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As 당신 can see, Cartoon Network made a lt changes in the Looney Tunes. but once again, i say, Why aren't 당신 grateful that looney tunes was brought back to life once again, altough in a dfferent ways, 당신 guyz should be grateful, otherwise, 당신 might just keep repeating all the episodes of the classic looney tunes.
Okay let's see...changes..

Bugs Bunny
Before: actually smart when to pranks! Mostly funny all the tme when he knocks em off!
Now: still smart (still smart in pranks, but just smarter wen it comes to find ways!)three steps ahead everyone else, I can't tell anymore but I can say, cool!...
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posted by crash14
Its funny most of the looney tunes people like are barely shown. They need to show 더 많이 of Taz (my fav), foghorn leghorn, mac and tosh etc. Because everytime I watch a show I'm just hoping to see 더 많이 taz and even though the show is good I would be even better with 더 많이 of him. Cause who doesn't like a crazy animal who spinning with destruction. He symbolizes all us crazies out there I would 사랑 to be taz for a day. So far he was in devild dog and the foghorn leghorn story then a cameo in bugs and daffy get a job. On wikipedia it said there was loads of people and he's the youngest looney tune if 당신 hate taz well then 당신 suck