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Roxy shuddered as she arrived 집 and rode to 사랑 and pet on her bike, Artu swiftly trotting beside her. 'Trap my friends?' Thought Roxy. 'I must be mad. What if the sisters were lying? After all, I hardly know them, yet alone trust them! But i guess its too late now.' She parked her bike outside the winxs 샵 and current home.
Tiptoeing though the double doors with Artu whimpering (which was probally a plead to forget the the three witches claims.), Roxy once again found that no one was in the main entrance, except this time their were the guardian 요정 pets who were hovering about Roxy greeting her, which sickened the animal fairy deeply. "How dare 당신 act so cutesey and tooth-decayingly sweet! I know your evil!" Retorted Roxy. The pets exchanged a confused glance but continued flutter around her. That really set Roxy on edge.
"Roxy believix!" Shouted Roxy, knowing that those two simple words would make so much difference! The magical energy within her doubled, as a shroud of 잔디 green butterflys surrounded her,she grew taller, even 더 많이 pretty, her face altered to one with ravishing makeup, her hair became 더 많이 vibrant, glossy and long, her outfits was swapped for a sparkly, jade coloured one and she even sprouted enormous wings! "Wow, thats never quite gonna get old!" Declared Roxy. "Now time to finish 당신 beasts off!" She declared. "Lion...No I can't hurt you, But I'm after the winx!" She annouced, flapping her wings perpelling herself into the chill out room, she wasn't gone long, they must still be there! Fluttering into the room she saw the winx, still fixtated on the 사진 album. "Tiger!" Chanted Roxy as she mystically summoned a tiger to claw them. "Roxy, what are 당신 doing?!" Screamed Stella. "We thought we were friends!" Sobbed Flora. "Don't worry girls, nice kitty! Wonderful water!" Casted Layla as she pelted the tiger with her water magic. The tiger instantly cowered and Roxy teleported the big cat back to the wild. "Grrr." Growled Roxy. "Whats going on roxy?" Asked Bloom but before she could anwser the trix teleported into the room. "How do we look in our non-believix?" Asked Darcy. "No time for jokes Darcy, we have witches to fry!" Said Bloom. "And we've got fairys and inoccent little people to fry!" Snapped icy. "May the wind forever howl in Gardinia!" Declared Stormy, as suddenly the wind blew as hard as a tidal wave. "May the dakrness overthrow the light forever in Gardinia!" Spelled Darcy as the whole town of gardinia seemed to be in twilight, as if it was night 24/7, well, thats what the spell did. "And may the winter fall apon gardinia forever!" Screamed Icy as it seemed to be frightfully cold all of a sudden. "They have turned this place into a hell hole!" Noted Tecna angrily. "It already was before in my oppinion." Muttered Stella under her breathe. "I heard that!" Cried Roxy in tears. "What have 당신 done to my town?" She demanded to the trix. "What do 당신 think, gulible little fairy!" Hissed Icy before she and her sisters teleported back to magix. "Oh guys, I'm so sorry!" Apolagised Roxy, wallowing in self pity, although this time no one really felt like being kind. "You lame little freak!" Frowned Stella. "Don't worry Roxy." Conforted Bloom, trying to hide her fear and grief. But there was a need to worry, Gardinia had entered the eternal winter and the trix had returned, 더 많이 powerful than ever!
To be continued. Thanks for 읽기 I hoped 당신 liked the final part of "Roxys journey." I will continue it, just done as a different title. :) Please commetn adn rate. (Ps please note that I do not own winx club.)
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posted by Princess-Flora
------Outside P.O.V
So it’s been a little over two years already since the mention of The War happened. Also it’s only been 년 and three months since their fallout and the last time Eric and little old me. They don’t know it, but I am going to strike soon. I’ll attack what will make those annoying 요정 cry and weak. I’m so genius because who can protect those awful girls with wings if their husbands are already down. I think with this I will actually be able to finally rid the Magic Dimension of the Winx one and for all. Maybe I’ll finally be accepted as a witch if they’re...
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posted by Princess-Flora
After nominations and voting we have our winners. This 기사 will contain the user and what they won,and the link to the 포럼 with the edits.

and the Winners for this 년 are

Best 사랑 Story for 사랑 Problems

Best Action Story for Winx,meet the Avengers

Best Mystery for The Silver Ring
Best Video Contributor
Best Link Contributor
Cool Kid

Best Sob Story for Heartbroken
퀸 Bee In Training

Best Horror for Dark 꽃 and Light Shadows
Kept 당신 On The Edge of Your 좌석 for Break

Biggest Bloom...
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1. What was your reaction about being FOTM?
:O  My face :D Literally I couldn't believe it! Seriously wasn't expecting it, too many good contributors on here and I'm glad people appreciate my activity on this spot. From joining 팬팝 I wanted to be recognised, I'm slowly working my way upwards and through the support of this amazing fan-base I can do so. Thanks 당신 all for voting for me <3

2. Favourite Character?
Probably been guessed already, Stella. On 텔레비전 I relate to a character (weird, I know) 의해 their hair. I'm a blonde; Stella's a blonde, boom, instant connection. I then...
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**note: I wrote this along with another one in Algebra 2 Honors after I finished my class work and was listening to these two songs. I just had to type them on my computer since I wrote them in my journal first. so here is the first one
my other one shots
Waiting For Your Return (link)
Until 당신 Swim (link)
옮기기 의해 Little Mix (link)
Not Your 신데렐라 (link)
Haunted House (link)
Left On The Dance floor (link)

I sat in my room looking out at the snow falling gently onto the ground. All of my 프렌즈 were excited...
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posted by Princess-Flora
So a lot of people have been making 기사 about their 가장 좋아하는 people on the spot, and I decide why not 가입하기 in the fun and create one of my own and sorry if you're not listed it's nothing personal just these are the main people. Also this is in no particular order.

TaySFloraVEVO (Julianna): she may not be on here much anymore, but she was one of the first few people I got to know really well. She has been there from when I wrote Flora's Secrets which was my first 팬 fiction I ever wrote. She also is really nice and kind and we helped each other out a lot when we would have writer's block....
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posted by Princess-Flora
On Linphea
----outside p.o.v
The Winx and specialists arrived to see Flora and Helia doing everything possible to protect the King and 퀸 and keep the palace from collapsing after Eric’s attack. Flora was growing weaker 의해 the moment and only a shield Helia had gotten from his grandfather after he graduated was the only thing protecting them overhead. Luckily the Winx were there at the exact moment Flora collapsed from exhaustion. Eric laughed menacing because he only had five 더 많이 to take down, but he thought that it would be provably be best to take them all down, so no one would be left...
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