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A Beautiful Mind soundtrack
a beautiful mind soundtrack
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note-THIS IS A TRUE STORY!!!! if 당신 have a 심장 that is true then 당신 well past this story on. Its about a little girl who turned 3 years old she had a great 2 years of her life.Its about a chose her mother made.Some choses are not good.I well not use the real names of people but other then that the story is true maybe 당신 already read it . ....................................................HI my name is Kaley im 3 years old my daddy is in the army I count the days until he comes home. Mommy has a new boy friend he dose not seem to like me he calls me names. He broke my legs he broke my...
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I hope 당신 enjoy!
1.some one eating your chocolate
2.geting an F-
3.being un-invited to a party
4.Spilling your hot coco on the floor
5.laughing at the wrong thing
6.geting in a reck
7.being dumped
8.geting 주스 in your eyes
9.smelling bad
10.wearing the wrong uniform
12.getting a brain freeze
13.being mad at a friend
14.not understanding a single thing
15.the alarm clock not working
16.not knowing what the answer is while your being put on the spot
18.spilling your dinner
I hope 당신 enjoyed!
my name is orangeturnip 또는 symon but i was thinking of legaly changing my name to orangeturnip...

i look at this world and i see beuty within it in the most unlikly places...

*caves with underwater entrances that lead to caverns with no other entrance to them- dark places full of unique eco sytems that thrive in conditions that would kill most other life forms.

*the neon glowing sea creatures at the depths

*that smile that is 더 많이 beutiful to 당신 than anything yet other peaple just walk on by.

*any ways we find to be diffrent

*when a deaf person signs to another across a noisy room

*when we can accept...
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drowning your sorrows
dosent make a better tomorrow
the brightness of the light
a thumping in your head
do 당신 feel better for it?
was it worth it?

the drop of the drip
when you've had too many sips
the tube down your throat
and the pumping of the pump
do 당신 feel better for it?
was it worth it?

admit it!
you've got a problem
face it!
face on
do 당신 feel better for it?
was it worth it?

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she came from afar
we spark hit the floor
as soon as our eyes met

was it 사랑 또는 something else

i made her cry when i turned her down
i thought she was just teasing
but it seemed she was serious

within 24 hours we were an item
there were places we went
but it was best when it was the just us in no particular place just talking

many happy months went by

i heard the news she had another

she was going 집 to him

she said she would break up with him and we could write

i told her i didn't care

but i did

i told her not to write we may never see each other again

this was true

i told her to stay with her boyfriend...
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posted by orangeturnip
i am me
in many bodies
i am me
in many minds

there is the witch within
she is my anger
she speaks to me and trys to control me

there is the gatekeeper
he is my self control
he is my savior and my enemy

there is the soldier
he is the fighter
he is there when all is not lost

there is the peace
she fights the nightmares
it is she who i love

there is the turmoil
he is the strongest one
he is the witches bodygaurd

there is the animial
a he and she
my lust

then there is the law
my conscience
she tells me what is right

we are me
in many bodies
we are me
in many minds
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this 사랑 is real
too hot to handle
this 사랑 is alive
take care of it
또는 it will hurt you
the pain is so hard to have
so keep it real

don't mess me about
당신 know you'll never find another one like me
i'm a saint in a twisted place
i'm so unique , i'm a little strange
i'm on the edge of something
what i lack in strengh i have in warmth
but i have a 심장 that bleeeds the same

i'm in love
i 사랑 당신 best
your an angelic little devil
that's naughty but nice
if 당신 went i would cry
i would never find another you
keep your sweet lungs breathing on me.

i promise i will take better care of 당신 in future.
just don't go.