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저기요 there,

the time has finally come! My story "The Golden Heart" is published =) If 당신 help me spread the word about it on twitter using the tweet below, in addition to the prize 당신 will receive on the 20th October I will mention 당신 thankfully in my 다음 V-Log

#TheGoldenHeart published in German! Paperbook version: link For Hardcover 또는 E-Book pls wait 1-2 더 많이 days @dlwnsghek

Help me let Junho know about it! He gets lots of tweets within 초 so only lots of support can make it happen :)

PS: If 당신 don't use the exact tweet it won't count.

DEADLINE -----> October 20th 2013
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As a "Thank You" for your support I want to update 당신 about some things.

First off: My story is wanted 의해 two German publishing houses so far. One of them is in the process of 읽기 the entire copy of my story right now. Publishing House No. 1 publishes physical books, the other one E-Books (it cooperates with a publishing house that publishes physical 책 though - with growing popularity of the story and the publishing house itself it has a chance of being published physically as well)

Why I need international support: I want to share my story with people from all over the world. Especially...
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Nomen est Omen

In the 년 of the Great Change the Gods decided to create a new name system. The land itself was still separated through provinces, but there was no clear separation of races anymore. So for one they decided for a language everyone needed to be able to speak - English - and for keeping the surnames in Latin. All surnames are Latin words - mostly neutral 또는 words in the Genitive - to not get them confused with masculine 또는 feminine Latin words often used as first names. There is no certain trend to naming your babies. Anything is possible, any language, any origin, even invented...
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For a chance to win a signed copy of The Golden 심장 English Edition tweet my book trailer and mention @winter_vanessa - 당신 can find the trailer here: link.

당신 can also share it on any other social networking page, but 당신 need to give me a link to them / inform me/ tag me.

My social networking sites are

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Ager "Ay-ger"

The word "Ager" is pronounced like the English word "Age" just with an additional "R". It means "field, landscape, acre". As 당신 can guess 의해 its meaning there are many farms in Ager. Parts of Germany were formed to become this province in the 년 of the Great Change.

Language spoken: English

Other languages: German

Population: Mainly Earth- & Non-Magi, but also other types of Magi.

Capital: Stutgardia ("shtoot-guar-dee-ah")

Important towns: Infernum (Ian's birth place) & Agmen ("Ahg-men" - Tisha's army is situated here)
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The Gods decided to name the months after themselves and the provinces. In each 월 there is a holiday celebrating the namesake God/Province.

January - Tellus

February - Zephyrus

March - Fons

April - Flamma

May - Ager

June - Imber

July - Lucida

August - Lux

September - Aerius

October - Obscurus

November - Caligo

December - Sol

Book 1 takes place from September to December (Aerius to Sol)
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filmed and uploaded 의해 MERTHURFAN100
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