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Mal felt someone breathing down his neck. He slowly turned his head, noticing...... nothing but darkness. Mal shooed it off and went back to sleep. Around 2 in the morning, a coldness that filled his room awoke Mal. He tried to 덮개, 랩 himself in his blanket, but it was quickly ripped off his body. As he tried to reach around and find his blanket, he felt a fabric material. He looked up and saw someone in a full black cloak.

Mal's eyes widen in fear when he saw the figure. "H-hello." Mal said, frightened. Mal rarely got scared, but with all the experiences he had tonight, he was terrified. The...
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So, here's a story about Duncan in Juvy. It's going to be in first person. (Duncan's point of view). Enjoy.
It was raining and cold when the cops took me away. Shoving me up against the 후드 of a car and hand cuffing my wrists. "Get in there, punk!" Brian, my parole officer, exclaimed at me as he threw me into the back of the car. I tried to have a conversation with him, but I could only hear him muffle and scoff under his breath. The only thing I heard him say was "Shut up, Duncan. I'm not in the mood,". This was when he was yelling...
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Sundae Muddy Sundae was the worst total drama all stars episode because of 4 people Chris Mal Scott and Gwen. Each of them had a part in ruining the episode. All of them had a part in Courtney getting elimanated. Chris made the twist that 당신 had to eat your own sundae. Scott voted for her. Mal showed everyone the chart and voted for her. And Gwen got her elimanated 의해 saying that to prove her loyalty she would have to vote herself off. And I have another 2 reasons to hate this episode. The reasons are Courtney and Gwen stopped being FRICKING 프렌즈 and Scotteny FRICKING broke up
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Before I begin, not only does my version fix all the issues the canon TDAS season had, but I've also fixed the 14 contestant format and increased the amount to 41. That's right. Not only are the TDI-TDWT and TDRI people in this, but so are the TDPI and TDRR contestants. So with that being said, let's begin.
Episode 1: Introductions
"Cut to the inside of a submarine: Chef is seen piloting the giant watercraft and the cast has some time to mingle amongst one another. In one corner of the submarine, DJ manages to get Ella, Miles, and Dawn into a conversation. As everyone was mingling, Chef suddenly...
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