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주황색, 오렌지 : Jack
Apple : 랜덤 Person with casts (RPWC)
Pear : Hiccup
Watchers : Rapunzel, Merida, Eugene, Toothless and Astrid

(Plays video)
Jack: 저기요 Dude! Dude! Hey, 저기요 Dude! Hey, Dude! 저기요 Dude! 저기요 Dude! Dude! Hey, Dude!
RPWC: What, what, what is it?
Jack: Aren't 당신 glad I didnt say Dude again? Hahahahahaha!
RPWC: Yeah. That joke was funny the last 400 times 당신 said it
Jack: 저기요 Dude!
RPWC: What?!
Jack: 당신 look fruity! Hahahahaha!
RPWC: Pfff.. yeah~ that was hilarious.
Jack: Hey! 저기요 Dude!
Jack: Can 당신 do 10 pushups in 10 seconds?
RPWC: What kind of 질문 is that? I have casts over...
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posted by BlondLionEzel
Episode 2

*ROTG World*

Jack Frost: *Looking around* I sense something...

Wolfe: *Walks to Jack Frost* I need 당신 help.

Jack Frost: With?

Wolfe: *Explains the things about the Village and the bandit army*

Jack Frost: Hmmmm...

Hiccup: Jack, 당신 remember me right?

Jack: Hiccup! How have 당신 been?

Hiccup: Alright...please 가입하기 us in the fight.

Jack: *Whispers to Hiccup* But what if this guy is lying? He might lead us to a trap.

Hiccup: We can trust him.

Jack: *Sees Wolfe's Omnitrix* What is that thing? It looks like a strange watch.

Astrid: him Wolfe.

Wolfe: *Changes to Chromastone* How do I look?...
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I found this 퀴즈 and thought it would be fun ! I really hope u like and try it out ! Please put your 답변 in the 코멘트 ! It will be fun to have a look at the results (nd its also to check if 당신 lyin !)

1. If 당신 could have any pet in the world, it would be...
[ ] A. dog
[ ] B. parrot
[ ] C. chameleon
[ ] D. pets aren't really my thing/other
[ ] E. horse
[ ] F. lizard
[ ] G. cat

2. Your ideal career is...
[ ] A. Other
[ ] B. Guidance Counselor
[ ] C. Artist
[ ] D. Criminal
[ ] E. Athlete
[ ] F. Teacher
[ ] G. Waitress

3. Out of all your friends, 당신 are...
[ ] A. the prankster
[ ] B. the mother
[ ] C....
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posted by BlondLionEzel
Episode 1

*HTTYD Word*

Hiccup: *Riding Toothless*

Wolfe Jetray: *Appears, and flies 다음 to them*

Hiccup: *Sees Wolfe Jetray* What kind of dragon is that?

Wolfe Jetray: I ain't no Dragon!

Toothless: *Looks confused at Hiccup*

Hiccup: Can 당신 talk?

Wolfe Jetray: What's it look like?

Hiccup: Can we stop at the village?

Wolfe Jetray: There's a village here?

Hiccup: Yes there is.

Wolfe Jetray: Take me there!

Hiccup: *Flies on Toothless and lands with Wolfe Jetray*

*Later, Hiccups house*

Wolfe Jetray: *Changes to Wolfe*

Hiccup: How did 당신 do that?

Wolfe: Well...*Shows Hiccup his Omnitrix*

Hiccup: What is that?...
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Vivian's POV

There was frost covering everywhere and the sound of giggling . Then there was a roar and a blaze of 불, 화재 and the sun was shown to my face . The sun started to show rings in it then an 애로우 pierced it's center .
Then suddenly a bright light woke me up .
I sat up in my 침대 " Weird ... " That was the same dream I had since the start of this 년 ... probably nothin'. I ran down stairs quickly " Where are 당신 going, " my mother called from the kitchen, " I have practice for the play remember ?" She giggled " oh yah ! Oh hon ! Don't forget to say the family 모토 before ya leave !...
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Professor Toothy: Tooth (WELL DUH !)
Watchers: Bunny, Eugene, Rapunzel, Astrid, Hiccup and Merida

(Starts in lounge room scene)
Jack: Ah man it's been a long 일 ! I think I'm just gonna curl up on the sofa, watch some Ned flicks and eat some Vanilla 퍼지 아이스크림 .
(Hi-pitched harp sound)
Tooth: Hey, I'm The Tooth Fairy !
Jack: Oh ma-
Tooth:Did 당신 know that sugary foods are a leading cause of tooth decay ?
Jack: Yeah ...
Tooth: When 당신 consume them the enamel that protects your teeth is exposed to harmful acids !
Jack: Where did 당신 come from anyways ?
Tooth: Instead of that unhealthy Vanilla...
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Charlie: Hiccup
Blue Unicorn: Jack Frost (Well duh !)
Pink Unicorn: Punzie
Letters: Baby Tooth/ Elf/ Egg/ Pascal/ Wil 'O' Wisp
Watchers: Merida/ Toothless/ Eugene/ Astrid

{Jack presses play on video which on the screen is set in a meadow day as Hiccup lays down and rests}
Jack: Hey, Hiccup. Hey Hiccup . wake up.
Punzie: Yeah Hiccup. You silly sleepy-head, wake up.
Hiccup: Oh God you guys. This better be pretty freakin' important. Is the meadow on fire?
Jack: No Hiccup. We found a map, to Candy Mountain, Candy Mountain Hiccup.
Punzie: Yeah, Hiccup, we`re going to Candy Mountain. Come with us...
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posted by BlondLionEzel
Chapter 1


Hiccup: *Riding on Toothless*

*Suddenly, many small bug-like organisms dart past Hiccup and Toothless*

Toothless: *Stops*

Hiccup: Woah! What the heck were those things?

Toothless: *Shrugs*

Hiccup: *Pulls out a WolfMobile* I should call the others.

*The Berk Great Hall*

Merida: *Looking around* I wonder what Hiccup called us here for?

Nick Wolfe: *Tail wags* I hope we can get some action!

Rapunzel: Hmm...I hope that it's not too violent.

Nick Wolfe: Speaking of which...where is Jack?

Jack Frost: *Runs in, bruised and injured* Guys...something big is going down! *Becomes unconscious*

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posted by BlondLionEzel
Soldier Class ($10)

Wave 1:

Hiccup and Streamline (Pterodactyl)
Merida and Wideguard (Triceratops)

Wave 2:

Jack Frost and Quickfoot (Velociraptor)
Rapunzel and Sunglide (Stegosaurus)

Wave 3:

Astrid and Sailback (Dimetrodon)
Flynn and Tailhammer (Ankylosaurus)

Wave 4:

Kristoff and Skullbash (Pachycephalosaurus)
Tooth and Snowfeather (Parasaurolophus)

Warrior Class

Wave 1:

Nick Wolfe and Blazefang (Tyrannosaurs)
Anna and Bluewave (Plesiosaurus)

Wave 2:

Elsa and Freezerburn (Tupandactylus)
Leone 봉고차, 반 Ivan (Spinosaurus)