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 We don't all need a Fanpoppy to feel good.
We don't all need a Fanpoppy to feel good.
Hello, fellow Fanpoppers! I would like to take a moment to honor those who were not good, popular, 또는 liked enough to receive one of those litle golden 천사 holding a 별, 스타 inside a circle.
 Spending time with family is important, too.
Spending time with family is important, too.

I admit, when I first scanned the nominations board for my name (thank God for control+F) I was upset that I was not considered. I think that I made very good contributions to many different spots.
After mulling this over, though, I began to realize something. I don't need to prove myself to 당신 people. 당신 don't know my real name. You've never met me. You're...
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Tonight, I would like to dedicate this Fanpoppy to God. It is he who has shown me how to demonstrate compassion to others and given me the patience and strength to persevere when it seems like I have come to the end of my rope. Because of him I have the capacity to 사랑 every one of you. 당신 are all in my prayers.

First I want to thank all of 당신 that took the time to nominate me for this award (specifically, MayBeAStarbucks, Cinders, Idahovandalfan, Chel, KnifeWrench, DarkSarcasm, and SpasticNature). The words 당신 wrote about me touched my 심장 and warmed my soul. It makes me happy to know...
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 그녀는 요술쟁이 is still magic!
Bewitched is still magic!
Good evening Fanpoppers! Thank you, thank 당신 so much. Please sit.
Oh my stars, I'm totally floored!*deep breath* Firstly, I'd like to say what an honour it is for me to be here in a room full of so many awesomely talented fanpoppers. I'd like to begin 의해 congratulating all the nominees and the winners in this year's Fanpoppy Awards.
I'm kind of at a loss for words as I don't have anything prepared which is why I actually waited so long before expressing my sincere gratitude.
My husband, being a very talented man in the advertising business had put together a nice little acceptance speech for...
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First Of All, I would like to thank the usual people, 당신 know my parents and all that shit, 다음 I would like to thank dazl, who accepted my bribe, and of course, the cookie company, who made it, now unfortuantely, there was an open bar, so I'm now drinking and fanpopping, so, because of my best 모토 wins, here are some life mottos that apply to Fanpop.

The early 팬 gets the prop.

Poeple who make glass spots shouldn't throw comments. (Told 당신 I've been drinking!)

Too many picks spam the updates.

Where there's a pick, there's an answer.

You can lead a 팬 to spot, but can 당신 make him add content....
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Thanks. :D

I'd really like to thank Saul_Mikoliunas, pollyloveshouse, OhClip, and germany123. They're the real people behind the article. I just wrote it.
This thing says I have to write a longer article.
I really really really appreciate all of yall voting for me. This 기사 holds a special place in my 심장 'cause I want to be a journalist when I grow up, and when I look back, this'll be my ultimate starting point. soo...
I wanted it to be "thanks" but I GUESS THAT ISN'T GONNA HAPPEN. D:
당신 guys rock. 팬팝 rocks. everything rocks.
 I'll be putting that somewhere 안전한, 안전
I'll be putting that somewhere safe
Jack Nicholson
I guess this proves there are as many nuts in the Academy as anywhere else.

Yeah that pretty sums up my feelings right about now. I really was not expecting this considering the fanpoppers that were also in my category. I’m debating whether I should do a gushing 신고 on how worthless I am compared to them, like most of the awards ceremonies tend to go (we all know that people really just want to say SUCK IT), but then I remembered that outside of the House MD spot I’m not a known entity so why seem like a complete stalker?

Basically I’m very honored that I received this...
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posted by chel1395
Warning! If 당신 are about to read this, please keep in mind that I was dropped on my head as a baby and don’t actually understand the meaning of the word “inappropriate.” In fact, I don’t even know how to correctly spell “inappropriate” which is why I’m thankful for spell check. This soapbox is for amusement purposes and should not be taken seriously. Anyone taking offense can send me a private message detailing their complaint. I will read any messages, then 삭제 them and pretend it never happened. Consider yourself warned.

