The Secret 원, 동그라미 (TV Show) Characters Age

Kurenai24 posted on Sep 09, 2011 at 08:15AM
So if Cassie is 16 and Diana is 18...then Cassie is a junior and Diana is a senior but what about Nick, Faye, Melissa, and Adam who are all 17. Are they juniors who have early birthdays or are they seniors or is it just one big mix?

The Secret 원, 동그라미 (TV Show) 2 replies

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over a year ago forksandspoons said…
read the books
over a year ago IBelieveInJesus said…
what a helpful answer *lough* ;)
I would love to know that too. Actually quiet interresting. I thought they are all the same age... good to know that Diana is 18. Wow, younger Boyfriend. ;)