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 Merry Christmas!
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Alright, so a few things have been annoying me this season. But nothing has annoyed me 더 많이 than Zoey. In ROTI, she was very aware of Scott and what he caused. She also knew about Lightning's skills. But this season, it's like she got twice 더 많이 skills, but has no brain! She can't figure out Mal. I'm glad she is at least STARTING to get an idea, but Mal has been around for like 10 episodes (including tonight), 5 total!

I know she will probably find out tonight 또는 다음 week, maybe from Gwen because unlike Duncan 또는 Al, she can actually trust Gwen.

Is Zoey driving 당신 guys mad as well? Don't get me wrong, Zoey is my 가장 좋아하는 contestant from ROTI, but it's just this situation.
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The only reason I'm saying this is because I've heard from 팬 that they did this last 년 with ROTI and had the final 4 as the only playable characters. The 8 playable characters are (SPOILERS):


I'm just wondering why Cartoon Network would spoil it like that! Lindsay, Lightning, and Jo are not playable characters, and never were. Although the game is fun, CN should've included all 14 contestants and not spoil us if this is true. I would be rooting for Sierra and Zoey, in case anyone is wondering. (Courtney is my first choice.)

So IF this is true, then Alejandro, Cameron, and Courtney would be the 다음 to go? Yet again, they don't have Duncan on the heroes. Everyone else is on the right team. What do 당신 guys think? Is it true? I hope not. I want Courtney to win!
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It was just turning from 일 to night when Zoey and Mike had pulled up to the bridge where The Goatman visits. They decided to enjoy their moment alone until Zoey stopped, sensing her and Mike were being watched. I think we should get out of here. said Mike What are 당신 kidding? I think we should stay and enjoy our moment alone. said Zoey Okay. said Mike, leaning in for a 키스 until a tall goat creature showed up 다음 to their car, interrupting their moment alone. Suddenly, an axe shattered through the back window and landed in the back seat, causing both Mike and Zoey to panic. The Goatman...
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