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Chapter 1: Hagimari no Story- 
The Beginning Story 

"Within all things, what takes precedence is the heart. All things are masters of their 심장 and their 심장 makes them who they are..."
      -Amberground scripture (1st verse) 

On the 311th 일 of the year, the 일 that the artificial light of Amberground flickered and momentarily shut off, a set of twins were born in the only house of Coza Bel. A boy and a girl.
The mother, Anne Seeing, an Albisian with white hair and red eyes, held her two newborn children in her arms and noticed that something was wrong. Neither child was crying. Both...
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Chapter 2: Bernard Smith

After being taken away from her mother 의해 people of the government, Lana was transported to the capital city of 아카츠키 to be examined. The Spirit Amber in her left eye had captured the tall, cold mans interest so much, that he couldn't wait examined 더 많이 research and experiment on the child. 

Upon arriving in Akatsuki, the tall, cold man, roughly took Lana in his hands and walked into the building of the head government. The man walked through many halls until he came upon a large door guarded 의해 two soldiers. The two immediately recognized who the man was and let...
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