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"Ok, the tour is almost over." The lady guided us in a direction I didn't know. "Just one 더 많이 stop. This last place has much history."

I had no idea where we were going-by the looks of it, neither did the other people, they just kept taking pictures-and it was starting to get chilly out. I better get used to the cold. I started to notice the amount of twists and turns that were made. I looked at my surroundings. It didn't feel like we were touring the streets anymore, it felt like we entered apassagewayor some sort of alley. There was stone 벽 on either side of us and thepathsuddenly narrowed....
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posted by LexisFaith
"Tell me, Bella." Jacob's hands still wrapped around mine, holding them to his chest.
"I...." I shook my head. "I have to go." I yanked my hands away and climbed into the cab of my truck. I roard the monsterious engine to life, driving to the one person I needed most.

"Bella?" Edward greeted me at the door. "I didn't know 당신 were comming."
"Neither did I untill about fifteen 분 ago." I sighed and walked up to him. "I'm sorry. I should have made sure 당신 weren't busy. I didn't me-"
Edward didn't let me finish. He pressed his lips to mine softly, lovingly. "You are always welcome here, Bella."...
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posted by groovychicklisa
Edward picked me up at eight the following morning, since we had a bit of a walk ahead of us.

"Got comfy shoes on?" He asked as I got into the car.

"My 가장 좋아하는 sneakers." I replied.

"Good." He pulled out of the driveway and headed north on the one-oh-one, CCR's Have 당신 ever seen the rain on the stereo. After a while, we turned onto the one-ten, and drove until it turned into a small, dirt road. He stopped, and I could see a hiking trail disappear into the woods ahead of us.

We got out of the car, and he pulled two backpacks from the trunk, handing one of them to me.

"This one's only got a couple...
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i stared up at him his face looked like he was going to go into shock
"even 당신 jacob black cannot hate me as much as i hate myself"
wrong he thought he was to angry to speak
"killin me now doesnt save her" i said quietly.
"so what does?" he asked if i knew i would have done it i would do anything now just to see bella health and well. at any coast i would pay it.
"jacob 당신 have to do something for me" i alomost begged
"the hell i do" he spat back
"for her?" i kept staring at him
"i did everything i could to keep her away from 당신 everything its too late"
"you know her jacob 당신 connect to...
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*by Stephenie Meyer*

TWILIGHT - chapter 19 - GOODBYES

Charlie was waiting up for me. All the house lights were on. My mind was blank as I tried to think of a way to make him let me go. This wasn't going to be pleasant.
Edward pulled up slowly, staying well back from my truck. All three of them were acutely alert, ramrod straight in their seats, listening to every sound of the wood, looking through every shadow, catching every scent, searching for something out of place. The engine cut off, and I sat, motionless, as they continued to listen.
"He's not here," Edward said tensely. "Let's go."
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Okay, I am kind of getting tired of the whole argument whether the Twilight 뱀파이어 are really vampires. Seriously, some people have to get over this. I know that as soon as I’ve said that I well get a tonne of 코멘트 bashing that statement but people I am a Twilight Fan. Hardcore Twilight Fan.
An 기사 I read just before someone commented stating the definition of a vampire.
1.    A reanimated corpse that is believed to rise from the grave at night to suck the blood of sleeping people.

2.    A person, such as an extortionist, who preys upon others....
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posted by TwilytCraze247
chapter one. unlawful death

It had been a warm 일 for Rochester. But not warm enough for the sun to come out. I was in a happy and in an up right mood, but why wouldn’t I be, it was a couple days from marrying my fiancé Royce, he came from a wealthy, and respectable family my father had chosen for me. It was only right Royce and I was betrothed together. It was all about how the public viewed the family, I was told that from my mother at a very young age, I was also told that I would make the family very pleased when I was older as I would be the most beautiful girl in all of the world and...
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posted by just_bella
I know I said the call would be in the last one but I couldn't make it fit...so it's in this one instead!! Thanks everyone!! Please 코멘트 :)

End Of Chapter 20

I finally focused on her eyes, the fear showing everywhere on my face. "Edward," was all I could get out.

I watched as Bella's face tried to figure out what was going on. She took a few gasping breaths before she started to fall, Jacob swearing loudly as he tried to catch her.

He growled quietly at me and started screaming. "What the hell! What did 당신 do to her? Bella!!" He said as he ran her over to the couch.

"Bella? Bella, snap out...
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posted by groovychicklisa
New Beginnings

"Are 당신 sure?" Renée asked, her eyes wide, continuing before I had a chance to answer. "Charlie!" This was called in the direction of the living room.

"No, I'm not sure, that's why I said 'I'm not sure'." I replied dryly.

"Did it feel like the false labor pains?"

I shook my head.

"Definitely not."

"What're 당신 yelling about?" Charlie asked grumpily, coming into the kitchen. 의해 the sound that was still coming from the television, we had interrupted a baseball game.

"Bella's in labor."

He just stood there for a moment, mouth slightly ajar and a vacant expression in his eyes.

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I mean I understand if someone hates a crazy,neurotic Twilight fan,but to think about 크리스마스 as something as a good chance to insult and quote "piss off" Twi fan,I find it nothing but ridiculous.
Look at this:
"Hate Twilight? Want to piss off a Twilight 팬 this xmas? Stop by
www.planetneonbunny.com and buy one (or more) of our Twilight mocking
t-shirts, £10 each plus reasonable worldwide shipping.Make their xmas lousy!"

