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A Beautiful Mind soundtrack
a beautiful mind soundtrack
posted by Cantwait4book5
당신 are already late, and your key is missing, 당신 wish there was 'find tool (ctrl+F)' in life!

5 분 이전 당신 were traveling to office at 80 mph. in your brand new car. Now 당신 are traveling to hospital at double the speed in an ambulance, 당신 wish there was 'undo (ctrl + Z)' in life!

당신 are a bankrupt, after investing in some weird business, 당신 wish there was 'rebuild all' in life!

The train is so crowded that 당신 cannot get anywhere near that nice girl at the other end, 당신 wish there was 'zoom & view full screen'in life!

After marriage 당신 realize that there is bound to be a mismatch, 당신 wish there was an valuation period' 또는 atleast a 'sample download' 또는 a 'demo version'!

One 일 당신 realize that 당신 are turning bald, 당신 wish there was 'cut and paste (ctrl + X)/(ctrl + C)' in life!

Keys U & I are together on the keyboard bt sadly not always there in life......
posted by Abilei
The Game is a mind game where the objective is to avoid thinking about The Game itself. Thinking about The Game constitutes a loss, which, according to the rules of The Game, must be announced each time it occurs. It is impossible to win The Game; players can only attempt to avoid losing for as long as possible. The Game has been described alternately as pointless and infuriating, 또는 as a challenging game that is fun to play.[1] As of 2010, The Game is played 의해 millions worldwide.


There are three rules to The Game:
1)Everyone in the world is playing The Game. (Sometimes narrowed to:...
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my name is orangeturnip 또는 symon but i was thinking of legaly changing my name to orangeturnip...

i look at this world and i see beuty within it in the most unlikly places...

*caves with underwater entrances that lead to caverns with no other entrance to them- dark places full of unique eco sytems that thrive in conditions that would kill most other life forms.

*the neon glowing sea creatures at the depths

*that smile that is 더 많이 beutiful to 당신 than anything yet other peaple just walk on by.

*any ways we find to be diffrent

*when a deaf person signs to another across a noisy room

*when we can accept...
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posted by orangeturnip
if sadness comes in drops like rainfor our crops
should we not drink the water 또는 pain
because being happy is only in vain,
because being in pain means someone
else is happier on the other side of the lane.

everyone must share the nightmares,
everyone must fight for the light
because no matter what 당신 do,
good and bad will equal overall,
so there will always be a fall.

do 당신 believe me when i say,
당신 will be happy one day
but even then be on your toes
because badness will always be your foe.
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Over the many years of pikachu,if 당신 look closely 피카츄 has been getting thinner and thinner.When it started he was this cute,fat little chunk of Pokemon,but now he's a skinny little freak.Which can only me one thing....Ash has forced him to become bulimic!
Ash:Jeez,Pikachu your so fat!



Ash:Loose some weight 당신 fat bastard!


Ash:No stop eating!Your just gonna get fatter!

*Ash shoves his finger down pikachu's throat to make him vomit his 음식 up.Pikachu...
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posted by Darkmoons
당신 lose a mother
당신 lose father
당신 lose a sibling
당신 lose Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Husband/Wife
당신 lose a friend

당신 even lose hope.

Things starts to be darker and darker.
당신 cry till 당신 feel like going blind.You feel weak.
당신 believe that there is no solution that pain never stops
But somehow it does. Your pain becomes your life lessons.
So if 당신 are suffering let it be.

당신 find a place to cry, Find a friend to hug. Go out and show the world that 당신 are stronger than pain.

The sun will always brings another hope.
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