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On April 17th, SNSD was met with an unfortunate accident involving a male audience member who trespassed onto their stage at the “Angel Price 음악 Festival” at the Lotte World ice rink.

Towards the end of their performance of “Run Devil Run“, a male audience member intruded on their stage from the back and attempted to pull Taeyeon away 의해 grabbing her wrist.

The other SNSD members were caught off-guard, but Sunny reacted quickest and tried to stop him but could not do so. The show’s host, comedian Oh Jung Tae managed to stop the man, and security staff intervened thereafter 의해 apprehending...
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Taeyeon 'SNSD' Melancholy in Video Clip Rain

SEOUL - Taeyeon again showed his golden voice in a new solo single titled Rain. Leader SNSD Rain was released video clips through SM Entertainment's official 유튜브 account.

Just as in the first song, Taeyeon also melancholy in the Rain. In the video clip duration 3 분 49 seconds, the former lover Baekhyun "EXO" it seemed to put a sad face.

Meanwhile, Rain is a song that brings jazz and soul that lriknya tells the story of 사랑 in the memory of the past. Puddles that appear throughout the video clip is like the memory of an old 사랑 it.

Rain song belongs Taeyeon is part of the project belong to SM Entertainment SM Station. Through SM Station, the agency which also administered Super Junior will release one song every week sung 의해 their artists for 52 weeks.
Girls' Generation member Kim Taeyeon is feeling good this year.

Among her K-pop idol peers, the Girls' Generation member received the most network 음악 show trophies in 2015.

The idol was very active with 음악 promotions this year, having comebacks with Girls' Generation and TaeTiSeo, as well as making her solo debut.
"Thanks for all the 사랑 and support that I received, I could sing with great joy," said Taeyeon, as reported 의해 K-Pop Herald. "I can’t forget 2015 since I actively pursued my musical career as a member of Girls' Generation, TaeTiSeo and also as a solo artist."

Taeyeon ranked number one around 32 times (so far), due to the success of the hit summer singles "Party" and "Lion Heart" as well as her single "I."
She is currently promoting with her fellow TaeTiSeo members Seohyun and Tiffany for their winter single titled "Dear Santa." Will she be able to take 집 더 많이 trophies before the end of the year?
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haji mothan mari neomu manhayo
hanbeondo tangshineun deudji mothaetjiman
nae ape boyeojin nugunkal amuna
saranghal keureon sarameun anieyo
sesangye geu manheun saramdeul soge
naegen ojik keudaega boyeojyeotkie
keudaeman bomyeo seoinneungeolyo
i sarang huen nan jal moreugesseoyo
aju eorin aiga hangsang keureohadeushi
chigeum isunkan ttaseuhi anajullaeyo
eonjenkan nasseon ireumi dweheodo
nae gaseumi geu chueogi
da giyeokhal tenikka
hokshirado apeun ibyeori ondaedo
oneureun geureon saenggageun haji mayo
isesang keu manheun saramdeul soge
naegen ojik keudaega boyeojyeotkie
keudaeman bomyeo seoinneungeolyo
i sarang...
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Taeyeon has finally released the MV teaser for his new digital single, entitled 'Rain'. On the afternoon of Wednesday (27/01), SM Entertainment teased the 팬 의해 releasing a teaser video for the latest MV Taeyeon, 'Rain'.

As previously announced, Taeyeon became the first artist to be contributing to the recent projects SM entitled 'STATION', where SM Entertainment will release a digital single from their artists every week over a period of 1 year. In the 음악 video teaser, Taeyeon looks sweet with short hair, looks a bit half-conscious with the addition of a reverse effect. The song 'Rain' sung 의해 Taeyeon is scheduled to be released in February. Immediately see a video teaser below! (www.kpopchart.net)
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Name: Kim Tae Yeon (김태연)
Stage name: Taeyeon (태연)
Nicknames: Umma, Ajumma, Kid Leader, Tete
Birthdate: March 9, 1989 (age 24)
Horoscope: Pisces
Birthplace: Jeollabuk-do, Jeonju, South Korea
Blood Type: O
Height: 160 cm
Weight: 44 kg
Religion: Catholic
School: Jeonju Art High School
Languages: English (Basic), Chinese (Basic), Japanese (Basic)
Hobbies: Swimming
Interests: Makeup, Perfume, 음악
Siblings: Brother (JiWoon)
Motto: "Don't do something that you'll regret later".
Roommate: Sooyoung & Yoona (Old Dorm), Sunny (New Dorm)
Jogeumman apado nunmul nayo
Gaseumi sori chyeoyo
Geudae apeul
Geudae gyeocheul jinamyeon
Ontong sesangi geudae inde
Geudaeman geurineunde
Geudae apeseon sumeul jukyeoyo

Naege geudaega inyeoni anin geotcheoreom
Geujeo seuchineun sunganin geotcheoreom
Swibge nal jinachineun geudae gyeote
Ddo dagaga hangeoreum jocha
Chae ddelsu eobseul jirado

Seoseong ige hae
Nunmul jitge hae
Babocheoreom aicheoreom
Charari geunyang useo beoryeo
Jeomjeom daga seolsurok
Jakku geobi najiman
I sarangeun meomcheul suga eobtnabwa

Wae nae sarangman deodin geojyo
Nae sarangman himdeuljyo
Geudae ape
Geudae gyeote isseodo...
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Manyageh naega gandamyeon
Naega dagagandamyeon
Neon eoddeogeh saenggakhalgga
Yonginaelsu eobtgo

Manyageh niga gandamyeon
Niga ddeonagandamyeon
Neol eoddeogeh bonaeyahalji
Jaggoo geobi naneun geol

Naega babo gataseo
Barabolsu bakkeman eobtneungeon amado
Wemyeon haljidomoreul ni maeumgwa
Ddo keuraeseo deo mareojil saiga dwelggabwa

Jeongmal babo gataseo
Saranghanda haji mothaneungeon amado
Mannam dwiyeh gidarineun apeumeh
Seulpeun nanaldeuri dooryeowoseo ingabwa

Manyageh niga ondamyeon
Niga dagaondamyeon
Nan eoddeogeh haeyamanhalji
Jeongmal alsu eobtneungeol

Naega babo gataseo
Barabolsu bakkeman...
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The 미리 보기 for Taeyeon’s “I” 음악 video has been released. For the past few days, Taeyeon has been releasing teaser 사진 through her Instagram and official website.
Taeyeon’s first solo mini-album can currently be pre-ordered through various online retailers, including YesAsia (poster in tube, no poster), KTOWN4U (poster, no poster), KPOPTOWN, and Gmarket. The mini-album will be released digitally on October 7th.
Check out the 음악 video 미리 보기 on the SMTOWN YouTube channel, 또는 watch it below.
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Swipge sangcheo batgo swipge nunmullago swipge apeudeon nal gieokhanayo
Jigeumdo geuraeyo yeojeonhi gatayo ireon nal bomyeon eotteolkkayo

Swipge doraseodo swipge meoreojyeodo swipge itji motal geudael arayo
Yeojeonhi ireon nal ajikdo ireon nareul bondamyeon babora hagetjyo

Wonhago wonhaeyo geurigo hana apeugo apado geuraedo hanbeon
Darko darhajindedo nunmuri mareuji anhado cheoeumeuro doragal su itdamyeon

Cheoeum majuchyeotdeon geuttae geu sigani wonmangseureowo jil ttaedo isseoyo
Gakkeumeun iraeyo geuriumjocha heorak andoemyeon sumdo mot swimyeonseo

Wonhago wonhaeyo geurigo hana apeugo apado geuraedo...
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