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Chapter 27
*for those of 당신 who have forgotten, it's night time! For the 다음 three chapters! All the same night! FUN TIMES!:D*

(Gwen's P.O.V.)
"WHY?!" I screamed into my 베개 that was Leshawna's legs. Duncan had just tried to talk to me, and a camera man was right over his shoulder. Not wanting Chris to catch me bawling on tape, and not wanting to talk to Duncan, I had shrieked and pulled the covers over my head.
"Just let it out, girl, let it all out..." Leshawna said soothingly.
I began rambling about how much I had told Duncan. I ranted and cried until it all didn't make sense. I felt like...
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Is 6:59 in the morning.Duncan is sleeping.Courtney wakes up.She sees that is 7:00 in the morning.Then she tries to wake him up.
He is still sleeping.
-Duncan, is 7:00 in the morning.
He moans.
He falls off the bed.
-Ouch!My right hand!And, why did 당신 wake me up at 7:00?
-Because, at 7:00 we must wash, at 7:30 we must get dressed, at 8:00 we must take the breakfast and at 8:30 we must do different sports.See?Here's the program.
She is putting the program on his face.He takes it.
-Be fast!I will be the first if you're not!
Then, when she was going to the bathroom, he...
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posted by starburst-rock
(This chapter is one of my favorites. Mostly b cuz I 사랑 Rent! Full credit goes to Alternativeactress on Fanfiction!)

The 다음 morning I was rudely awoken to a bolt hitting me in the forehead. I yelped and placed my handed over my bump. Then I realized that my head was on Duncan's lap.

"So, how did the whole thing with Courtney go?" I asked him.

"Broken up." He said carelessly.

"What?" I yelped. Courtney is going to kill me! I looked over at her. She was talking with Heather, the two complaining about economy class. Then Alejandro came down with 음식 from first class. He walked over to me.

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posted by colecutegirl
gwens pov;

*what the hell do we do*I shouted god this voice didnt suit panic! *relax everything will be back to norma 의해 tomorrow* duncan assured me ... is that what my voice sounds like its terrible how can duncan listen to it!Wait i'm in duncans body and im panicking about my voice! *gwen calm down its ok* he soothed me *HOW HOW CAN I CALM DOWN! I'M IN YOUR FREAKING BODY NY VOICE SOUNDS TERRIBLE AND I MEAN MY VOICE NOT YORS AS IN DUNCANS I MEAN GWENS VOICE SOUNDS BAD! ND DOMT LIKE THIS!' I screamed i was really frightned. then i passed out.

duncans pov

*gwen gwen?* woah the chic flipped out...
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Duncan's P.O.V
"Gwenny, what's going on here?" I asked. Gwen held my hands. "Babe, I'm so sorry I didn't tell 당신 before, but I was once a devil helper too." she confessed. Hey, that's the first time she called me babe! "But, why?" I questioned her. "Well, I became a devil helper when I was just 8 years old. Miss Miracle took me, and raised me as its own. Because of my ill mom, Miss Miracle taught me everything I needed to know. But, it came with a price. I had to work for Miracle. I was the best in the business. I got the job done, and did it thoroughly. That's how I became head devil helper."...
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....Geez, I haven't udate this in awhile, but still I hope it was worth the wait!:)

Plus be warned...never make the host angry, because well...they do control the challenges and that's just asking for trouble,so enjoy~>:3

Gwen's POV

Oh, Bullhorn, why must 당신 torment me? I rubbed my throbbing head before hopping down and looking for my clothes somewhere on the floor with all of the other's clothes and various beauty supplies. After most of the challenges we were really tired; thus, we didn't care what happened to our things at night. I was scanning the ground with my eyes a pair of gray espadrilles...
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Gwen's POV
"Oh, h-hi Courtney." I stuttered. Courtney shot daggers at me. "Gwen, congratulations on your victory." she congratulated me. Wow, that was really OOC (Out of Character) "Um, thx Court." I tried to be calm. I was unpacking my draws when Courtney pushed me to the 벽 and held a 칼, 나이프 to my neck. "But, even though you've won a challenge, 당신 haven't won Duncan's heart." she informed me. I rolled my eyes as she removed the 칼, 나이프 from my the surface of my neck. "Y'know Courtney, what. is. your. deal!? I mean, first of all we're just friends, and 당신 two broke up yesterday, remember?"...
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Gwen's POV

------------------At the hospital-------------------

I signed into the hospital and went to Duncan's room. I saw him awake. "Hey Duncan, feeling better?" He smiled at me. "I'm feeling better now that you're here." I smiled at him back but my smile soon faded away once I remembered what Trent did. I checked the 심장 meter that was attached to Duncan's body. It was at normal rate, was this the right time to tell him? I tried to explain to him while not getting him angry. "Hey Duncan, can we talk?" I asked. "Anything for you." I sat down on his 침대 다음 to him. "So, Trent...." He stopped...
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Duncan's POV
I fixed my tux, took a deep breath, and got out of my car. I was going to pick up Gwen. I can't believe I'm so nervous, I mean, I've gone out with a ton of chicks and never have been nervous on a 날짜 before. Why am I starting now? I walked up to the door step and rang the door bell, Ding, Dong!

Gwen's little brother opened the door. He began, "and 당신 are?" I mimicked him, "and 당신 are?" He responded, "That's not important now. Again, and 당신 are?" I frowned at him. "The names Duncan dude. Now if we're done here. Where's Gwen?" He shrugged. "She left with some hot tall chick with...
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