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posted by K5-HOWL

deejay and the group arrived back at the camp with the injured Itachi.

"he's been badly poisoned" deejay said. "i'm familiar with the makeup. Kabuto once showed me a poison like this one. we need to send a party to hunt for Jyoko flowers. huge red water lillies with black spots, they usually grow near the land of the waves."

"I'll 검색 for them" Hidan said.

Zubaru nodded. "okay. Zep go with Hidan. you're our best scout here."

both the ninjas vanished.


while waiting for Hidan and Zep to return, Deejay was tinkering with the body of Sasori. filling it with weapons....
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posted by K5-HOWL

Amena smiled and said "i 사랑 당신 but not in the way your thinking" and in her mind"and i was telling 당신 what i was." she pulled away from Zeke and sat on the other side of the tree. then a boy who looked like he 3-5years old sat 다음 to her and layed into her. all Amena said was "hello Shamboo"

*Usually zeke would have burst into flames and killed everyone, but he new what she ment. he smiled and slowely vanished in flames back to his kingdom, The whole ninja world. he then appeared beside his thrown he saw renku and his team*

"Why are 당신 here, did 당신 finish your mission."...
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posted by K5-HOWL
"i hope 당신 return soon Shadow. i remember less and less the longer 당신 are away from me"

Is that so...." Shadow enters the building only to be charged blindly at 의해 Deejay and showing with out breaking a sweat and hardly moving he stops his charge 의해 grabbing the blade 의해 his mouth and he allowed blood to go down it...

deejay holds back in shock.

"whoa sorry, are 당신 ok?"

he removes and sheathes the blade

"did i hurt you?" deejay puts a comforting hand on Shadows shoulder. he merely wiped away the blood on his lips and smiled.

"i feel nothing, do not worry"

deejay heads over to the 침대 and pulls...
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posted by K5-HOWL
(its 3 years in the future)

3 years ago


deejay floated. he felt peaceful and serene here. but also hollow. broken.

he looked at his body and how it had aged. his hair had grown longer, he felt his mouth and nose. at least that had stayed the same. his arms were thicker than they used to be and he had grown no taller.

his clothes did not fit anymore. so he discarded them. he ran through the events that had happened following his death. the bizzare meetings.

he'd arrived at a white room. purely white. there was no door. just a hole deejay could walk through. in the white...
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posted by K5-HOWL

"Well well if it isn't the arm theif." A familiar voice said to Alester.

Alester saw Hidan smiling at him.

"No long no see haow bout a warm up?" He asked.
"Oh wait 당신 fight ..."

Hidan pointed to the door and looked around.

"Hey were'd he go... he was right beside me when we were running to you, i told him look its him and..." Hidan slaps his forhead hard. "Ow right..."
He let out a stupid laugh and backed up and looked around the village. "I am so dead."

---the monkey escapes---

*from a tree, songoku slowely rises. he seems to be smiling*

"dang, that guy took out...
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posted by K5-HOWL
Zeke than turned to soren, who had seen his crualty toward the head of shikimaru. he just smiled at her and looked at Renku.

"now 당신 have a mission renku, i hope 당신 dont fail me this time. that is why im goignt to allow jimmy to assist you."

Renku grinded his teeth as he heard the word "Fail". It really angered him because he was strong. HE WAS...or he hoped he was. Disbelief grew in his 심장 until a large yellow hand landed on his shoulder.

"JIMMY!" he said with excite ment.

Renku nudged off the hadn and walked a little bit away from the large man. he then turned to Zeke.

"what is this...
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posted by K5-HOWL

Songoku watched with satisfaction as the blond haired ninja slumped to the floor. only to melt into a puddle. he frowned looking puzzled.

out of the 벽 다음 to him a rocklike form of the blond haired ninja erupted striking Songoku sending him flying into the opposing wall.

"While we remain in this prison i make the rules yeah."

the blond ninja smiled and made some hand signals. lots of clay 나비 floated around Songoku's head


they all exploded forming a smoke cloud. Songoku dodged deftly to the side to be tackled from behind. Songoku unleashed...
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posted by K5-HOWL

shisutaa just smiled and said “I know I cant change you” then she walked in frount of him, said “tag” and kissed him on his lips this time instead of his forhead
and thought to herself “im just gonna do what Sarah and Adeleine did”


Shamboo was leaving for good to find his ‘mommy’ as soon as he was out of site Amena fell to her knees crying, Zeke appeared beside her and wrapped an arm around her, he was telling her not to cry and a few 분 later she stopped

Zeke lifted her face and whipped away the last of her tears and before he knew what he...
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posted by K5-HOWL
---Hidden WaterFall Village---

Amena rested her hand on the burned village gate. she felt very sad and weak. then layed her head against it and sighed.

Jullian licked her other hand, feeling her distress. Amena looked down at the 늑대 pup, smiled, and closed her eyes.

she turned and walked up a 언덕, 힐 and sat down under a 체리 blossom tree, with a perfect view of her 집 village, that was now completly wiped out

she thought to herself "why did i ever think that i hated this place?"

she looked up the 나무, 트리 and thought "nothing stays the same will always return no matter who many...
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if Alester changes, this song would fit perfectly if he was 노래 it to Shisutaa
posted by K5-HOWL

"Master Zeke" said the water ninja. "i have succeeded in my mission. i would like to take this moment to ask a request of you."

"fool" began zeke. "you already failed me once and now 당신 want a request granted?"

