

‘Vampire? 당신 are vampires?’
‘Including you.’ Murmured Carlisle with a hint of regret
Vampire? Wait, I’m a vampire. Vampire vampire vampire.
‘I’m so sorry Harley.’ He’s been saying this the whole time.
‘I just… Need to get used to it all. May 당신 pass me some 더 많이 animal blood please, Rosalie?’ I asked in my most polite voice. Ever since I’ve woken up they’ve been forcing animal blood down me. It’s not...
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