 Mini Flanpops
Mini Flanpops

The Fanpoppy Awards are about recognizing...
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posted by chel1395
 Average man, Homer Simpson, dreams of a Fanpoppy.
Average man, Homer Simpson, dreams of a Fanpoppy.
The Fanpoppy Awards are about recognizing outstanding achievements on Fanpop. With all the glitz and glamour and excitement of the Fanpoppies, it is easy to forget about the person who has made this award ceremony possible. Without this glittering star, there would be no Fanpoppies. Her dedication, beauty and grace are the reason we are all here. And no, I’m not referring to myself. While Amazondebs was link the awards committee and Fanpoppy nominees, I sat down with the essence of greatness herself...the Fanpoppy.

Chel: What is it like being a statue?
Fanpoppy: People think it’s an easy...
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 David Letterman and the 상단, 맨 위로 "FIVE" list
David Letterman and the top "FIVE" list
상단, 맨 위로 5 reasons why I did not win a FanPoppy award:

5. No 코멘트

4. I stink at 글쓰기 Soapbox 기사 and adding cool 링그 for the link spot

3. I won't PICK my nose like link 또는 take nudes 사진 like link 또는 make a sex VIDEO like link

2. I add absolutely nothing to the link spot

and the number one reason why I did not win a Fanpoppy award is..

1. Everybody Hates Me
Copied and edited from: link



I really mean it! What would 당신 be able to do if SOPA/TPP censors the internet? What would 당신 be able to do if 글쓰기 fanfics and drawing fanarts become illegal? What would 당신 do if it's illegal to do a cover of your 가장 좋아하는 song on YouTube? What would 당신 do if downloading things from the internet (music, movies, TV episodes, etc) became illegal? What would 당신 do if SOPA/TPP wins the war and takes away internet freedom? Net Neutrality is already dead so far, we can't risk the freedom of internet...
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 the only exclusive fanpoppy news
the only exclusive fanpoppy news
At midnight the fanpoppy nominations will end and
as the last few 팬 make quick decisions and hunt through 팬팝 to find the best content, other 팬 desperately add 더 많이 content in hopes of being nominated. 더 많이 well prepared 팬 all over fandom are busy planning speeches, practicing disappointed faces and hunting though profiles and the fashion spot for that perfect outfit and a fanpopable date.
Whilst all this was going on i went to catch the real scoop on the fanpoppy awards just for 당신 guys.

My first interest was in the awards that have recieved the most hype and questions,
the special...
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posted by amazondebs
저기요 guys I'm back due to 인기 demand!
As the Fanpoppy awards is due to take place tomorrow, 팬 all over Fandom are placing their votes and holding their breaths and once again i did some serious interviewing with our Fanpoppy nominees asking them 질문 about the awards and just some 랜덤 ones for fun too.

So here are this years Fanpoppy nominee profiles

Name: Lila856
Nominated for: outstanding contributions to one spot

what will be your Fanpoppy awards outfit?
my original designer 팬팝 LOGO dress, duhrr

who will be your Fanpoppy awards date?
DAVE, my 날짜 rules the kingdom!...
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 [b]this is true[/b]
[b]this is true[/b]
Okay admit it 당신 only voted for my 아이콘 cause 당신 love coffee its okay now that the voting is over. We all know there are 더 많이 coffee 연인들 out there than what are letting on.

Who wants 초콜릿 how could that beat out my coffee spot really, but I guess they have the same ingredient. I will live with the fact that I know 당신 secretly really do like coffee 당신 can't deny it any more. If I didn't 사랑 coffee so much 초콜릿 would have been my other

To all those who nominated and voted for me thank 당신 deeply from the bottom of my coffee mug...
 [i]you guys are the best thanks and thanks for voting for me[/i]
[i]you guys are the best thanks and thanks for voting for me[/i]
posted by kathiria82
 I`m so happy :D
I`m so happy :D
I wish I had something quirky 또는 cute to say but I don`t. I`ve been here for nearly 2 years and have never been recognized like this before. The award for image contributions is special because it`s what I 사랑 to do. I think I have uploaded pics to just about all the spots I`m part of. If anyone needs me to spam a spot with 이미지 just let me know. I truly can`t believe I won the Lifetime Achievement award because I haven`t lived a lifetime yet. 또는 have I? I`m glad 당신 guys appreciate me enough to nominate me and then choose me as someone who deserves this honor.

