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Tom Felton: It’s good to be the villain. I think every actor likes to play a character that is miles away from yourself. But in reality, Daniel Radcliffe and I are very convergent. We share the 사랑 for cricket. Even if we try to murder each other with spells, we are brothers together in Daniel’s dressing room 다음 to watch cricket matches on TV. We sometimes play cricket, but the film company is quite concerned that Daniel gets a ball in his face. So, the ball is not hit in his direction. ”
Tom Felton: We still have several months filming. The last scene we will probably be filming the...
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posted by HPCouples
This is how the conversation went.

Interviewer: Do 당신 all stay in contact with each other?

Bonnie: We do, um, we've all decided that the Weasley family are going to have yearly reunions.

Tom: Oh, I get it.....I get it.

Mark: It's OK.

Tom: No, no, no, no...

Mark: Listen, listen. Let me put it another way.

Tom: Go on.

Mark: The Weasley family are going to host.

Everyone: Ahhh

Tom: Marvelous, then I shall look 앞으로 to those parties.

Bonnie: Yes, come join.

Video: Warner Bros. Studio Tour 런던 - The Making of Harry Potter - Live web cast
Time: 27:24-27:47
posted by HPCouples
Q: Do 당신 both have all the Harry Potter 영화 at home? Do 당신 watch them from time to time?
Bonnie: Yeah, we're always given lots and lots of copies every time they come out.

Tom: Yeah, plenty of DVDs. It's cool. They play it on TV so much, I swear. It's just kind of weird looking back at yourself when 당신 were [high voice] speaking like this [normal voice] and then 당신 were that tall.

Bonnie: We should have a little movie marathon.

Tom: Yeah, one day.

Bonnie: Maybe in like twenty years 또는 something.

Tom: Yeah. I've never actually sat down and properly watched them from start to finish. It might be kind of cool one day.