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Like I said, it was a dark and foggy night. I thought my eyes were deceiving me. I think I saw a Jew. This time around, there are practically no Jews. They are either in concentration camps- awaiting their death, 또는 dead already. The Nazis are not being easy with the Jews. This Jew was covered with a black cloth, and he appeared to be standing over a cowering boy, twelve years old of age at least. I moved in closer, cautiously, with my Saumensch, and we were both suspicious. The Saumensch's eyes met mine. "Is that...a murder, Carls?" Matna, the Saumensch, was definitely suspicious. She never...
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posted by AlOoOosh
In that long way..
There’s only one 별, 스타 lights for us
It’s you..
No place for the moon
When we are together…
In my dark dreams
There’s only one candle
It’s you
When I smile
There’s only one reason inside of my heart
It’s you
When I fight the whole world
There’s only one force behind me
It’s you
Wherever I go…whatever I think about
There’s only one purpose..
You are the one who I’m living for
Forever I’m there for you
I promise I won’t try to forget
I promise I won’t run away…
A billion people around me
But without 당신 I am lonely
Without your words …I am lost
Very close to...
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posted by IlovePatch97
hey, so its been a really long time since I've 게시됨 anything on here so i needed something to get me started again. I've been 읽기 Pourquoi tales, so stories explaining how something came to be. I wanted to write my own so mines about the Rose. I hope 당신 like it. If 당신 do please 코멘트 :)
"Arissa why do 당신 look sad? Are 당신 displeased with our new now?" Asked Christophe as he watched his wife approach there 꽃 garden.
"Our 집 is lovely, there is so much 우주 to roam and the garden is beautiful" she replied.
"Then why so sad?" Christophe asked...
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posted by amoremusic
I write what i feel and try to
make them seem so-real to
you, but all 당신 want from me
is honesty.

as i write out the facts
당신 act like 당신 don't really
care where my 심장 truly is.

Let me tell 당신 where it
is, it's in the honesty of my
poetry, deep inside my 심장
it's the only thing that reveals
the emotions deep down inside
my soul.

as i hold onto the emotions
that creates honest 시
that i write, i see 당신 looking
at my private diaries understanding
who i want to be.

당신 look at me and 당신
seem to know what i'm
feeling as i'm revealing
to 당신 the emotions that
comes from within my

as i hold the key to this
honest 시 that i compose
당신 seem to believe every-little
detail that i have to say to you.
Sittin here remicsin about all the good times we had watever happened between us we were like sisters we had each others back 당신 were there for me and i was there for 당신 i miss all the good times we had can we go back to that now

dont 당신 remember all those timez all those things we did together i miss those times so bad watever happened can 당신 tell me yeah so i can fix it and get rid of these weights on my shoulders yeah i miss 당신 i miss talking to 당신 i miss hanging with 당신 can we ever go back ot those times

i have to thank 당신 for so many things for everything 당신 did for me yeah...
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posted by Insight357
    “Kayden!” Sebastian-my band’s manager-had a look of dismay on his simple features. I couldn’t hear him, but I could read his lips. Anyone who knew me knew to get my attention before they spoke.
    “What?” I asked. Though I’d been deaf since I was five I knew how to speak as well as anyone with full hearing.    
    “You still haven’t made your set list,” he stated, his face screwed up into a frown. “The first performance is tomorrow night.”
    “I’ll have it finished...
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posted by LorMel
My name is 에메랄드 Dawn. I'm a 14 년 old pre-teen case 당신 couldn't tell 의해 my name. I'm going to tell 당신 a true story. The story on how I was the lone serviver in the attack of The Slender Man.
Everything I'm about to tell you, is warned...

It was a cool evening in December, so cool that it was snowing.
I had my two best 프렌즈 with me, a 12 년 old named Anna, about to be 13 in a week, and her sister, Melody, turning 10 in 2 months.
Anna & Melody were playing tag in the backyard, I was making snow angles, when Anna got the idea to play hide-and-seek untill the...
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