Seriously,isn't Xmas suppose to be about 사랑 and sharing with your loved ones?Well obviously not anymore.This is what I see as obsessed Twilight hater,if 당신 hate something...
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posted by pie-102
Nessie's pov
Aunt Alice was getting my Mom ready for high school today because Alice thought Mom would put on something weird .I'm excited because this is my first 일 of high school ever.The only thing i'm worried about is rememberin that everybody is my adopted brother 또는 sister oh and the fact that Jacob wasn't going to be there I am not sure but I think i'm falling for him if only I knew how he felt about me maybe i'll get Daddy to find out for me.I'll ask when I get downstairs.Alice asked is everybody ready to go I replied yes and so did evertbody else.Down to the 차고 we went Mom,Dad...
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She get's a lot of slack for how she talks about Edward, but I really 사랑 some of the things that Bella says.
Here are a few of my personal faves from the 영화 and the books.

1."The end of Edward, the end of me. I preferred it that way – the last part anyway. I would not live without Edward again; if he was leaving this world, then I would be right behind him.”

2. [Edward: Bella, please stop taking your clothes off!] "Why? Did 당신 wanna do that part?”

3. “About three things I was absolutely positive. First, Edward was a vampire. Second, there was a part of him-and I didn’t know how...
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posted by cullenROCKz
“I will always be there for you,” murmured Edward. With this he sealed my fate. A fate of enveloping darkness, overwhelming sadness and heart-breaking loneliness. This 일 was what I have been dreading for ever since we became friends. In a place of such sorrow and solitude 당신 couldn’t help but find someone to lean on. Nobody was better in that respect than my best friend Edward. The only person I have opened up to and knew all my secrets. I was seven and he was eight just one 년 older than me but seem to have an incredible knowledge for his age. He was an orphan just like me and …...
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Thats right fellow twihards, Ashley Greene took naked pics and some sicko found them and 게시됨 them on the web. They have taken most of them down and Greene is taking legal action. Poor Ashley.

Ashley's lawyer released a statement confirming that the pictures are legit but Ashley owns the copyright to them, therefore if 당신 post them 당신 will be sued!

My 질문 is why did she take them and who was she planning on sending them to? 또는 perhaps it was a PR stunt. At any rate my thoughts go out to Ashley, I hope things get under control for her soon!

posted by just_bella
Here's the 다음 chapter, I think everyone should be happy. It's so much fun to write now. Please comment, thanks again!!

:::::::::R E C A P::::::::
My anger began to boil up to the surface again and I found myself opening my mouth to tell him a few choice words.

When I did I instantly began screaming again. I tried to stop, but my mouth would not close. The screams felt like they had been building inside me and I couldn't contain them any more.

The doctor stood up and moved so he was infront of my face.

"Emmett! EMMETT!!!" He yelled hoping to break me of the sceaming fit.

He yelled my name a...
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Smash!!! I jumped up out of bed. The winds had started to pick up just like Aunt Alice predicted. I could see the clouds getting darker; the air was think and cold. I got out of 침대 trying not to wake up Jake and slipped on Jake’s T – 셔츠 that was thrown on to the lamp shade 다음 to my side of the bed. I stood up and was a little light headed I caught myself on the night stand. God, we have to not be so ruff in bed. I get to dizzy in the morning from all of it. I thought to myself. I don’t know what it is but there’s just this magnetic pull between Jacob and me. We could help it last...
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He may have his arm around Kristen Stewart at every “Twilight” premiere event, and has been linked to a host of hot ladies over recent months, but Robert Pattinson is unattached, according to a new interview.

While visiting “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” for an episode that airs this Friday — the same 일 Pattinson’s vampiric portrayal of Edward Cullen springs to life on the big screen, he denied having romantic ties to anyone.

“Now, are 당신 single?” Ellen asked.

“Ah, yeah,” the British actor replied.

And it appears despite women throwing themselves at him regularly, Pattinson may be stuck in singleton mode permanently.

“No one else seems to get into a relationship with me. It’s really strange,” he told Ellen.

“People like screaming at me,” the heartthrob added. “Actually, they like screaming at me in relationships as well. No one wants to commit.”
posted by moolah
Chapter Three:
Lexy’s P.O.V:
“Tell Seth what?” I heard someone ask. I turned my head to see my mother standing in front of the back door. “Mom! What are 당신 doing?” I screamed. “I was getting Renesmee. We need to pick out the cake.” She said. “But, I’d actually like to know what my Lexy and Edward are keeping from me-and now it involves my Renesmee.” I sniffled back the tears that were ready to slip under my controlling clutch. She stalked over to Ren and I. Renesmee turned toward me and put her comforting hand on my tearing cheek. She showed me her telling mom through this....
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posted by NeeNee14
Seth's P.o.v.
I knew I was dead,I needed to find another animal that I could fit my body into. I needed to go to see Lanise and touch her pregnant stomach to make sure everything is okay.
I saw a wolf, he wasn't as big as mine, but I didn't care. I floated down to him and I could feel us becoming one. I started to run back to La push, back to my family....

Lanise's P.o.v

"What do 당신 mean Seth is alive?" I asked Leah.
"He found another wolf's body and inhabited it. He's coming to see you...and to see Tala."She told me.
"What am I going to tell her?" I asked Leah Tala doesn't even ask about him, but...
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posted by LexisFaith
Sarah called me this moring waking me up.
"Happy Birthday Momma!"
"Thanks you, sweetie." I smiled. "Did 당신 have fun last night?"
"Uh hu. Uncle Emmett, Aunt Rose, Uncle Jasper, Gran Bella, Grandpa Edward, Gradma Esme and Grandpa Carlise, and I went to the creek. It was fun! Uncle Emmett jumped in and scared me and I hit him in the head with a stick. Only I didn't mean to." She giggled.
"Well," I laughed. "It sounds like 당신 had a full 일 yesterday. Daddy and I will pick 당신 up after dinner."
"Okay. I miss you."
"I miss 당신 too, sweetie."
"Bye, Momma. I 사랑 you."
"I 사랑 당신 to."
I hung up the phone...
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