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Last time, on total drama letters, the campers Met each other, and two new characters were introduced, James and May. This time, there will be teams, scenes, schemes and dreams, on Total Drama Letters.

5 a.m. In the morning

Chris: everybody, rise and shine, it's time for your very first challenge!

Heather: why is it so early?

Leshawna: For once I am agreeing with Heather! It's Sunrise!

Chris: you'll need the time for the challenge. Trust me!

Tyler: so what is the challenge?

Chris: acting!

A few groans are heard and Lindsay claps her hands.

Confession Cam: (Ezekiel) I was thinkin' eh, that I should do nothing at all, then no one would find anything bad to vote me off.

Confession Cam: (Sierra) A perfect chance to impress Cooody.

Confession cam: (Cody) a perfect chance to impress Gweeen.

Chris: 당신 have to act out a scene about the letter A, with an animal starting with A, a 음식 starting with a and a country starting with A. Chef and I will decide which team is the best.

Duncan: Team? Hello, earth to Chris, we aren't in teams.

Chris: patience, young one. Any questions? Good.

Harold: I have a question-

Chris: no one cares Harold. There will be two teams of 9 and one team of 8. The captains will be the winners from the past seasons. Owen, Duncan and heather. Owen, a girl?

Owen: Izzy!

Chris: Duncan, a girl?

Duncan: Gwen.

Chris heather, a boy?

Heather: hmm, Trent.

Owen: Noah, buddy.

Duncan: Geoff

Heather: Lindsay

Owen: Bridgette

Duncan: Leshawna

Heather: DJ

Owen: justin

Duncan: Tyler

Heather: Beth

Owen: May

Duncan: Sierra

Heather: James

Owen: Harorld

Duncan: Hmm

Sierra: Please choose Cody please choose Cody!

Cody begging him not to.

Duncan: Cody

Cody: noooooo

Heater: Katie

Owen: Sadie

Katie and Sadie: NOOOOOOO!

Duncan: Eva

Heather: Alejandro

Owen: Ezekiel

Duncan: *sigh* that leaves me with Courtney.

Chris: okay, good, here are the teams. Owen's team: Owen, Izzy, Noah, Bridgette, Sadie, Ezekiel, Harold, May and Justin.
Duncan's team: Duncan, Gwen, Geoff, Eva, Cody, Sierra, Courtney, Leshawna, Harold.
Heathers team: Heather, DJ, Lindsay, James, Beth, Alejandro, Katie, Trent.

Your team name's first letter has to be the same as your captain's. 당신 have 1 분 to decide. Go.

[i] 1 분 later [i]

Chris: Owen, your team name?

Owen: the Killer Otters.

Chris: nice... Duncan?

Duncan: the screaming Demons.

Chris: Awesome! Heather?

Heather: the deadly Hunters.

Chris: good use of adjectives guys. Now, do 당신 remember the challenge? The A Play! Get to it, be done 의해 this afternoon.

Justin: I was thinking, Anaconda for the animal, Australia for the country and the 음식 to be Apples.

Owen: Okay, the play can be called Anaconda attack!

Eva: Ant?

Duncan: okay, Ant. What about place?

Courtney: Africa?

Duncan: yep, and food?

Gwen: Apricot?

Cody: I 사랑 apricots, Gwen. They're so... Romantic!

Gwen: Really! I don't care.

Cody (embarrassed): Yeah, because

Geoff: it'll be called; awesomeness!

Duncan: I can deal with that.

Heather: every thing has to be perfect, so I'll do it all, Bye.

Heather walks into her cabin.

[i] that afternoon [i]

Chris is sitting outside the stage used in the talent show.

Chris: Times up! First, The Killer Otters, with; Anaconda attack.

Izzy, dressed as an Australian was collecting apples, when a small rubber snake flew at her, she caught it and pretended to be attacked, it took about 5 분 then she died.

Chris and Chef: Bad props, good death. 6/10.

Chris: next, the screaming Demons with 'awesomeness'

Three people were dressed in Black spheres so when they walked together it looked like an ant. The ant started munching on a 살구 but Chris couldn't find out what country it was. Suddenly Duncan came out wearing the same costume Chris did in African Lying Safari. The third ant person, who was Courtney, tripped and fell off the stage. Everything turned into mayhem from then, there were falls, shouts, the curtains closed in the middle of the scene and Chris gave them 5/10.
Chris: great costumes and props, but 당신 stuffed it up. big time.

Chef: Last but not least, the deadly hunters with "An inspiration."

Heather walked on the stage and did a ballet act.

"I call it Chris is Awesome. And I made a poem.

[i] my favourite parts about the show
Were Australia, because Gwen had to go,
And new York was pretty cool,
With the apples in the pool,
But who's the star? I'll give 당신 a clue,
당신 big old ape it's you! [i]

Chris: 9/10! I only marked 당신 down because the ballet sucked. That poem was amazing, it had everything it needed!
Invincibility for the 다음 challenge.

