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 Merry Christmas!
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This Total Drama All-Stars 팬 아트 contains 애니메이션, 만화, and 만화책.

It was just turning from 일 to night when Zoey and Mike had pulled up to the bridge where The Goatman visits. They decided to enjoy their moment alone until Zoey stopped, sensing her and Mike were being watched. I think we should get out of here. said Mike What are 당신 kidding? I think we should stay and enjoy our moment alone. said Zoey Okay. said Mike, leaning in for a 키스 until a tall goat creature showed up 다음 to their car, interrupting their moment alone. Suddenly, an axe shattered through the back window and landed in the back seat, causing both Mike and Zoey to panic. The Goatman...
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 The 목걸이
The Necklace
Chapter 2 of The 목걸이 . Sorry it took so long to post. I've been really busy. Well, enjoy.
George opened the folder and began to look through it, in hope that he'll find out 더 많이 about this 목걸이 thing. "No. No. No, not that one. Nope. Hello. What's this?". He had just sumbled apon information about his new daughter's partner and his parents. "Hm... Manitoba Smith. Lives in...". George paused. "Australia?". He was confused. He thought Svetlana's partner was going to be in Russia, not in another continent, but as much as...
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 The 목걸이
The Necklace
Here's a story about Manitoba and Svetlana meeting in one of the craziest ways ever. So, hope 당신 guys enjoy.
Deep in the country of Russia a baby girl was being born. Though after, her mother died. The 24 년 old woman just closed her eyes and died on the medical bed. George, the father, kneeled beside the woman he longed for, and now she was gone. "Sir," one of the doctors said, "I'm so sorry,". The tall man stood up. His eyes were starting to tear up. "Thank you," George told the doctor. "Would 당신 like us to leave and get 당신 daughter...
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The only reason I'm saying this is because I've heard from 팬 that they did this last 년 with ROTI and had the final 4 as the only playable characters. The 8 playable characters are (SPOILERS):


I'm just wondering why Cartoon Network would spoil it like that! Lindsay, Lightning, and Jo are not playable characters, and never were. Although the game is fun, CN should've included all 14 contestants and not spoil us if this is true. I would be rooting for Sierra and Zoey, in case anyone is wondering. (Courtney is my first choice.)

So IF this is true, then Alejandro, Cameron, and Courtney would be the 다음 to go? Yet again, they don't have Duncan on the heroes. Everyone else is on the right team. What do 당신 guys think? Is it true? I hope not. I want Courtney to win!
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Last chapter. I'm sad. *Starts to cry* Well all good things have to come to an end. This one is going to be hysterical though. Let's begin....
"Well.," Mike stuttered. "What Mike is trying to say is that," Zoey looked over at Mike and told him," Wow. This is hard,". Mike just nodded. "Come on. Spit it out. 당신 have to tell me now," Uncle Sam said in interest. Mike finally decided to speak up. He sighed and explained what happened today. The rain, Duncan, even the kiss. "We're...
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The 6th episode of TDAS. I don't own anything! Enjoy!
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