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swetyzero said …
Zero is the best from all and all other guys also were
Good but there cannot exceed zero in anything just zero
Is cool and hot and sexy. 게시됨 over a year ago
ZekiYuro said …
My Zero is the best!!!! 게시됨 over a year ago
big smile
Sejuru said …
My kaname was the best! 게시됨 over a year ago
050801090907 said …
First time in my life I see such hot guys in an 아니메 serie!!!Wow so hot and sexy and sweet and handsome and cute and lovely and many things more..........I 사랑 THEM!!!!! 게시됨 over a year ago
prettyme16 commented…
same with me. over a year ago
kisaku said …
Hotties!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D specialy ZERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!*nose bleed* 게시됨 over a year ago
big smile
Renjio said …
I've just found out this club^^ 게시됨 over a year ago