"Zekey Zekey" said Renku snidely "me and my team would like to request the return of our fourth member. in exchange for the body of Soren. the progeny" he said dropping ehr to the floor.


jimmy laughed as he then stuck his blade in the ground. right then a 아카츠키 망토, 망 토 appeared on him as he looked up at the two lage that seemed to be nervouse....
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posted by K5-HOWL

Renku exausted and confused reached futilly for the game around Shadow Deejay's waist.
deejay snatched it away before he could grab it.

"So 당신 want to see 더 많이 of my jutsus huh?"

Renku made some hand signals. "Water style, deadly water whip"

a single line of water flew from Renku's fingertips snaking towards deejay

Deejay grinned. one of his eyes changed color from 무지개, 레인 보우 to green.

"Shambles" he said.

the line of water suddenly turned into a watery dragon. it turned on Renku who looked shocked. deejay spun the control stick on the game at his hip and he shattered into...
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posted by K5-HOWL

Deejay braced as the four ninjas flew down from the trees. 다음 to him Alester drew his gigantic blade and Raizo pulled two swords from thier scabbards.

"never thought we'd all fight together" Raizo said as he readied himself.

Alester swung the blade. "which one do 당신 want?"

Raizo started counting off the ninjas. "as long as it isn't the girl"

Sasuke drew his blade and appeared to float towards deejay in slow motion. 다음 to him Suigetsu flashed towards Shadow

Karin dropped on Raizo and Jugo prepared to stomp Alester into the ground

"sorry buddy" said Alester "you got the girl again"...
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posted by K5-HOWL

the ground rummbled knocking Airi down. for the 초 time that 일 she started to cry.

"this is quite a battle. i'm afraid we must hurry"

deejay scooped up Airi and put her on Shisutaas back.

"okay wolfie chan. it's time to go"

deejay sped into a ninja run. bounding from 나무, 트리 to tree. shadow disappeared. in an effort to keep up Shisutaa followed deejay's lead with Airi clinging tightly. close behind the ninjas Sasukes group pursued.

(wow so much is happening at once! i 사랑 this pace)


Alester arrived right on time. inside Ichiraku sat Raizo smoking...
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posted by K5-HOWL

Renku examined the destroyed leaf village gate. he hummed loudly at the scorch marks and the broken wood.

"un freakin believeable, one man did all this?"

another ninja appeared behind Renku suddenly. this one wore a black 망토, 망 토 with rocks up one side. his hair was a smooth blond. it 스플릿, 분할 in two over his face. he had bright blue eyes.

"master renku, we've examined the area surrounding the village we've uncovered some footprints although ancient they should lead us to thier camp hmm"

a third ninja appeared next. a female. she had red hair and deep green eyes. her black...
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posted by K5-HOWL
*as shisutaa gets ahead of Alester, he pauses and thinks*

Alester to himself: Is my mission really worth it, if it is not accepted 의해 the one i care for the most?

Shisutaa: Alester hurry up!

Alester looking up again; ok, im coming.

*the two head back to hq side 의해 side*

*Zeke then appears in a cave with many shadowy figures*

Zeke seriously: She must not know my intentions.

Shadowy figure: Why not, 당신 think she will leave 당신 Zeke?

Slim figure: Yea hunny, 당신 will always have us though.

zeke: it's not the same, i.......i can't explain it but i don't want this girl to realize my hearts nature....
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posted by K5-HOWL
so you're my 다음 opponent" deejay grins. "i gotta warn 당신 i'm not gonna go easy on 당신 this time"

ronbon stands still facing deejay. deejay bites his thumb spilling some blood.

Ronbon impacts his hands together and puts one up on the blade hilt.

Deejay runs at ronbon and leaps up preparing the sonic 대포 for a shot
ronbon swipes with the massive blade and eliminates the flying clone. blood splashes all round the area.

"you're pretty fast for someone of your size"

Ronbon smashes the blade into the earth and starts making hand signs.

"not this time" deejay grunts. he makes some rapid 불, 화재 signals...
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posted by K5-HOWL
Amena: nothing drives me to kill. and i dont have anything to protect right now.

Amena to herself: this guy is starting to creep me out.*shudders*

*Zeke just smiles*

Zeke: im sorry im creeping 당신 out, i guess thats none of my buiseness. i respect your choices.

Amena: did 당신 just..

Zeke: yes, i to can read minds. its a very bad habbit, 당신 somtimes see things that are not ment to be seen. Maybe things that are personal. Anyhow, i ask 당신 the 질문 because i care for you. 당신 dont seem to be the kind of person who retreats to violence when 당신 are angery.

*he pauses and stares into her eyes...
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posted by K5-HOWL
Migato in shock in her thoughts: How did he get there so fast! i couldn't sense anythiing.

*Songoku then appears behind her*

Migato: Rose style;death thorn rag...

*Again she is interupted as Songoku grabs that rose whip and runs circles around her, wraping her in her own whip*

songoku:this is really sad actually. At this rate 당신 wont last a minute.

*he pulls the whip, spinning Migato outward into the wall*

Migato stressed:this guy is somthing else.

*songoku stands infront of her eating his 복숭아 still*

Songoku with his mouth full: 당신 know (munch munch) i think this will last maybe 30 seconds...
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posted by K5-HOWL
there was no denying it. the desert battle had indeed been confusing.

deejay examined his hand. the 별, 스타 he'd signed on his palm glowed with an unnatural energy. the alternate dimension for storing demons was there. as was his fate if he wasn't careful.

leaning back in a chair he let his mind wander. after a while he fell asleep.


"Soren that's fantastic!"
deejay smiled as his apprentice held her new jutsu aloft. a perfect fusion of Rasengan and Chidori. but this was no ordinary rasengan. using sound waves Soren had made it highly explosive.

"every 일 당신 make me 더 많이 proud"...
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