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I walked past Duncan's house.I was soaking wet.The Rain pattered on the floor.I turned around,suddenly feeling that maybe I should go to Duncan's house before going to my house.I knocked on his door as a shiver went down my spine.It was so frikkin' cold! Duncan opened the door and I giggled a little.Duncan was in his boxers with a toothbrush in his mouth. "......" he stopped and turned around. "Wait a second.". a few 분 later he came back fully dressed and toothbrush-less. "Hi!" I shyly greeted. "Hey. Uh 당신 wanna come in?" he said. "Sure!" I walked into his house and sat down on the couch. He sat down 다음 to me and said "Do 당신 want to watch a movie?" he said displaying his pearly white teeth in a enchanting smile. "Sure" I said mimiking his smile. As soon as the video started Duncan yawned and put his arm around me.And for a 초 I forgot about the rest of the world...and taylor...
 I made this :3
I made this :3
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duncans POV
I HAD ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO, SO I LOOKED IN the PHONE BOOK TO CALL SOME 랜덤 CHICKS. then, I FOUND LINDSEY'S PHONE NUMBER.(sorry about the caps. it was on 캡, 모자 locks)I always liked her. Sure, she was dumber than a plant, but thats the funny part about her. I called her up on the phone.
Lindey's POV.
I got a strange call from someone. I didn't know who it was. But if he 또는 she calls me, i have to know them, right? i picked it up. "hello?" I answered. "Hey, sweet cheeks" the voice said."Tyler? is that you? OMG!!"No,its duncan.(fyi, duncan has an earpiece, thats why theres no phone.)"...
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-With Lindsay-
Was 6:30 in the morning.Duncan woke up and was thinking to do a surprise for Lindsay.25 분 later, Lindsay woke up too and said:
-Duncan!Duncan?Where are you?
Then was searching him through all the house.She didn't find him.Got dressed and left.She called him, but he didn't answer.Then she ran in and started to cry.
-Today is my birthday!And I want to have a 날짜 with him!Bad boy!Alright.I will break up with him through a message.

-With Duncan-
He called everyone, except Lindsay, to help him to do a party for her.
-Hey, Geoff!
-What's up, dude?
-I don't have time for this...
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Title: Here for you.
Summary: After TDA, Courtney and Duncan fight. Lindsay steps in.
Pairings: Dundsay, sided: Katyler, Gwent
Disclaimer: Still not owning TD
Warning: Angry Courtney, Angry Duncan, And Angry Lindsay
Lindsay’s P.O.V.
I smiled watching Gwen and Trent kissing. My plan to hook them up again worked. I sighed, before closing the door behind me, giving the couple some privacy. I looked on the ceiling, and my smile vanished. I still can’t believe Tyler broke up with me, to hook up with Katie. Well, at least they are happy together. I started to walk towards my room, when I heard a female...
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I still can't believe after 10 years i got a girl like 당신 Duncan said to his girlfriend,Lindsay .I 사랑 당신 Lindsay answered back.Meet me tonight at the dockyard ,at 8;00 .I will Lindsay said .I 사랑 당신 Dewey.It's Duncan.Ohh right i knew that,Lindsay snapped quickly

5 hours later

Duncan and Lindsay sat at the dockyard Lindsay and Duncan looking as lovestruck as ever.Duncan got on his knees and said,Lindsay will 당신 marry me.Lindsay eyes sparkled as she looked at the 4 karat diamond ring in her boyfriend's hand and said,YES i will marry you,Duncan picked her up and spun her around ,The world around them meant nothing ,all they knew was they were going to be together forever.

the end
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토탈 드라마 아일랜드
토탈 드라마 아일랜드
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Lindsay's story

I was walking down the 거리 thinking about my new car.Then i bumped into someone,he look like someone i used to know.Black and green hair,skull t-shirt.He was kinda cute,not kinda really cute.He said to me 'Do i know 당신 from somewhere'.

Duncan's story

I bumped into some blonde chick she looked hot she was wearing a red and 담홍색, 핑크 mini 치마 and a 담홍색, 핑크 tank top.But she look like someone i knew from 2 years ago.'you going somewhere' 'yeah she said' 'the mall' I asked.She nodded yes.We started to talk that led to a couple dates and were still going strong.