Camp 불, 화재 Ceremony

Chris: The Screaming Demons, there are only eight marshmallows on this plate, there are nine of you, who ever doesn't receive a 마시멜로, 마 시 멜로 will leave.

Harold, Courtney, there is one 마시멜로, 마 시 멜로 on this plate, it goes to.... Harold.

Everyone: Bye Courtney

As usual she had to be dragged off.

Will the Killer Otters' advantage help them? Will may and James play a bigger part? Will heather earn her teams trust after her win? Find out 다음 time on Total. drama. Letters.

다음 EPISODE: B is for Building.
posted by Lolly4me2
I looked out my dorm window into Duncan's. Splitting up in TDI made me think I would never see him again, but here he is, the building right 다음 to mine at the same collage. As Duncan walked out of the room, Leshawna suddenly walked in. "What up, girl?" She asked and set her bags down. I turned around and tackled her. "SHAWNI!" I screamed. "Hey, Sofie." She laughed. "It's been a while." I didn't stop hugging her. "Uh, honey? Shawni can't breath." I let go and stood back sheepishly. "Ha, sorry." "No problem, girl. So, I can pick my bed?" "Yeah." "Sweet." Leshawna jumped onto the 상단, 맨 위로 bunk and...
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Dr. Harris Ligawitz, a successful scientist, lived on his own in a big mansion in the forest. He wondered if there was a human who contained special abilities. To figure this out, he studied comic 책 and compaired them to real science. He took a trip to 런던 to study more, when he saw a baby girl lying down in a dark alley, alone. He picked her up. She was the most beautiful thing he's ever seen. She had beautiful, nutmeg colored hair, and piercing green eyes. She reminded him of the autumn, and he named her Autumn.
He did a few tests on her, and figured out a way to give humans special...
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 People who are gone
People who are gone
Misty:Great 일 for a challenge

Duncan:Whats the challenge hot chic?

Misty:Wishing me up a gift it has to be good to 또는 당신 will be in the bottom two

(Everyone wishes and Misty hears)

Harold:I wish misty had gum

Geoff:I wish Misty would be me party Princess

Duncan:I wish Misty looked like Courtney on TDI

Cody:I wish Misty would be mine

D.J.:I wish Misty had a Bunny

Justin:I wish Misty would 키스 me

Tyler:I wish Misty had a football

Trent:I wish Misty had a 사랑 song made bye me

Misty:Time to go to the bond fire

(Everyone goes to the bond fire)

Misty:Geoff your safe,Justin your safe,Cody your safe,D.J. your safe,Tyler your safe,Trent your safe

Misty:The bottom two is Duncan and Harold and whos 안전한, 안전 is...Duncan your 안전한, 안전 but sorry Harold 당신 wern't my type at all

(Harold leaves)
justin:the last name I'm about to call is heather

eva:you know what I don't need 당신 anyway I got 50 boyfriends at home!!!!!!!

justin:lier!!! go 집 and walk the dock of shame!! 당신 were never my type

justin:ok then that's all taken care off I guess it's time for the 다음 challange this challange is a boyfriend girlfriend 가장 좋아하는 it's called a movie

izzy:you mean one about two gorrila's kissing

justin:well kinda

izzy:yay big 큰 덩어리, 한 조각 of hotty

(justin watched alot of movie's with the girl's but one movie was not justin's favorite!)

justin:ok then girl's Its time for the name call out first is bridgette,leshawna,izzy,katie,courteney,gwen,lindsay, ok then it's sadie 또는 heather and heather I'm kinda despised at 당신 since this is the 초 time 당신 went to the bottam two heather
the last name I'm going to call is......................
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Here is what I think the TD charecters listen 2! I'll even tell u why I think it's that persons theme song! Hope 당신 all enjoy!

1) Noah - Viva la vida 의해 Coldplay
Reason: It's a quiet song, and he's a quiet guy.

2) Cody - Almost 의해 Bowling for Soup
Reason: I can totally see him sinning this to Gwen.

3) Izzy - Circus 의해 Britney Spears
Reason: She's the ring-leader of team E-scope.

4) Ezekiel - Amish paradise 의해 Weird al" yankovic
Reason: How he lived back home.

5) Gwen - Cruch, crush, crush 의해 paramore
Reason: Reminded me of her when I listned 2 it.

6) Geoff - Party like a rockstar 의해 샵 Boyz
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 (Left) DanixxDumb-Jasper (Right) soxfan89-Lani
(Left) DanixxDumb-Jasper (Right) soxfan89-Lani
저기요 guys! We're coming at 당신 live from Camp Fit, somewhere around New York, New York; I'm 당신 one and only host, Jasper—
(Gets cut off from voice off scene) and what about me?! Jasper: Fine. And co-host Lani. (Lani is shown) Lani: Hi, I’m-- (gets cut off from voice off from Jasper as she’s pushing Lani out of the way)
Jasper: No one cares! Any way I’m dropping the newest reality shows on television, now! (Moves to Dock of Shame) And just like the original season Total Drama Island, were on an island! Ok, so here's the deal, thirteen campers have signed up to spend- uh, a couple weeks...
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