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posted by kathiria82
 I`m so happy :D
I`m so happy :D
I wish I had something quirky 또는 cute to say but I don`t. I`ve been here for nearly 2 years and have never been recognized like this before. The award for image contributions is special because it`s what I 사랑 to do. I think I have uploaded pics to just about all the spots I`m part of. If anyone needs me to spam a spot with 이미지 just let me know. I truly can`t believe I won the Lifetime Achievement award because I haven`t lived a lifetime yet. 또는 have I? I`m glad 당신 guys appreciate me enough to nominate me and then choose me as someone who deserves this honor.

There are a few special people I would 사랑 to thank. To the 팬팝 guys especially papa. I know I can be hard to handle at times with my strong opinions but thanks for never banning me LOL. To all my girls on the Leyton 연인들 Thread, 당신 make up my world. To my bestest friend on Fanpop, Steph, I 사랑 당신 and 당신 make my days on here all the 더 많이 worthwhile. To my pal megloveskyle, I met 당신 on 팬팝 and we`ll be 프렌즈 for life. I would also like to thank Cammie. 당신 can pick your jaw off the floor now Cam. 당신 are such a sweetheart and say the nicest things even though 당신 think I`m a loudmouthed bitch. I 사랑 having 당신 around because 당신 always make me smile. Lastly, I would like to thank all the Fanpoppers who voted for me, I am truly grateful.