There are a few special people...
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posted by hooch-is-crazy
Well, here they are at last, the Fanpoppy award winners, the best of the best in Fanpop, all of the votes have been counted, all of the bribes have been taken and now we have the winners.

Best Pick Series:

The nominees are...

- “Fan of the Fortnight” picks 의해 pkmntrainerj
- “Best shows A-Z” picks 의해 x-missmckena-x
- “Oh No!” picks in the House MD spot 의해 oldmovie
- “Fanpop Costume Contest” picks 의해 Harold
- “The 사랑 Test” picks 의해 hellgirl223

And the winner is...

“Fan of the Fortnight” picks 의해 pkmntrainerj!!!

Best Option Added to an Existing Pick:

The nominees are...

- Cinders...
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posted by ariel07
I may repeat myself for my acceptance speech but that’s ok since I don’t think that many people read my first little acceptance speech I left lol. First off I have to thank my Lord and Savior 예수님 Christ for everything for not only saving me but for everything he has blessed me with and without him I’m nothing and the fact that he blessed me with this gift is still shocking since I never thought I would be drawing. 초 I have to thank the amazing lady who nominated me Karen better known as IsisRain on here I’ll always remember 당신 and 사랑 당신 forever for having my art recognized...
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 David Letterman & the 상단, 맨 위로 5 list
David Letterman & the top 5 list
5. No news

4. I didn't add any hard 퀴즈 on the link spot

3. The 답변 forlink &link that I made are not entertaining.

2. I only added 75% and not 100% of the content on the link spot

and the number 1 reason why I did not get nominated for a Fanpoppy award is...

1. Nobody Like Me
 더 많이 Fanpoppies!
More Fanpoppies!
Welcome back to Part 2 of the Fanpoppies. It has been a long night, but we are not finished yet.

Now we come to the individual awards- those users who 당신 choose to honour for their efforts in a certain area of the site.

You nominated them, and 당신 voted for them, so here they are.

Best Pick:

The nominees are:

- dazl: (All 당신 need is…)

- Chel1395: (Hell hath no fury like…)

- tessajanuary: (Which is your favourite of Frank’s trucker hats?)

- johnminh: (How happy/excited do 당신 get when 당신 receive a prop?)

And the winner is...

'How happy/excited do 당신 get when 당신 recieve a prop', 의해 johnminh...
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posted by pollyloveshouse
 I was meant to tell 당신 Claire was awesome in this, apparently. Didn't fit with the poem though...
I was meant to tell you Claire was awesome in this, apparently. Didn't fit with the poem though...
Dude, I’ve won a fanpoppy!
I’ve broken out into spontaneous poetry!
I don’t know quite what to do now,
I 사랑 it, and don’t want to seem a cow,
Eternally grateful to those who voted
And the judges, wonderfully devoted
The night has been a blast
Near a week, did it last?
No noticeable disasters,
No need for any plasters.

What is this British slang?!
Always hits me with a twang.
If I were normal, I wouldn’t care
My American roots, just to share
Plasters just sounds so posh and drawn out
Said 의해 people who like to pout
A terrible word, if I say so myself
I’ll put it in a book, put it on my 상단, 맨 위로 shelf....
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Now, don't worry I'm not going to try and beat the longest soapbox record again. This is just a short one as i think there a certain few people out their who deserve a very special award.

Now every one that has contributed to the fanpoppies has been brilliant.
We have had some hilarious and original art work, with anything from custom fanpoppies to fanpoppies appearing in our favorit tv shows. We had picks about anything from what songs to sing, to what speeches to give,
and as brilliant as all this content has been, it wouldn't even exist if it were not for three fantastic people who have worked to build this spot and have collected hundreds of nominations and votes.

These are of course our brilliant panel judges

who have worked so hard to bring us the first, ever fanpoppy awards and i'm sure i say this on behalf of everyone