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 Mick and Mara
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Nina Martin was a good girl she had a scholarship to the house of Anubis the team sibuna was so happy. They solved there mysteries the cup of ank and the mask of Anubis now there all good. So this 년 Nina was so happy to come back with her boyfriend Fabian. But when she came in the house she saw Joy flirting with Fabian Nina was so sad then Fabian saw her Nina ran fast as she could then she went to her room and saw Amber she hugged her and told her what happened. Amber was so sad then she yelled at Fabian to leave Nina alone till tomorrow. So Nina things she should change her look so she woke up early. Nina changed every thing only not her grade and work so Nina finished her look. She had 2 black steaks in her hair fake, her tie was was a little down, black heels, 재킷, 자 켓 open, a chain on her 치마 and when Nina went down for breakfast and everyone was looking at her everyone was like thank u for 읽기 wait for Part 2
-The 다음 Morning-
Ashley:*wakes up with a gasp* آه, لقد كان حلما.*gasps*صوتي! نينا, العنبر, يستيقظ!

Nina and Amber:*wake up*

Amber: What's going on?

Nina: I don't know. What's wrong, Ashley?

Ashley: صوتي!

Nina and Amber:*gasp*

Nina: You're not speaking English!

Amber: But she can understand it.

Nina: 당신 think Senkhara did it?


Nina: Maybe Fabian will know what to do.

-In The Dining Room-
*everyone is eating breakfast, Nina, Amber, and Ashley enter and take their seats*

Amber: Tell him now.

Nina: Okay. Fabian, we have a a little problem.

Fabian: What's wrong?...
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(Chamber of Shu)
Jerome: (wind blows it out of Jerome's hand and it flies through a crack in the wall) oh no! (turns around to go over and get it but wind blows him backwards hitting the wall.) ow!
(Hallway of School)
Poppy: Mara have 당신 seen Jerome?
Mara: no. Why?
Poppy: he wasn't at this morning so I thought he came to school early. But his not here.
Mara: yeah. I was supposed to be studying with him.
Poppy: hmmm… that's strange.
Mara: very.
(Drama Studio)
(Mara and 양귀비, 양 귀 비 enter)
Mara: 저기요 Mick.
Mick: 저기요 Mara.
Mara: I'm tottering 당신 today.
Mick: I thought 당신 were tottering Jerome today....
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*Nina and Ashley are playing on a 그네, 스윙 set in Nina's backyard*
Nina: Whee!

Ashley: Yay!

Mrs. Lunis: Come on, Ashley!

Ashley:*jumps off the swing* Bye cousin!*skips inside the house*
-Flashback Ends-
Ashley:*eyes stop glowing, gasps* You're my cousin! Nina's my cousin!

Fabian: Wow.

Ashley: I think I know how to fix Eddie and Nina.

Fabian: Do it!

Ashley: From the mouth of the gifted, the curse shall be lifted!

Eddie and Nina:*stops screaming and stand up*

Amber: Wow.

Fabian: That's was amazing.

Ashley: Thanks.

Eddie: How did 당신 know 당신 could do that?

Ashley: I didn't.

Eddie: Oh.

Ashley: I just said...
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(Dinning room)
Mara: just let her tell us Amber.
Amber: fine.
Victoria: (sigh) watch. (starts to take off disguise reviling she is Piper)
Nina: Piper?!
Piper: yep.
Mick: why are 당신 here disguising as a different person?
Piper: long story.
Eddie: we're listening.
Piper: (sigh) well-
(King Author house: Jerome's room)
Anubis: (appears) have 당신 find it Anew?
Jerome: no. But I think it's behind this door I found. But I need something to get through it. I was hopping you'll know what it is.
Anubis: huh?
(Jerome shows the picture of the engraving on the phone)
ANIBIS: that is an amulet of me.
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Nina: What do 당신 mean it's not there?

Amber: I mean I don't see it!*stands up* Where did she put it?

Nina: It has to be around here somewhere.

Amber and Nina:*looking around the room for Ashley's book bag*

Amber: Found it!*grabs it from the closet*

Senkhara:*appears in front of Amber*


Nina: Amber!*gasps* Senkhara?!

Senkhara: Hello again, Chosen One.

Nina: How? What?

Senkhara: 당신 friend is helping me get back so I can get my revenge on 당신 for sending my to Hell.*to Amber* So now book for you!*holds out her hands, they start glowing*

Amber:*grabs onto her stomach* Ow!

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dinning room)
(all Sibunas but Patricia are Sitting at the 표, 테이블 when Patricia enters)
Patricia: okay guys. I think we should kick Joy out of Sibuna. Anyone agree?
Amber: me!
Mara: why do 당신 want Joy to be kicked out?
Patricia: for what she did. To me.
Mick: all because of you?
Patricia: and Nina last term.
Nina: yeah. But I forgave her for it.
Patricia: oh come on. Joy could be bad for the search.
Alfie: Well right now don't we have to find out a way to get Jerome back?
Eddie: and the scales.
Nina: and Fabian.
Patricia: what good 프렌즈 당신 are. (exits)
Mara: well, any ideas to do any of...
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Amber: I was, um, checking if 당신 had today's homework.

Ashley: I didn't go to school today.

Amber: Right.

Ashley:*snatches Book of Isis from Amber* Stay out of my bag!*puts book in bag, goes back to sleep*

Amber:*sighs, gets in bed*

-The 다음 Morning-
*all of Sibuna is in the dining room*
Nina: Now how are we going to get the book?

Jerome: Amber couldn't get it?

Amber: I almost had it, but then she woke up.

Fabian: Why don't we just make her tired, like we did to Victor?

Mara: I like it.

Nina: Good idea, Fabian.

Fabian: We'll do it tonight.

Ashley:*enters dining room, sits 의해 Joy, her book bag on her shoulder*...
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