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 Mick and Mara
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Osiris: then 당신 can not have him and 당신 can not leave.
Nina: what?!
Senkhara: but she is the chosen one. Your wife's gave her powers to her.
Nina: I thought that was from Amneris?
Senkhara: Amneris and Isis.
Nina: oh.
Osiris: well unless Isis lets 당신 out, 당신 cannot leave.
(Mick, Mara, and Fabian enters)
Fabian: Nina! There 당신 are!
Nina: 당신 guys have to go!
Mick: why?
Osiris: because until Isis says 당신 can go, 당신 will stay here, forever.
Mara: fine then. Do I get a phone call and what's Isis's phone number?
(Eddie's and Fabian's room)
Patricia: his not doing anything. I'm going to...
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