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15 분 later...
Duncan:Finally!911 came!Here is Gwen Thompson!
911:This is too much blood!
Duncan:She was shoot with a gun.
911:*carries Gwen in a stretcher*
Duncan:I will miss you, Gwen!
Trent:Do 당신 make drama in my house?
Duncan:This is real.Why did 당신 shoot Gwen?
Trent:Because she said that she was at a movie with you!
Duncan:You are insane!You and Courtney together make a perfect couple!You are a psycho and she is a nut women!So perfect!You can take Courtney and Gwen is mine!I don't care about Courtney!Deal?
Trent:Deal!I don't care about Gwen too!
Duncan:*runs at Courtney's house*...
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At Trent's house...
Trent:The best night ever, huh?
Gwen:The best night ever that I was at a movie with Duncan like friends!
Trent:*grabs Gwen's T-shirt*Not really!
Gwen:*cries*Please leave me alone with that!
Trent:If 당신 cry, I have to kill you!*takes a gun and puts it in front of Gwen*
Gwen:Help!*runs somewhere where Trent shouldn't find her and calls Duncan*Hello!Duncan!
Gwen:Duncan!You're here!I will be killed if Trent finds me!
Duncan:I will be there.
Courtney:*fake cough*
Duncan:I hope!
Courtney:*takes Duncan's phone and crashes it with her feet*
Gwen:Ok!Are 당신 there?*closes...
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She wrote the 26th chapter of Duncan and Gwen's Story (And this intro! How ya doin, TaintedArtist? :p) The 27th chapter will be up soon, I promise.
Here we are, the 26th chapter! Duncan's being an asshole =.=

Chapter 26

.::Confession Cam::.
Leshawna: *mouth hangs open wide*
Izzy: DUNCAN! If I didn't have a crush on you, your head would be MINE!
Did I just say that out loud?
Beth: How could Duncan break Gwen's 심장 like that? Gwen told us the entire story! Duncan is a lying old son of a bi-
.::End Confession Cam::.

(Duncan's P.O.V.)
Did I make out with Courtney in the woods?...
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Picnic at Hanging Rock
I think what's it called

So Duncan and Alejandro were planning about Alejandro flirting with Courtney and make Duncan "jealous"

Courtney goes with the plan,but this time when Duncan threw the Yeti a Cody he missed,or 더 많이 like Gwen pushed Cody out of the way.


Duncan's revenge failed.Team Chris is Really Really Really Really Hot(not)won.

So lets see how things go! ;)

Chris:One vote For Courtney,one for Gwen,another for Courtney,another for Gwen,and the last vote goes to...Courntey.

Chris:Goodbye!*Gives Courtney parachute*
Gwen:Bye bye Courtney!
Chris:*Pushes Courtney out the plain*

Alejandro P.O.V.

"Who was voted off"I asked Duncan."Lets just say the devil has landed"Duncan said.So Courtney's gone."Who should I use my latin charms with next?"
I asked."Heather?Sierra?"Duncan offered."No..."I said.I did an evil grin.I know who now...Gwen.
Two chapter's today cause it's Neon's Birthday!:3

Gwen's POV

I was awakened once again, but this time it wasn't 의해 a bullhorn, it was 의해 an argument. I crawled down the ladder and put my clothes on as I saw Courtney and Heather going at it.

"You've had the thing for three days! Give it up!" Heather screamed. The laptop. I had completely forgotten about it after the incident with Cody interrupting Duncan and I.

"It's not like anyone's been complaining about it!" Courtney defended herself.

"Now I'm complaining! So give it!" Heather demanded. I was pulling my shirts over my head, so I didn't hear what...
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Duncan P.O.V.

Alejandro came back to first class with a smile of his face."What's with you?"I asked."What do 당신 mean?"He questioned."I mean 당신 left with a 초콜릿 chip cookie to looser class and came back with a smile"I replied.He smirked,"One of the girls are playing hard to get."

"Yeah that's Heather for you,"I said.Alejandro chuckled."What?"I asked."It's not Heather,"Alejandro answered.That's weird,If it's not Heather then who else could it...Oh Sierra!
"Sierra?"I questioned/answered."Nope,"He said.There was only one person left to say."Cody!?!"I said/yelled."NO!"He yelled. can't...
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Gwen searched through her drawer for something, she tossed bras, panties, all personal items out the way as she soon pulled out a small square piece of paper. On the front cover were the words ‘HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION EXTRAVAGANZA!’ She held it as she then closed her eyes. Her mascara was running all down her face, her midnight blue streaked hair looked as if rats had been sucking on the strands, and her face was even paler than usual, if that was possible. She kept her eyes closed as soon 이미지 of bright light flooded her mind, she saw what looked like a gun being shot but it was interrupted...
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Gwen's POV
Ok, so I'm sitting on my bed, with my leather suitcase. I can't believe I'm going to summer camp. I hate summer camp. The last time I went, I peed my pants on the bus and had to walk around on the first 일 with girly 담홍색, 핑크 sweat pants. Of course I was only 6 years old then, but it was still humiliating. This year, my mom's forcing me to go to learn to mingle. And since this is a summer camp for seniors, which I am, we are going to be 스플릿, 분할 into teams and put through brutal challenges. It's basically going to be like my 가장 좋아하는 reality TV show, Total Drama Island. Man that Chris is...
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Duncan's POV
I'm on the bus just waiting for sunshine to come on.We reach her stop but all I see is Bridgette, LeShawna, and Heather(finally)bored the bus. Bridgette sat 다음 to Geoff in the 좌석 across from me. I whispered to her, "Hey Bridge, what happened to Gwen?" Bridgette shrugged her shoulders and went on to talk to Geoff. We reached the school and I headed to 집 ED. Ms. Resinick took attendance. She finally reached Gwen. "Gwen?" she called out. The whole class looked around until the door slammed open. It was Gwen. She looked like a wreck! Her hair looked all tangled, her clothes were...
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