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Okay, I like many other people did not like the turn out of this season because it was just well, too predictable because Mike won! I mean, the whole season centered around him and his multiple personalities going on an adventure to stop this all new personality Mal who just conveniently showed this season so why not have a girl win again and not another guy. 의해 the way don't 당신 find it funny that his evil personality was just destroyed when the finale was almost finished? Why couldn't Zoey win and not mike who had kind've cheated because he was manipulative and scary Mal not loving weak Mike? I'm gonna leave 당신 with that and hopefully 당신 guys will tell me who 당신 thought shouldv'e won! see ya later!
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This season did not make me incredibly happy because the people who made this season found many ways to make the actual show shorter 의해 spending about six 분 going into mikes mind trying to defeat this new personality "Mal" plus the numerous commercials so yeah also it was freaking' stupid in the 초 또는 third episode when Alejandro is reveled and sounds like a stupid girl no soothing and manly voice but a squeaky annoying one. he's not as manipulative, sly 또는 manly like he was in the last episode. Lawshawna was highly needed in this season to promote 더 많이 drama And to 상단, 맨 위로 it all off this season was just short! only having oh, 14 players and all so cartoon network needs to up their game! i give this season three stars because Alejandro and heather finally got together go team ale-heather!
Alright, so here it goes.

This was the 100th episode of Total Drama. And as some of 당신 saw, Ezekiel kidnaps Chris. So the contestants go to save him. Mal and Cam work together, Courtney and Scott (after hooking up :)) work together, Gwen and Zoey, then Alejandro.

I have come to the conclusion that Courtney has the worst luck with relationships. Yes, she and Scott kissed! But then Mal (to get Scott on their side) makes Cameron 키스 Courtney and then say she kissed him. So Scott and Courtney are in a feud.

Gwen won invincibility, also getting to chose Alejandro to go to Boney Island. And due...
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posted by TDI_A_WT_ROTI
Great episode!

So, the challenge, like many people thought, was to face their fears. But who cares? IZZY CAMEOED!!!! She was the 거미 that was Mike's fear. And boy did Mike/Mal beat the crap out of her. Oh well. Courtney and Gwen were getting along the whole episode until, yep, they had to fight. When they refused, Chris showed a montage of Gwuncan moments (-__-) and Courtney started fighting. They ended up tieing, Gwen admitting to Courtney she came back to make things better with her and Courtney admitted she doesn't miss Duncan, but missed their friendship. So Chris gives them 2 points and the Vultures win! I'm happy Courtney wasn't just playing Gwen either.

As a twist for elimination, the Vultures picked who gets voted off. If 당신 follow me a lot, you'll know I was screaming, "VOTE DUNCAN OFF!!!". But nope,


Because Cameron wanted Sierra to go 집 and be with Cody and not Cameron. So Sierra got flushed.

Interesting episode!

So, the challenge as most know was an egg hunt in the fun zone. Cameron and Gwen seem to be getting along, probably because they're both heroic villains. So Mike and Zoey are trying to keep it together, but of course Evil Mike is making Zoey doubt Mike. Ok here are the storylines.

1. Courtney and Gwen are friends...i think?

I don't think 100% yet! but Gwen pulled her aside and she said she ended it with Duncan and trusting girlfriends before boys. She asked Courtney who she wants gone and she'll vote for that person. Hopefully some good development starts happening.

2. Duncan...
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