The Lovely 본즈 (The film) ~Lovely Bones~

Cherry9090 posted on Nov 12, 2011 at 07:06AM
These where the lovely bones
That grew in my absence
The connections sometimes tenuous
Sometimes made at grate cost
Often magnificent
That happen
I began to see a world
That let me hold things without me in it
No body notices when we leave
I mean when we really choose to go
At best you might feel a whisper
Or a wave of a whisper
My name is Saimon like the fish
First name Susie
I was fourteen when I was murdered
December 6 1973
I was here for a moment
Then I was gone
I wish you all a happy long life

The Lovely 본즈 (The film) 1 reply

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over a year ago Cherry9090 said…
Plz take a moment everyday to think about those kids those beautiful children that where murdered and lost their killer never found and how lucky u and I are to be alive and happy plz tale a moment to reconize those who have not made it even tho some of us are aboyse victims we still made it we got a home a family freinds and ppl to love us we r lucky Plz take a moment to realise that those children r not with us