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posted by JBfan445
A girl is on Youtube,and she's just finnished learing the lyrics to a song for her school play. She's kinda bored,and she has no idea what to do. She shuts off the computer and goes to clean out her closet. As she's cleaning it out,she finds a old poster. On the poster is 5 boys and a girl. She smiles,remembering this band. "The Naked Brothers Band",she says out loud. She remembers her utter obsession with Nat,the lead singer. She thought she was going to marry Nat,even though he was way too old for her. She remembers wishing Qaasim,the guitarist,was her brother. She always thought she would...
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posted by cess_nat5
Nathaniel Marvin Wolff (a.k.a, Nat Wolff)

How old are you?
13 years old
When's your birthday?
What grade are 당신 in?
7th grade
What's your astrological sign?
How do 당신 get to school?
What time do 당신 have to go to bed?
When my homework is done
What do 당신 do for fun?
Play basketball, hang with friends, write songs, play with ET
What issues are 당신 interested in?
Global warming
What do 당신 want to be when 당신 grow up?
A musician and an actor
What's something 당신 wouldn't want to live without?
My family and music

What's your dream vacation destination?
What's your favorite...
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posted by hangman005
The purpose of this survey is to paint a picture of the 팬 views and feelings of this third ‘season’ of the Naked Brothers Band. This is open to any person who has seen the third ‘season’ of the show and will ask a serious of 질문 to paint a general overview of the ‘season’. I am declaring that I am independent of any media outlet, Nickelodeon 또는 the Naked Brothers Band. This survey will ask a couple of general personal 질문 designed to show the make up of people responding to it. Further personal information will not be collected and if supplied will not be passed on...
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