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 "Warm..... Radiating.... Beautiful"
"Warm..... Radiating.... Beautiful"
Kevin: The Grid. A digital frontier. I tried to picture clusters of information as they traveled through the computer. What did the look like? Ships, motorcycles. With the circuits like freeways.

Sam: What am I suppose to do?
Gem: Survive

Sam: What is she doing?!?
Kevin: Removing herself from the equation

Sam: An Iso?
Kevin: The last Iso.
Sam: Wow
Kevin: She's the mericle man

Young Sam: Can we play doubles? On the same Team?
Younger Kevin: Were always on the same Team

*****Later In Movie*****
Sam: Were always on the same team! Remember?!
Kevin: I was afraid youd say that

Sam: Man your not ganna make...
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