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 Merry Christmas!
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This Total Drama All-Stars 팬 아트 contains 애니메이션, 만화, and 만화책.

btw the video look short ? Heroic 햄스터 Team: Mike, Zoey, Cameron, Sam, Courtney, Lindsay, and Sierra
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part 1
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Well, episode 4 is a wrap. Great episode, with lots of twists! They had to do an eating challenge and then complete an obstacle course (based off of Revenge of the Island). It came down to Al and Sam, and...the HEORES WIN!

But wait!

Turns out, Chris reviewed the challenge, and Sam didn't finish all the pancakes! So the VILLAINOUS VULTURES WIN! And the person sent 집 packing...



For obvious reasons.

Some other noticeable things; Scott likes Courtney, and made it very obvious throughout the episode. They even hugged after the Vultures won! Gwen also stated that she only came back to...
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So, I decided to write a story where Zoey had her ex-bf come back to where she lives. It's also from Mike's perspective (kind of). I hope 당신 guys enjoy it.
"I can do this. I can do this," a tall, tan boy told himself. He rang the door bell, but with his nervousness, he jumped into the bushes off to the side and watched as the door opened. A red haired, pale girl looked around, but saw no one. She walked back inside and closed the door behind her.

Mike, the neighbor of Zoey, sighed and felt ashamed of himself. He knew he could talk...
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Confirmed Characters for the first half of this season (2nd half will introduce an all new cast -____-)


My Opinions:
Alejendro: He'll ruin everything for everyone like he did in TDWT. I seriously dislike him -__- and I hope gets eliminated first.

Cameron: He can't win again, so he probably won't go very far.
Courtney: CIT FTW! Seriously, I hope she goes
far and wins! I think she deserves to. I hope she gets nicer this season! Courtney needs tons of character development and her lack of character development is veryyyy...
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Third part. We'll just see what Mal does.
Hmmm. Well, enjoy!
Episode 10:

So. It's been pretty laid back for awhile. Though, Mike and Chester are running around in my head. I still worry about that. Anyway, that morning, I go visit Zoey. Just like Mike would. I knocked on her cabin's window. She opens it and I ask if she's ok. She's still bummed that Cameron was gone. I acted that way too.

In the confessional: "Ha. Mike might miss the little brainiac, but as far as I'm concerned, getting rid of Cameron was like scraping gum off my...
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It had been a full 년 after Chris got arrested last season for contaminated the island and Chef had stopped 의해 the jail cell he was in to pay him a visit and convince him to host the new season, which Chris agreed to. In a matter of time, a green army helicopter full of the 14 contestants was hovering high above the island. After a full 년 of being in jail, i was finally given another chance to host. And nothing feels better than introducing the 14 contestants for this season, including some familiar faces 당신 may recognize from season one to three. said Chris. 마리나, 선착장 was the first to be...
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So, I decided to write a story about Svetlana. She's the only girl personality and one 일 I asked myself "What would happen if Svetlana was alone?". Well? What would happen if Svetlana was alone?
Mike and his personalities were climbing up Mal's tower. Higher and higher they got. Just then, Manitoba stopped. Svetlana looked back at him. "Vhat's vrong, Mani? Ve're about to beat Mal!" she squealed.

"I know, but...." he stopped.

"But vhat?" Svetlana asked.

"I have a feeling this is the last time we'll ever see each other,"...
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Episode 100!! So excited :D
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this week Courtney sadly gets eliminated sorry could not keep it in any longer I hope zoey stays for a while I bet it will be zoey vs mike really it isn't mike it is male I hope zoey will win this season and GOOD NEWS there is going to be a brand new cast after this hope the cast is as good as the old and I wonder if we will see the old cast now and then hope so i like when izzy appears she is so funny and zoey who are your 가장 좋아하는 old cast cast from izzy21721817
PS this 기사 was on November 19 2013 wish zoey good luck