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Based on the movie, Cyberbully.

Gwen's P.O.V

Beep. Beep. Beep.

I moaned and flung my hand over the annoying alarm clock, searching for the large plastic 'Snooze' button. Time for school. I got up, brushed out my black and 물오리, 청록 strands of hair, pulled out a white corset with black splotches on it, a white mini 치마 with a Chinese symbol painted on it meaning, 'peace', and black converse. After I got changed, I turned my attention to the desktop computer sitting in my room. I was observing a chat specifically for students that attend my school,...
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Kid Stuff

Chapter 1


    “Mom! I’m leaving!” Gwen yelled. She raced down the street, her long brown hair flying behind her. Gwen is 9 years old. She was running to her best friend Collins house. Somebody was moving into the house 다음 door, and she wanted to be there. “Yes, new meat.” A voice Gwen knew all too well. Alejandro and his thugs… crap She thought. Alejandro and his “thugs” are a bunch of eighth graders at Westover Hall. They beat up her and Collins. Their names are Alejandro, (duh) Trent, and Tyler. Of course they have their girlfriends, Heather,...
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Alrighty, everyone. Gwuncanfan is here. So, after I left fanpop, I stopped drawing Duncan and Gwen as much, and I 로스트 touch with TD. Eventually, I just ignored it. I took up new characters; the Kirby video game characters. So, I had drawn Meta Knight, and the obsession kinda went from there. I haven't been drawing them lately, so I drew a comic about it. It references DXG a little, so I thought it could be on here. So... Here goes, I guess. First part goooo!

(My P.O.V.)
I looked around. I was in the sketchbook world again; I was dreaming, but I wasn't. I was in the blank nothingness that most...
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with , Dncan, Brighette and Leshawna
Duncan: i got here as fast as i coould
Leshawna: ok fine but what is this i here about 당신 going to millatray school!
Duncan: i got in huge troible and my dad was super ticked off and he told me he was sending me there
Brighette: do 당신 know for how long
Duncan: i don't know
Brighette: just try to make him not let 당신 go
Duncan: hava 당신 meat my dad!
Leshawna: just aleast try
Duncan: ok i will... wears Gwen
Leshawna: in the other room
Duncan: ok *goes in the other room*
with Duncan and Gwen
Duncan: Gwen are 당신 ok
Gwen: not really...
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