The Who have 당신 ever seen The Who live?

Aileendamen posted on Jun 23, 2007 at 05:18PM
Well? Have you?

I Have! twice in 2 weeks! Once in Ahoy Rotterdam (the netherlands)I live in Holland and that concert was brilliant! Even though I missed moon and the ox, the concert was great! Simon, Pino and Zak are doing a good job!
The second time was in Germany Oberhausen.
The concert was great, only the public was different,and so was the atmosphere! Rogers voice wasn't the best, but it didn't put me down! I loved every second of it!

any of you ever seen them live?
Tell me your story!
love Aileen

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over a year ago Smoothie1 said…
No. I wish... :(
over a year ago 2bluemoon said…
I did ! Three times. They were my first concert and my mom was freaked out because they become notorius for the Cincinnati stampede. She thought there was a good chance I was gonna die ! I saw them October 23rd( outside )and the 25th ( inside ) 1982 and August 30 1989. Each time was in Oakland ,California.
over a year ago forestsoul said…
Can someone help me remember or verify this event memory? I saw the who at madison square a couple of times and the spectrum once in the 70's. I jumped onstage after pinball wizard, i think at MSG (I was kind of high). I put my right arm over Daltrey and we both faced the audience and saluted with a closed fist 'right on' sign, (my left and his right arm). I then went over to Entwistle and Townsend and they slapped (low fived) my open hand. Then I went over to Moon to do the same but couldn't access him, his drums were massive and blocked him. I then jumped off the front of the stage back into the crowd. I was wearing a purple t-shirt with a picture of round fruit, maybe cherries, on a stem with the word "balls". Can Roger verify this or is there any documentation or photo out there of this.
over a year ago crittelover said…
yes! 1971 I still have the souvinir program!
over a year ago Wylie_R said…
Yes, the last time was 4 years ago (2013) for their "Quadrophenia" tour, in Long Island. I wont tell you the first time I saw them live, as that would reveal my age! lol