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 1x01- Pilot
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This The Mentalist screencap contains 신사복 and 비즈니스 정장. There might also be 옷 한 벌, 한 벌, 옷, 양복, and 정장.

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 Lisbon means strong. Jane means jerk.
Lisbon means strong. Jane means jerk.
Oh, this fanfic is starting to 덮개, 랩 up. Sad? Good, 당신 should be. Jane and Lisbon are freakin' fighting, and not in their usually adorkable way!!! I need to give simovska mad props for their pics!! I don't know where 당신 find these pics simovska, but I defidently want to know!
Disclaimer: Jisbon is real. Me owning The Mentalist is not.

" It's official. Jane broke Lisbon." 봉고차, 반 pelt announced to the team as she came out of Lisbon's office.
" What'd he do?!" Rigsby snarled. Cho broke his usually silence 의해 saying,
" Just give the word and we'll kill him." there...
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A video I made about how Lisbon wants to be Jane's girlfriend instead of Kristina. Grrrrr. Hate her :( How dare she tear Jisbon a part! Enjoy :D
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