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#1: Tintin in the land of the Soviets

#2: Tintin in the Congo

#3: Tintin in America

#4: Cigars of the Pharaoh

#5: The Blue Lotus

#6: The Broken Ear

#7: The Black Island

#8: King Ottokar's Sceptre

#9: The 게, 크랩 with the Golden Claws

#10: The Shooting Star

#11: The Secret of the Unicorn

#12: Red Rackham's Treasure

#13: The Seven Crystal Balls

#14: Prisoners of the Sun

#15: Land of Black Gold

#16: The Calculus Affair

#17: Destination Moon

#18: Explorers on the Moon

#19: The Red Sea Sharks

#20: Tintin in Tibet

#21: The Castafiore Emerald

#22: Flight 714

#23: Tintin and the Picaros

#24: Tintin and Alph-Art
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A tribute for the ever awesome Tintin!
posted by warunamereword
 TinTin (c)Warunamereword.wordpress.com
TinTin (c)Warunamereword.wordpress.com
Do 당신 have kids? Do they have any Tintin books? If not, they're missing out on something special. 다음 birthday 또는 Christmas, pick them up a couple of Tintin 책 and watch them lose themselves in these fantastic adventures. (Some adventures are spread over two 책 - make sure 당신 get both parts unless 당신 want a quick trip to the bookstore!) If 당신 can't buy the books, check out your local library. Most carry some of the adventures, and I've seen them in school libraries as well. I don't care where they get them - I just don't want to keep meeting people who haven't even heard of them,...
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dance time!
the adventures of tintin
full episode
posted by madforstuff
I have great news! Today (december 1st 2010) I was looking at the magazines and spotted one called the Empire. its some magazine about new 영화 또는 something... anyway the 상단, 맨 위로 scoop was about the latest Tintin movie! Yes! A new Movie!

The 기사 said it is being mde my the two biggest names in movie history. Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson.

As some of 당신 might be aware, Steven made the Tintin 만화 in the 90's and Peter has been a huge Tintin 팬 since he was a little boy. So this Directing Duo should do Herge proud.

The movie is going to be in 3D which is a vast improvement from the...
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1: Tintin
2: Snowy
3: Captain Haddock
4: Thompson and Thomson
5: Professor Calculus
6: Abdullah
7: Enaddine Akass
8: General Alcazar
9: Professor Hector Alembick
10: Alonso and Ramon
11: Barnaby
12: Mr Baxter
13: Big Chief Keen-Eyed Mole
14: Bill
15: The Bird Brothers
16: Mr Bohlwinkel
17: Mr Bolt
18: Colonel Boris
19: Borschtisov
20: Rascar Capac
21: Al Capone
22: Chang
23: Captain Chester
24: Dawson
25: Lieutenant Doctor
26: Corporal Diaz
27: Didi
28: The Director of Kidnap Inc.
29: Emir Ben Kalish Ezab
30: The Fakir
31: Henri Fourcart
32: Mr Gibbons
33: The Grand Abbot
34: Sir Francis Haddock
35: Huascar
36: Irma
37: Ivan
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