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 The Evolution Of: Ashley Greene
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posted by joe-edwardfan
Chapter 1: the first meeting
I was remembering the first time I was trying to hide from my only enemy…..Damien I was running away from him for 160 years but he never gave up chasing me. My life is a living hell every little thing made me fear for no reason it’s just the part of the curse I can’t control it…….
Angela asked worried I looked at her
-Nothing I was just worried, 당신 were starring there for, I don’t know half an hour!
-oh I'm sorry I was just remembering things
-ok, do 당신 want to talk about it?
-no I'm fine
-ok so I…um..i mean… we were wondering if 당신 wanted...
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2 years later

It has been 2 years since edward left me,the fist 월 was really hard but vickie helped me and Harry's wife sue watched when i was at school 또는 went out with jake.Me and jacob started to hang out 더 많이 and 더 많이 and pritty soon i fell in 사랑 with the big wolf.
Jacob was finishing his last 년 of school and i was already finished and i was waiting for him so we could go to collage together,so when he was at school i took vickie out!
Vickie was four years old and she knew something was wrong,she stopped saying 'where's awice' 또는 'where's ewine' 3 months after they left.i was...
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hope 당신 like it if it is looking to much like twilight sorry a twist is coming promise

his car wasnt that fancy like the cars i was used to seeing 또는 driving but it was clean and new.and he look great driving it...i ask one of the 질문 to distract me
"so do 당신 have any family how old 당신 really are do 당신 have any powers why did 당신 chose to live in here?" ok i ask 더 많이 than one question
he smile at me "calmly i will answer all your 질문 "he smile and started
"i am 25 years live old but my growing stop i think 당신 could say 18 또는 19 years old never a way to be sure right?" he look at...
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posted by Gabstaaa
Thankyou so so much to everyone who had been leaving 코멘트 and rating my storys. Also a special thankyou to xXjakeloverXx for your support and help!

‘Vampire? 당신 are vampires?’
‘Including you.’ Murmured Carlisle with a hint of regret
Vampire? Wait, I’m a vampire. Vampire vampire vampire.
‘I’m so sorry Harley.’ He’s been saying this the whole time.
‘I just… Need to get used to it all. May 당신 pass me some 더 많이 animal blood please, Rosalie?’ I asked in my most polite voice. Ever since I’ve woken up they’ve been forcing animal blood down me. It’s not...
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That may be one of the most awkward headlines I've ever 게시됨 but, as someone who generally abhors gossip and does not confirm, deny, nor even discuss rumors, I am actually somewhat thrilled to pass on this "official" statement from Ms. Kristen Stewart.

The Twilight uberstar has FINALLY confirmed publicly (thank 당신 Kristen!) what many of us in the industry have privately known for a long long time...she has NOT left longtime boyfriend Michael Angarano for her co-star Rob Pattinson.

Britain's 상단, 맨 위로 of the Pops magazine asked Stewart if the rumors of her alleged romance with Pattinson were true....
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Just so 당신 all know, this and maybe one 더 많이 chapter will be the last of the chapters all be posting on this spot. I will be posting them on my spot only. It's called Edward_Bella234 if 당신 want to 가입하기 and continue 읽기 these. Here is the link:


Any way, onto the story...
End of Chapter 6

“Oh yum,” John said reaching for a cinnamon roll “That looks delicious, Carol!”
    “Thank you, John” my mother replied. “Esme, can 당신 go get some eggs from the hen house?...
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posted by Isabellaashley
저기요 everyone, here's a sneck 미리 보기 of my new story which is titled as Destiny... I just wrote a few pages and wanted some opinion from everyone!!! Hope 당신 enjoy this!!!



I found myself standing in the very woods that I’d promised to stay away from but I had my reasons for being here. It was getting darker and colder so I wrapped my 재킷, 자 켓 around me tighter. The woods were filled with silence and I looked around for any signs of the slayer. As I heard the leaves on the ground rustling, I turned around and there he appeared from...
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저기요 ... This is different to the twilight sage. It has all the characters in it but Bella and Edward meet differently (: hope 당신 like it :D

Chapter one

I woke up already dreading the 일 ahead. All i had to do was eat, go to school and sleep again. Fun.
I decided to wake myself up with a shower. So i went in and turn the hot water on. I let it soothe all my muscles when i heard my mum shout up.
"Bella your going to be late hurry up!" I sighed and turned of the shower. I quickly got dressed into my favourite pair of jeans and green top. I tied my hair up without drying it. With a quick glance...
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posted by sh0rtiinedward
All night i started thinking in Julius, he is the most beautiful thing i ever seen, but there's something about him that make me scare but i don't know what it is.
"Nessi baby, can we talk" i turn around when i hear my dad's voice and i froze, i know that he will tell me that i was grounded of something.
"Mm sure dad, what's up?"
"Well like 당신 know, i know what happen today in the woods, i just want to let 당신 know that I'm not mad at 당신 i just, want 당신 to be happy, and meet new people, but take it easy 당신 know that we have a secret to hide from the real word" he said as he huge me
"i know...
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posted by VampirePrinsess
I sat on the plane, reflecting as I watched the world rush 의해 below, so much smaller than it seemed when 당신 were down there, part of it.
Three years ago, I'd just been visiting 유럽 with my mom, Renee; she wanted to "see the sights" before she married Phil and settled down. We'd not been there long, maybe a few days, when it happened. It was dark, and we'd gone out to see the city - I could never remember where, exactly - at night... It'd been the last thing we'd done together. All I could clearly remember from that night was the fear, the terror, the screaming... the pain. I shuddered away...
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posted by BuffyFaithFan1
BLOOD LUST. . . . . .By: BuffyFaithfan1
"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""Chapter Eight: When The Stars Go Blue...""""

There is this lyric from a song 의해 Haley James Scott called DANCING WHEN THE STARS GO BLUE. Its a cover for the song 의해 Tim McGraw WHEN THE STARS GO BLUE. The lyric is: "...Where do 당신 go when youre lonely?..." And it got me thinking. . . .Where DO 당신 go when your lonely? Like where does the lonelyness go? Does it just vanish into thin air? Disappear into the darkness of the past? Fly off into its cave like hole, waiting to affet some body else? 또는 does...
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