The Hunchback of Notre Dame Serious?

kateliness2 posted on Jan 06, 2008 at 04:16PM
Many critics find The Hunchback of Notre Dame to be the most serious and not "ight" like most Disney films are. Do you agree?

The Hunchback of Notre Dame 5 replies

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over a year ago Cinders said…
But that's what I love about it! How different it is, how honest, how allegorical, how non-fairytale like it is. But Hugo's novel actually had a much more tragic ending, so it was Disney-esque in that respect.
over a year ago marissa said…
yeah, i agree it may not be the most light hearted Disney movie, but like cindres said, i think thats what some people like about it.

my father's wife always said she thought it would scare her nieces, but i remember watching iy when i was young and it didn't scare me.

i dunno, i just think a lot of the "scariness" is lost on young kids, and when they'll older they appreciate it :)
over a year ago Jillywinkles said…
Idk...Pocahontas didn't really have a happy ending either.
But I guess it is true, it has darker elements that most Disney films don't.

And I agree with you Marissa, I remember I saw this when it first came out in theatres, and I totally missed the Frollo-had-a-thing-for-Esmerelda part, and a lot of darker subtle aspects of some characters (Frollo in particular).
I just liked the gargoyles and that old guy who kept getting caught, and my Esmerelda night-gown that I got for my birthday.
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over a year ago kateliness2 said…
I had an Esmeralda night gown too!

Sorry, just felt like sharing ;)
over a year ago SisterOfThalia said…
Jillywinkles, I loved the old guy getting caught. "I'm free, I'm free! -falls- Dang it." XD From the cage to the stocks, from the stocks to the pit. Classic. :P